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✓ Desktop and mobile compatible
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x Low player traffic
x Obscure software provider
x Limited cashier options
x PayPal acceptance worrisome
x Confusing and incomplete website
x No HUD Compatibility
x No RB or VIP Program


There has been a lot of buzz lately in social media about 64Spades, a new real money online poker site that caters to Americans. With the restricted menu of internet cardrooms available to denizens of the United States, you may be excited at the appearance of a new one. We decided to take a look at it so that we could inform you whether or not 64Spades lives up to the hype.

Unfortunately, our ultimate conclusion is that 64Spades shows all the signs of being a hastily and poorly cobbled-together entity. While it does show some promise, there are many annoyances and frustrations that players have to put up with. Besides these faults, it also has the low traffic levels common to newly started poker rooms, so you really aren't missing out on anything much by electing to take a pass on this third-tier internet poker destination.

Initial Impressions

Before we proceeded with the 64Spades download, we attempted to get as much info as possible from the poker room's website. We always prefer to jump into the pool with our eyes open.

We noticed right away that our browser warned us that the 64Spades site was "Not secure." This indicates that the company neglected to, or was uninterested in, purchasing an HTTPS certificate. These certificates ensure that a given website uses encryption to protect your data, and they have become standard on the web. Heck, most web hosting organizations will even give their customers an HTTPS certificate for free, making this failure on the part of the poker room all the more incomprehensible.

Oddly, while the homepage isn't HTTPS-compliant, some of the individual pages are compatible with this protocol. We don't know exactly what's going on here, but we highly advise you to exercise due caution when browsing the pages and avoid putting your personal data into any webforms that you encounter.

Another thing caught our eye while conducting our research: The copyright notice on 64Spades' site reads, “© 2017 64Spades.” This was accurate as of Dec. 31st, 2018, and it means either that the pages are old and infrequently updated or that the webmaster is lax and hasn't bothered to change the year. Either way, this doesn't reflect well on the professionalism and competence of the organization.

After reading through the 64Spades website, we proceeded to download and install the poker client. One thing that's annoying is that, at least for the Windows version of the software, you can't specify which folder you want it to install to. It just placed all files in the default location chosen by the installation program.

Undeterred by these minor irritations, we proceeded to continue with our review of 64Spades. Sadly, there were plenty of other snafus awaiting us, but more about that later. For now, let's take a look at the promotions offered by the room.

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Promotional Offers

Almost every online poker provider showcases valuable promotions to keep customers coming back for more, and 64Spades is no exception. There are several ongoing specials that provide a means of scoring some free money whether you're a new or returning player.

First Deposit Bonus

This is worse than most online poker bonuses on the market.

The welcome bonus at 64Spades has an interesting wrinkle to it in that you can get three separate bonuses on your first three deposits. Each is good for 100% up to $1,000 in free matching funds, meaning that you can claim up to $3,000 in total bonuses.

This is quite a fair bit of cash – more than most internet poker sites provide for new players. However, a close examination of the terms of this deal reveals that it's not as rewarding as it might seem at first glance.

The release rate of the bonus is 10 Reward Points for every dollar of bonus money. You get a Reward Point for every $1 raked. Thus, you must rake 10x the value of the bonus funds for an effective rakeback equivalent of 10%. This is worse than most online poker bonuses on the market.

The bonus is paid out in increments of 10% of its value. So if you make a $500 deposit to get a $500 bonus, then the bonus will clear in $50 chunks. You have 365 days to earn as much of the bonus as you can, which is a fairly generous deadline.


There are many freerolls every day at 64Spades. Particularly prevalent are satellites into micro-stakes events where you can win your seat for free. There are also freerolls that pay out in cash, but the prize pools are usually small, most often $10 or less. The field sizes are pretty manageable though, frequently fewer than 100 players, so you stand a decent chance of picking up a prize without having to battle it out all day long.

$300 Freeroll?

A big banner on the 64Spades Deposit Bonus page promotes a “$300 FREE ROLL!” However, we looked in the tournament lobby, and we couldn't find any such freeroll listed. Additionally, we clicked in the Tournament Tickets section of the cashier after making a deposit, and we didn't have any ticket to a $300 freeroll.

It looks like this is either a promotion that, for whatever reason, hasn't yet gone live or a special that used to be active but is now invalid. Whatever the case, the site should really remove this misleading advertising from its website.

Bad Beat Jackpot?

The phenomenon of possibly phantom promos isn't restricted to just the mystery $300 freeroll. There's a Bad Beat Jackpot total shown on some Texas Hold'em tables of $0.10/$0.20 and above (both NL and LHE). But there's no information about this BBJ on the 64Spades website! Neither is there any explanation of how it works within the poker client.

We here at Professional Rakeback are committed to digging up as many details as we can find on the topics that interest us. We therefore searched the internet for anything we could find about this 64Spades Bad Beat Jackpot.

...there might be a promotion available without any official information publicized about how to win it.

We eventually turned up a YouTube video about it, produced by…Al Spath of all people? Yes, it turns out this experienced writer and poker player has been urging viewers to play at the site. This isn't exactly an encouraging sign given the sites he has promoted in the past, like the failed Jao Poker.

Anyway, what Spath revealed was the BBJ requires quads or better to lose at showdown, and both players must use both of their hole cards to make their final hands. The video was from the end of January 2018, so we don't know if what Spath said is still true.

It's difficult to determine whether or not a special drop is being taken to fund this jackpot (assuming it's still active) because there's no published rake chart for 64Spades that we could see. Thus, it would be quite a challenge to try to examine hand histories and thereby determine what, if anything, is going on with the Bad Beat Jackpot.

The entire sum contained in the jackpot was a mere $4,319 as of April 17, 2018, so the amount to be won isn't exactly life-changing. Still, regardless of the size of the pot, we were quite disappointed to learn that there might be a promotion available without any official information publicized about how to win it.

64Spades Rakeback

There's no mention of any official 64Spades rakeback deals by the poker site. Thus, your only rakeback from the card room will come from the deposit bonus, and it's a mere 10%.

As part of our research we attempted to contact the company and ask them about their affiliate referral program. Not to be a braggard, but you would think that they would jump at the chance to have a high-traffic, high-authority rakeback site represent them. The truth is, they never even bothered to respond to our emails.

We have seen people privately promoting their 64Spades referral codes (typically via spamming forums or social media) and offering rakeback percentages as high as 20%. We don't know if this is permitted by 64Spades or if these individuals are breaking the rules by doing so. In fact, it is quite strange given our experience, or lack there of, in getting in touch with their management.

Any 64Spades RB you get through these possibly unscrupulous promoters will be paid out at their discretion. Such arrangements sometimes flourish for a while, but we have seen them terminated with prejudice at other internet poker sites in the past. Be careful if you elect to trust a random referrer to set you up with 64Spades rakeback. There is also the possibility that these rakeback deals may be false advertising, i.e. just a way to sucker people in to signing up with the promise of a promotion that does not actually exist!



The 64Spades cashier boasts three accepted payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. This PayPal acceptance is worrisome because it's against the terms and conditions of PayPal to use its service for the purposes of gambling within the United States.

We've seen rare online poker sites before that allow you to deposit through PayPal, but many of these entities have gotten in trouble for doing this. Currently, Global Poker is the most prominent internet poker room that advertises its PayPal acceptance, and notwithstanding its contention that its sweepstakes poker model isn't counted as gambling, we feel that this line of reasoning is highly suspect.

In any case, 64Spades doesn't even have the fig leaf of Global's contentious sweepstakes arguments to protect it, so it's taking big chances with its and your money. If PayPal gets wind of what's going on and doesn't approve, not only can it freeze 64Spades' account, but it might also go after regular players too. Even money unrelated to transactions for poker could become inaccessible if a customer's PayPal account is suspended.

Having eliminated PayPal from our consideration as a depositing payment method, we looked at credit cards. However, they showed up in our cashier screen as “The service is temporarily unavailable.” Bitcoin was the only remaining payment channel for us to employ, so we prepared to send some coins to the site.

Actually, Bitcoin is our preferred method of conducting online real money transfers for gaming because it's quick and inexpensive to use while being largely under the radar of the banking and government sectors. You can find out more about BTC and how to use it for gambling over the internet with our guide to setting up Bitcoin and using it for online poker.

When we looked at the Bitcoin depositing instructions in the cashier, we were left with many questions:

BTC Deposit Window at 64Spades

This doesn't look like any deposit form we've seen at any other online poker room. There's nowhere to put in the amount you wish to fund your account with, no mention of the exchange rate, and none of the other info that's typically required to make a BTC transaction.

We were about to just send Bitcoin to the address shown, trusting that everything would be handled correctly, but then we saw the following on 64Spades' Bitcoin webpage:

64Spades Warning About Bitcoin Deposits

All this verbiage about “underfunded” and “over-funded” had us worried. How could we send the right number of coins if there was nowhere to enter our desired transaction value?

We waited patiently...but we never got a response from support.

We decided that it was time to contact support to get some clarification on this matter. We clicked on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the website, and this brought us to a webform. We filled out all the fields and clicked “Send.”

The webpage told us that our message was sent, but we didn't get an email confirmation. Suspecting that we might have typed in our email address incorrectly, we sent another support request through the same web-based mechanism. Again, we didn't receive any email acknowledgement of our inquiry.

We waited patiently for a couple of days, but we never got a response from support. We eventually opted to make a test deposit by sending a small sum of BTC to the address indicated in the cashier. This money was converted to USD and placed into our account within an hour. We then proceeded to add the remainder of the cash we intended to deposit to the same address, and it was similarly credited to our balance.

Note: The BTC depositing address shown remained the same even after we made a deposit, which is bad for anonymity and user security.

Strangely, 64Spades used a conversion rate that was more favorable for us than the going market rate. The dollars that were placed into our account were worth about 40% more than what our Bitcoin wallet indicated as the USD value of the BTC we sent. We wonder if this was an unprofessional error on their part or perhaps an "instant bonus" they credited us without our knowledge. Though we looked for evidence of such a bonus, and we are rather experienced in navigating poker software,  there was no way to tell that we could discover.

64Spades shows that the valid range of Bitcoin deposits is $5 to $20,000. For PayPal, it's $20 - $3,000. The min and max amounts for credit cards isn't stated probably because this method isn't currently available.


64Spades has text about available cash-out options on its website – the only trouble is that three different pages give three separate lists of payout processors!

The offered payment methods may be one of the following combinations depending on which page you're viewing:

  • Money orders and digital wallets
  • Money orders and prepaid debit cards
  • Bitcoin, e-wallets, and prepaid debit cards

You will probably agree with is, having three different pages with three different sets of conflicting data is unprofessional. Even more so when one considers that this is your money that we are talking about accessing here!

We haven't yet attempted to make a withdrawal from 64Spades, so we have no insight into how speedy or reliable the site is in this department, but we'll update this review if and when we do. In the meantime, you can browse over to our monthly poker site payout report for data on payment processing at other offshore poker sites.

Account Verification

Before requesting a withdrawal, you must complete account verification by uploading certain documents through the 64Spades poker client. The documents you must send are listed as “an identity document, registration page, address confirmation, another document.”

The only one of these documents that's described in detail is “address confirmation,” which is basically a utility bill or bank statement showing both your name and address on the same page. We suppose “an identity document” is basically self-evident and refers to a driver's license, passport, or similar identification.

It's anyone's guess what “registration page” is, and “another document” is rather vague. Again, we are going to have to ding them for being unprofessional here. With such vagueness what is to stop them from requesting some mythical documents that you can not provide? And then using that lack of documentation to deny your withdrawal requests! It strikes us as shady.

Web Design for Dummies BookCan We Send This to 64Spades as “Another Document”? We think they could use it!

It may take up to 72 hours after you upload your files for the validation process to be completed. Once your paperwork is approved, you'll receive an email to this effect.

64Spades Financial Insolvency?

On April 11, 2018, 64Spades promoter Al Spath made a Facebook post that seemed as though it was meant to be reassuring. After reading it, however, alarm bells started ringing in our minds. Here, take a look at it for yourself:

FB Post Made by Al Spath About 64Spades Cashier Woes


We wouldn't be surprised if these fraudulent transactions turn out to be a death blow...

It appears that customers were freerolling the site – losing their money and then disputing the transactions with PayPal/Venmo. We don't see how the managers of the site didn't take this possibility into account when adding support for these two payment channels. We knew that transacting via PayPal was trouble for any U.S.-facing online gambling enterprise, and events have proven us right.

Remember that the old Full Tilt Poker, before it was purchased by PokerStars, also had issues with users betting money that they actually were not good for, and this was one of the reasons for its ultimate failure. If the same type of deceit is happening at 64Spades, then we don't forecast a rosy future for the site particularly in light of the fact that it's much smaller than FTP was, and also it would be unlikely to attract a bailout from any organization of the caliber of PokerStars or any other large, reputable, legitimate online poker company.

Margins must be very thin at a site of the size and newness of 64Spades. We wouldn't be surprised if these fraudulent transactions turn out to be a death blow from which the room cannot recover. Though we hope that this isn't the case, we're realists first and foremost.

Spath's statement indicates that PayPal won't be coming back as a cashier method, which is probably a blessing in disguise. Until credit cards and Venmo return, Bitcoin is the only way to get money on to and off of the site for U.S. residents.

UPDATE February 10, 2019: Cashier Not Working

It seems that there has been a problem with the 64Spades cashier, and users can neither deposit funds nor cash them out. This situation has been going on for about a month now, and there doesn't appear to be any resolution in sight.

When we go to our cashier to make a deposit, our web browser opens up with an error message:

64Spades Cashier Error

A quick look at the Facebook page confirms that others are experiencing the same, and we aren't just suffering from a weird, isolated technical error:

Facebook User Upset at 64Spades Cashier Situation

Therefore, the only realistic way for users to obtain chips at 64spades or trade their balances for real money is by engaging in peer-to-peer exchanges. Incredibly, company reps are claiming that this is “amazing” and an indication of a supportive poker community!

64Spades Rep Tries to Spin the Bad News

Besides exposing their customers to the risks inherent in making trades with unknown internet dwellers, the fact that real money transactions can no longer occur onsite is a worrisome development. We're left baffled as to how an online poker room can survive while its cashier remains continuously unserviceable. Some have reported not getting their withdrawals for months, dating to even before the recent cashier woes. Check out what one dismayed 64Spades player had to say in November 2018:

Poster Has Experienced Withdrawal Delays

UPDATE: Sept. 28, 2019 - P2P Trades Lead to Woe

We knew that asking users to conduct trades amongst themselves in lieu of operating an actual, functioning cashier would come back to cause problems later on. We've now gotten word that some of these traders are engaging in shady behavior, and others who have merely done business with them are suffering from the fallout.

As could have been predicted, affiliates and/or agents have played an increasing role in handling cash just like they do at several mobile poker clubs. And, just as NYPokerKing apparently did at PPPoker, these agents sometimes attempt to repossess user funds for themselves.

In one instance that was brought to our attention, a player had their cashout denied by 64Spades. After inquiring why, this customer was told that he had bought chips from an affiliate that had originally been associated with a user that wound up doing a chargeback against the card room.

This is a very convoluted series of events, and we're not sure that we understand it fully ourselves. What it appears to boil down to is that if you have ever bought or sold chips with another player, then you're basically responsible for their integrity and the honesty of everyone they have ever done business with too. That's one hell of a vouch you're effectively making whenever you transact in the peer-to-peer market for 64spades chips.

Desperate to avoid trouble, concerned individuals even maintain private blacklists in Facebook groups for 64spades players. This is the only way they can ensure the safety of their funds now that the poker site has abandoned its traditional responsibility of providing for the financial security of users' money.

The fact that site management actively encouraged players to conduct such trading makes this entire situation even more surreal.

UPDATE: December 20, 2019: Owner Confirms Insufficient Funds?

Individual users continue to employ private trades as the preferred mechanism for making deposits and withdrawals at 64Spades. We've recently seen reports that chips are being exchanged for real money at a 2:1 ratio – that is, for every $100 in 64Spades chips you sell, you only get $50 in cash! Such a high “vig” is indicative of a loss of confidence in the site among users. Although the 64Spades trading vig has not yet reached the abysmal levels attained in the past by, for example, Lock Poker, the general trend doesn't appear to be going in the right direction.

Even more worrisome, perhaps, than the market values established among the room's players are the statements and actions of site management. One of our readers was kind enough to share the following message that was sent by one of 64Spades' owners, Darrell Smith:

Message From Darrell Smith About Cashouts

The above statement appears to indicate that 64Spades uses newly deposited money to pay out past withdrawal obligations. This is not the way any legitimate site conducts itself, and it's a huge red flag indicative of some type of pyramid scheme. As if this weren't bad enough, we've encountered numerous reports of players having to wait lengthy periods for their payouts without adequate explanations from site staff.

Darrell Smith has stated numerous times on Facebook that he's focusing on his “live business,” and many people have observed him playing poker at The Legion Poker Club in Houston. Even as the 64Spades cashier functions are in disarray and users grumble about the time it takes to receive payments, Smith's attention is diverted elsewhere, and he is neglecting his online poker room.

The periodic failure of 64spades to maintain functional ways of funding accounts and requesting payouts only confirms our suspicions that the long-term viability of the site is questionable at best. It may prove prudent to select another place to play online poker instead.

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The software running at 64Spades was produced by Enterra. This is a niche gaming application provider that sets up white-label sites for customers. There actually is an Enterra Poker Network, and skins have the option to join it or remain standalone. The management of 64Spades has opted for this latter option, so its traffic isn't shared with any other operator.

Of course another possibility is that 64Spades wanted to join the network, but could not. Given that they are utilizing payment methods that are not exactly allowed for online gambling transactions, it could be that Enterra simply did not want to burden the risk of adding a brand new, unestablished, unknown poker room with shady payment practices to their poker network.

64Spades provides download poker installers for Windows, iOS, and Android. In addition, there's an HTML5 app that you can log into with virtually every modern web browser.

Games and Functionality

The selection of games supported is excellent, and we haven't seen such a wide variety at any other site besides SwCPoker. There's Hold'em, Omaha and variants like Courchevel and 5 Card Omaha, Seven Card Stud games, Lowball (including 2-7 TDL and Badugi), and Chinese Poker. These are available in many distinct blind levels, table sizes, and betting structures.

Unusually, there are two formats that are displayed within the software but not enabled: fast-fold poker, called “Rapid,” and lottery SNGs, which are shown as “Spins.” Given the presence of quite a few rarely played game varieties, we're surprised that these two popular formats are missing.

We're pretty impressed by the ambitious nature of this online poker software project. It's even possible to create private, password-protected tables.

Creating a Private Table at 64Spades

Nevertheless, there are a few minor glitches and problems that detract from the usability of this poker solution. For instance, we received the following error multiple times when choosing to muck our hand at showdown:

64Spades Error Message

There are odd interface choices, like the fact that there's both a graphical hand replayer and a text-based hand history viewer but no way to switch between them. If you're looking at a hand history and wish to view a replay of the action, you must close the textual hand history tool and open up the graphical one.

As far as we know, there are no tracking or HUD packages that work with 64Spades.

Speaking of hand histories, you may have plans of importing them into your tracking program. If you attempt to do so, you'll be disappointed. As far as we know, there are no tracking or HUD packages that work with 64Spades. Neither Poker Tracker nor Hold'em Manager provide support for Enterra software or 64Spades.

64Spades Lobby

The lobby shows just about what you would expect: game categories that you can select with subcategories for finer control and a listing of all matching games in the center of the screen. The menu at the top lets you adjust your display, gameplay, and language settings. It's possible to sort the games listed by clicking on any of the stat columns. There's also a filtering tool, but it's somewhat limited, and there are only a few criteria that you can filter by.

64Spades Lobby

Overall, the software is better than we would expect from a small development house like Enterra but nowhere near as good as the top internet poker sites.

UPDATE Oct. 31, 2018: Short Deck Hold'em Added

After much anticipation, 64Spades updated its software to add Short Deck Hold'em, also known as 6+ Hold'em, to its game selection. This is a type of Texas Hold'em where all cards lower than a 6 are removed from the deck. This alters the probabilities and adjusts the hand rankings such that a flush is better than a full house, and a set beats a straight. Short Deck was added both for cash games and tournaments.

64Spades Short Deck Hold'em TablesThe Short Deck Hold'em Tab in the 64Spades Cash Game Lobby

Unfortunately, many players were unable to try out Short Deck Hold'em, at least not right away. This is because the Oct. 30 afternoon update,  which enabled support for mixed games as well as 6+, triggered server problems that left users unable to log in and access the games. Several of them were in the middle of tournaments at the time.

As the afternoon faded into the evening, these issues were still unresolved. 64Spades representatives were unable to advise players on whether the affected MTTs were paused and would be resumed once the hardware issues were resolved or whether they would be cancelled and buyins refunded. Thus, many were left uncertain as to their best course of action: wait patiently by their computers for the resumption of normal service or abandon their tourneys and go do something else. Typical were the sentiments of Facebook user Debbie Cookie Furniss:

Facebook Comment on 64Spades Downtime

Ultimately, it took until the next morning for the site to be up and running again. In the interim, customers were left confused and disappointed.

Games and Traffic Report

64Spades Cash Games

Like we mentioned before, there are dozens of types of poker offered by 64Spades. This may be overkill, however, because there are only a few of them that see much action. During peak hours, which are U.S. evening times, there are up to 10 tables active. They're usually split up between NL Hold'em, PL Omaha, and Open Face Chinese Poker.

The paucity of NLHE and PLO traffic may make this room only worthwhile as a backup or secondary poker destination. Yet the presence of a couple of tables of OFC Poker simultaneously active may intrigue those who appreciate this variant because most other sites for U.S.A. internet poker don't spread it.

OFC Pineapple Game at 64SpadesOpen Face Chinese Pineapple Table at 64Spades

As a poker room that does the majority of its marketing and advertising through social media and word of mouth, 64Spades attracts a casual crowd. While you will encounter the occasional pro, the bulk of the player population is comprised of recreational users. Thus, what games do run tend to be very soft.

The blind levels present for Hold'em go from $0.04/$0.08 to $100/$200, and for Omaha, they range from $0.04/$0.08 to $10/$20. Weirdly, there's a $0.05/$0.10 stake available, which seems redundant when we consider that $0.04/$0.08 is also present. Chinese Poker goes from $0.05 to $10 per point.

The most popular stakes in the big-bet games are $0.10/$0.20 and $0.25/$0.50. For Chinese Poker, values of less than $1 a point appear to be the most common.

The tables are split up into those that allow straddles, those that qualify (allegedly) for the bad beat jackpot, those that permit running it twice, slow tables, et cetera. Furthermore, there are many table sizes: 9-handed, 8-max, 6-players, heads-up, and a few more. We believe that this massive selection is not needed and is confusing to newcomers. Most of these extraneous tables could be killed without any adverse effects.

One nice touch is that the allowed buyins are from 35bb - 150bb in NLHE and 40bb - 200bb for PLO. This is a bit deeper than you would usually encounter, and it makes for more post-flop excitement.

NLHE Cash Game Table at 64SpadesNo Limit Texas Hold'em Cash Game Table at 64Spades

There is play money, called “64Gold.” All new users and players on the site will receive / start with 640 of these in their account. However, there's rarely anyone seated at the 64Gold tables. Evidently there is even less play money action than real money games on this site.

64Spades Sit & Gos

It's not uncommon to open up the Sit & Go tab and see exactly 0 people registered in games.

SNGs run from $1 + $0.05 up to $200 + $10. There are NL Hold'em, PL Omaha, and PL Omaha/8 games. Remarkably, the 5% fee structure is consistent across the entire spectrum of buyins, making this a great deal for any sit-n-go player. Unusually, nine-handed sit n' goes only pay out the top two finishers as opposed to the normal three.

We would have liked to sample the sit-and-go games at 64Spades, but we were not able to. The player volume just isn't there. It's not uncommon to open up the Sit & Go tab and see exactly 0 people registered in games.

64Spades Multi-Table Tournaments

The MTTs consist largely of freerolls with no more than $20 up for grabs and several dozen entrants. Most of the rest of the schedule is micro-stakes games that typically garner no more than about 25 participants. The largest weekly tourney is called “Any Given Sunday.” It costs $36 + $4 to join, and it distributes $4,000 in guaranteed prizes.

64Spades Tourney LobbyTournament Lobby at 64Spades

Every once in a while, there are bigger, one-off tournaments as well as MTT series. These special occasions typically have larger prize pools and buyins than the normal, everyday events.

What Players Are Saying

Our thoughts on 64Spades are mixed because there are a few appealing aspects to it; yet, there are plenty of problematic issues as well. We scoured the internet to see what others had to say, and we found that comments about this internet poker room were both positive and negative as well.

2+2 Post About 64SpadesAnother Post on Twoplustwo on 64Spades64Spades Comment on FBSecond Facebook Comment About 64 SpadesTweet About 64Spades
Users Share Negative 64Spades Info on Facebook
Cashout Delays at 64Spades According to FB user

Final Words

Though there are features that some users will appreciate, like the Open Face Chinese games and soft tables, we advise our readers to take a pass on 64Spades at this time. PayPal acceptance is a ticking time bomb that could go off unpredictably, and the entire cashier setup is confusing and non-intuitive. Low traffic numbers, poor or nonexistent customer support, and a website that seems like it was thrown together in a couple of afternoons combine to paint the picture of a site that, if not outright shady, is definitely poorly managed.

It may be possible for 64Spades to get its act together at some point. Until that time, however, the safest course is to find an alternate online poker room and avoid 64Spades. Our page about USA online poker lists better and more reputable sites that you can play at along with facts about internet poker legality, the history of the industry, and more.

...find an alternate online poker room and avoid 64Spades.

64Spades FAQ Banner Divider

When did 64Spades open? - We haven't been able to pin down the exact date when 64Spades opened its doors, but it appears to have been during the month of August 2017.

Where is 64Spades headquartered? - 64Spades is, allegedly, based in San José, Costa Rica.

Who can create an account at 64Spades? - 64Spades accepts customers from most countries around the world, including the United States. However, the website does state: “Certain country restrictions apply. If online Poker is not allowed in your country, you will not be able to register for a real money player account on 64Spades.”

How can I reach support? - There's a support form on the 64Spades website, but our testing revealed that it doesn't really do anything. You might have better luck sending an email to admin[at] or a message through the company's Facebook page.

What is the 64Spades welcome bonus offer? - 64Spades grants new depositing players a 100% up to $1,000 deposit bonus. It's actually valid for the first three deposits for a total of up to $3,000 in complimentary funds. Despite the healthy size of the maximum possible bonus, it's not really as good as it seems. Even if you did claim the entire bonus, there is very little traffic at which to generate rake and it is difficult to unlock with low clearance rates of 10%.

Why is the 64Spades bonus not an especially good deal? - Although you can get up to $3,000 in gratis bonus cash, it will take quite a while to earn it out. You do get 365 days to do so, which is a lengthy expiration timer, but the rate of release is equal to only 10% rakeback. This is much less than at competing USA online poker rooms. For instance, the deposit bonus at Ignition Poker clears at a 30% rakeback rate (at least in multi-table tournaments and sit-n-gos), and the offer at pays out at a whopping 33% cashback . Even rakeback deals without any bonus involved are worth 36% at Intertops and 27% at Americas Cardroom. To put it simply, there are offers much superior to that of 64Spades elsewhere.

Can I play at 64Spades from my Mac? - 64Spades does not have a client specifically for Mac poker. However, you can use the browser-based, HTML5 interface to log in and play without having to download anything.

Can I play at 64Spades from my phone or tablet? - Yes, it's possible to access the 64Spades poker room through an app on your iOS or Android device. Even if you're running some other operating system on your smart device, there's an InstaPlay client that works with pretty much any modern device with an internet connection.

How do I auto-post blinds? - Turning on (and off) auto-post blinds is a bit convoluted at 64Spades. You can't toggle a box right on the table like you can at most other internet poker rooms. Instead, you must go to the table settings menu, represented by a gear symbol toward the top of the window, and check the “Auto Post Blinds” item.

FOUR color deck please? - It's easy to turn on four-color deck from within the Table Themes window. You can access it by clicking on an icon near the top of a table that looks like a box or by navigating in the lobby top menu to “Options” ---> “Table's Skins.” Go to the “Front Deck” section, and change it from the default to the four-colored cards. Then click “Apply.”

We are going to leave the comments section open for a while in case any of you wish to chime in and share your own personal experiences. If you happen to be a 64 spades employee, affiliate, or owner, we would be especially keen to hear from you either publicly in the comments, or privately (just contact us).


Gave up with this site, seemed promissing at first with Visa, master card deposits. Which soon were and still are temporary unavailable to this date. Then came pay pal, seemed odd but very shortly lived. 64 spades claimed a certain group of players disputed deposits and that's why they lost pay pal and would not be getting it back.

I find all this site does is make excuses, if this was legal and legit wouldnt more sites be popping up? This site is operating in the USA illegally. I wouldn't feel safe having any decent amount of money in there hands.

I think we are all better waiting for the legislation of online poker then risk our money with 64 spades. It's a unregulated in the USA poker room therefore technically illegal. No matter what they advertise.

Thank you for your comment Ray. We agree with most everything you've said.

One point of contention however is the assertion that non-US-regulated poker sites are "technically illegal". That isn't true. The absence of regulation does not make something illegal. In fact, the absence of a law forbidding something means that it is in fact completely legal.

Most states are completely legal to play in. There are no Federal restrictions that keep citizens of the USA or any state from playing. And even in states where there may be some obscure law that could be construed as affecting online poker's legality, the laws have never once been enforced.

I saw a Facebook post from site owner Darrel Smith basically stating that unless the site receives more deposits they can't cover players requests to cash out. Does this sound like a secure site to you? I have a screenshot of the post to prove it. 11/18/2019

They are NOT in Costa Rica. They are actually out of the state of TEXAS. You can search 64spades and actually find a phone number to their "shop" where they sell clothes with their logo on it. Right there in the state of Texas. Oh and I did a chargeback on them through PayPal, after they repeatedely refused to pay me after I sent every piece of identification I could to them. They STOLE over $3500 from me, so yes I did a chargeback on them.

Thank you for this information CG. We are going to look into it.

If you happen to read our reply, we would very much appreciate it if you got in touch with us and provided us with some more information about your claim. Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page on this website.

How does someone steal 3500 off your paypal, you have to manually send it guy, you put money on, lost it, and reported it as fraud. I've cashed almost 6k to date, and they have yet to stiff me of any money. Your just another negative ev player


Dear Phil,

Please read more thoroughly. The person you are questioning as to "How does someone steal 3500 off your paypal" has clearly answered this question in his original post when he stated:

Oh and I did a chargeback on them through PayPal, after they repeatedely refused to pay me after I sent every piece of identification I could to them.

He then made it abundantly clear what he meant when in the next sentence he says:

They STOLE over $3500 from me, so yes I did a chargeback on them.

But just in case you still find this too difficult to follow, let us explain for you. You see, when a poker site accepts a deposit from a player, that player has an expectation that the poker site will return his or her winnings when they request them. In this poster's case, allegedly refused to honor the poster's withdrawal requests and kept demanding more and more identification. Which the poster, "CrazyGuy", provided multiple times.

Make sense now?

You do not have any evidence to call "CrazyGuy" a negative EV player based on his post. It looks more like the 6k you claim to have been paid was probably funded through by players like "CrazyGuy" who appear to have been unable to recover their deposits, bankrolls, and poker winnings from 64Spades.

Work on your reading comprehension ;-)

People like to you doing Charge backs is why the site has had growing pains. You lost 3500 and are mad you lost, period.. no site just steals money bro, I've cashed out plenty of thousands and got it everytime. You either had multiple accounts or did something shady and now play victim while you admit you did a charge back..

thanks to people like you paypal isn't a option anymore. Yes there is plenty of red flags, but I don't see anyone openly admitting to doing Charge backs because a site stole there money. Too funny. How bout giving us your screen name and giving us a chance to contact site on your activity, then we can find out why you truly didn't get paid..

PayPal would never have remained an option. PayPal does not allow gambling sites to use its services in the USA, at least, not unregulated sites. is never going to be a regulated site and consequently, never going to have access to payment channels like PayPal unless doing so illicitly and thus risking its users/players/customers funds in the process.

Do you realy think one player eliminated pay-pal? 1st off they were using pay pal through a shell company selling sports memorabilia. Seems honest enough right?

They were caught beacause a disgruntled player informed pay-pal of what was going on at 64spades. This had NOTHING to do with charge backs.

64 spades has not had a stable cashier since launch. In fact people are selling chips threw pay pal to other players to fund the site. Because 64 is always claiming a chargeback is the reason for their problems. This site has never taken sole responsibility of any problems. Always the player or their IT guys.

1 month to input a few lines of code for their cashier to work and you still cant withdraw. But damn are they good in helping you fund your account.

If i had not played there before after reading these comments i wouldn't even think about it.

Professional rakeback, has anyone from management contacted you to try to defend their rep? I know in most forums you have a site rep yet 64spades hasn't been acknowledged by any.


Thanks for your comment. Your comments further confirm what we learned in our own investigation, i.e. that was illegally using PayPal to fund player deposits via the "store" where they were selling branded "merchandise" which was really just a front for players to make deposits. This is very similar to what Jao Poker was doing before it went bankrupt and ran off with player deposits.

In answer to your question about whether or not their management has contacted us, the answer is YES. In fact, they contacted us approximately 2 weeks ago. We have exchanged a few emails with them and they sincerely hope to convince us the product is sound. As you may guess, we are skeptical.

With regard to "defending their rep" we are certain that we have blocked a few comments by affiliated parties hoping to "astroturf" our review with glowing reviews of 64S. Some may get through as it is impossible to catch them all, but we did block some and will continue to be on the look out for BS reviews on this, and all sites!

Hey crazy guy how about a screen name to back up your allegations buddy... I'll wait. Big thank you also to being a prime reason why paypal doesn't work anymore for cashouts you neg ev bumm

tourny crashed loss chip stacks lost all rebuys

Crashes happen in online poker. What matters most is how the companies handle things when things crash. It appears from this comment that does not properly handle tournament crashes.

In fact, we searched their website and could not find a tournament cancellation policy at all. Yet another reason to stay away.

Earned my entry into the 15k finals for tonight. Just to find out my account was blocked and I was never registered.
The reason I got was I cant go a week without complaining so the decided to block my account before I could play in the tourney.
Now all I did was respond to a player that claimed to have not recieve thier cashout. And stated my cashout was delayed for some reason and that 64spades could possibly be a scam like full flush was.
Next thing I know go to log in "your account has been block by admin" in the end maybe for the better.
Was getting tired of the crazy run outs every time I made a final table.
Play once and if your smart you'll never play again.

Thanks for sharing your story Anonymous0223.

Where can we find this player you say is claiming not to receive a cashout? Perhaps it is on a forum somewhere or in a Facebook group you could invite us into? We would love to document this. Furthermore, we would like to hear your cashout experience in more detail (date requested, date received, amount requested, method, etc).

I played won $50 got locked out after going through hoops verifying my identity I couldn't cash out, they told me there PayPal is locked which I used venmo to pay in and wanted to cash out that way they told me they didnt have venmo when I had to show them a screenshot to show they did and they said that's been down for awhile and that they will send my money through mail with money order it will take 2 weeks well it's been 4 weeks now and nothing I have been complaining on there fb site after 2nd week and they said could have got lost in mail its out of there hands when they mail it off. which is BS anyones money should be secure if your sending it ugh so frustrated!

Hello Paige. We would love to help you out by further exposing this rogue poker site. Can you provide us with some proof of your claims? Links to FB, forwarded emails or screenshots of them perhaps?

Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page on this website and we'll do what we can to right this wrong perpetrated against you by

i love the site. easy to keep track and stack fish ann i havent deposited much but i have taken off well over 1k. to get an avatar you have to win a series, and switching avatars is frowned upon thats why no change. so far so good for me. Lord_Zakk_350

You seem to have had a better experience than most people that comment here zakk. Congrats to you. We hope your luck holds out because it appears many people do not seem to get paid by when they request payouts!

You've yet to show any proof of people that are on here bashing the site. It's one thing to allow people to say things negatively buts it another to now show proof. This site def has it's red flags but to date I've cashed our over 6k, and they have always took care of every issue I've had. 64 is ran by poker players not some big company or business man. Every site has to start some where.

But I'm disappointed in you PRB, allow bashing but never post any proof of wrong doing.

Dear Phil / A man is no one,

This is the second time you have posted on this review. You claim we have "no proof" of negative behaviors from 64 Spades. This is false.

It is apparent that you did not read this review.

If you had you would have noticed the sections titled "Financial Insolvency" as well as "Comments From 64Spades Players". In both sections you will find comments found online from players and agents of 64 Spades who note problems with the operation, claim to have not been paid, etc. Much like the people in our comments section are claiming!

Furthermore, you admit the site has "red flags" so why defend them? We all see the writing on the wall, even you, a defender of the shady 64Spades operation!

Lastly, if you took the time to read this comments section (unlike how you skipped over the review), you would note that every time someone makes an accusation about 64Spades, we thank them and ask them for proof of their claims.

I will go so far as to extend this offer to you. Provide us proof of your 6k withdrawals and we will happily host it as a counterpoint to the negativity others have noted consisting of claims of theft, incompetence, and poor customer service, etc on the part of!

Ball is in your court Phil...

64 Spades

I was upset when I read this review - I have been playing on 64Spades since January of 2018. They have experienced some growing pains as well as some triumphs since I have been playing on the site.

They experienced a a few credit processing changes as well as issues with paypal at the beginning. (They do not accept paypal now) - I haven't had an issue depositing or withdrawing money from the site. (Cashier checks are a slower process but that is because they use USPS to get the check to the user).

The player pool is smaller than I would like but there are MANY fishy regs who play and donate their money without even thinking twice about calling an all in preflop during a NL200 game with 10,9 off suit. The cash PLO games are taking off faster than NL (I am seeing a bigger pool of players who play PLO (.25/.50)) -- Typically most evenings in the US they will have multiple games running that range from NL10 - NL200 and PLO10 - PLO500 --- Again soft player pool.

HUD Support isn't there from what I can find - but I believe there is a company that is building a card catcher which will be compatible with HM2 & PT4 which will allow hud use and from what the developer told me it should be done within the next two weeks (he already has something working with another Enterra app)

The cons I see with the site are: (slower response time than most sites - but I do believe this is getting better from when I first started on the site) I wish they had online chat or a phone number for support.

The windows client is clean IMO and it runs very nicely. I wish they had a MAC version of the client. I do play on my ipad and iphone via HTML5 site and that runs fine (I am old school and prefer my pc)

I am not a tourney player but they do have many tournaments and the structures are fine.

I am comfortable with my money on the site and I do believe there are many more pro's than con's -- just not going to share all here!!


It is not surprising that you give a glowing view of 64 Spades. You are an affiliate for them. You are trying to talk players into playing there under your code so you can get paid. Just like your group did with Jao Poker. We warned people against playing at Jao and guess what? Jao failed and did not pay out balances and bankrolls to players. They stole the money.

As such, we are going to take your "review" for what it is worth (not much).

Site seems to be losing steam. Some gtd. Tourneys are no longer gtd. They are getting 7 players in these tourneys.

There is always 1 player sitting at 10 tables plus with what added up to be 10k cash for such a small player field.

And I'm not sure about how I feel that the owners or partners play on their own site.
Funny how the affiliates and I believe that to be PPIPOSSI seem to get paid out but I have heard numerous complaints of players not. This site seems to be going the direction of JAO poker. From what I can see all regs not many players that have tried the site have returned, there must be a reason for this.

I have heard if 64spades dont like you opinion they will block you so they dont look bad.
I feel this site could have been good at one time but just like fullflush probably spending players money and paying out a few affiliates to make it look good.

Thanks for your comment Craig.

We have heard many of the things you have with regard to low player counts, suspicious activity from management, them blocking people who have the audacity to do anything other than praise them, and more.

However, we would love to hear more about where you are finding stories of players not being paid out. We would like to read over these accounts, perhaps follow up with some of the posters, and try to get to the bottom of who is paying what and when.

If you can offer any assistance to us in locating forums, discussion groups, etc where 64Spades management, owners, major affiliates hang out, we would appreciate it.

yes was curious if who ever owns this forum, could contact me via some other social media.. Id love to share my story of the goings on of this site, I just don't wanna put it in here for certain reasons.. thanks

In order to contact you we would need some sort of identifying information. It appears that you do not wish to publish this information, we assume in fear of retribution from 64 Spades (we have heard they are vindictive).

The best thing you could do is contact us directly via email or Skype. Use our Contact Us page.

For a couple months they let this guy follow me around running his mouth and harass everyone- gets chat banned regularly. I never had so much as a warning until finally I had enough of this guy shit talking and called him a pussy- so they chat ban me. I told them thats bullshit when they KNOW this guy is always being a dick on the tables...they told me they didn't like my tone, so I said kiss my ass. They banned me. Guess its time to call the US attorneys office.

Hello Sudden Moves and thank you for sharing your awful experience with with us. We have heard similar things from other players. The "management" at 64 Spades tends to shut off chat very quickly for players they "don't like" and especially those who complain about slow cash out times!

What you have to say does not surprise us in the slightest and we hope that others read this comment and take it to heart when deciding whether or not to sign up with them.

Our advice is to avoid 64Spades for the reasons you have espoused, and many, many others!

Hopefully soon I can come here and post how the cashouts are. I have 1 pending for 1500. Incase anything goes wrong I have screenshots of my account and the request.

Keep in mind I'm not a affiliate, just a player. 

I've had my ups and downs with 64 spades, so I'm hoping for the best

Thanks for sharing this Pokerplayer33 and we look forward to hearing what you experience with your cashout request. We would love to add 64Spades to our monthly Payout Reports, however, there is no public information with which to base a report on. This is typically a bad sign.

I've been playing at the site since last February of 2018, and yes there have been issues with there updates and changing method in depositing. But, I myself when I had an issue or concern they were prompt in answering my question and make it right. My experience with the site has been a positive one, and the same for others I know that play there regularly even with all the growing pains. And I will add one more comment. When 2 players were using the chat either in a threatening way toward women or and another one repeatedly asking players for money. Admin was given the information and handled it with a warning not to do that but, it continued and eventually, their chat was taken away. Sorry if others feel the way they do. My experience has been a good one.

Thanks for sharing your story with us MeanJeannie. We appreciate all feedback, good or bad on this site, and others that we actually recommend!

Would you by chance be able to share with us any proof of withdrawal? To date, no one has been able to do provide hard evidence... however dozens of people have complained to us of not receiving withdrawal requests!

Kind of hard not to feel uneasy on this site. It seems alot of people on here are close to owners and live in the Texas area. On their facebook page they are offering a local 10k tourney with all kinds of stipulations of MUST HAVE VERIFIED 64 SPADES ACCOUNT.

I've been a on and off player and it's always the same people at the tables from the beggining and boy are they lucky.

I dont get if they are owned and operated in the USA why a guy like me couldn't buy a platform and open a room.

They offer so many games and tables but there are no players at 99% of them. What good is 125 sit and Gos when you can't get 1 player?

Site seems poorly put together, they had to change servers because their server couldn't handle peak traffic of 200 players?

On a last note they dont seem to keep updated the change of the prize pool in their tourneys. Wednesday used to be a 4kgtd turns out to be 2500 now also all the other tourneys during the week have dropped considerably. My guess is the overlay was to much to continue and stay in business.

Cardead0011, thanks for sharing your real world observations of 64Spades with us. We appreciate all player feedback.

You have spotted some red flags that we also saw. Namely poor traffic, too many personal connections among the "elite", and the fact that they operate the business from within the state of Texas.

For your information, operating an online poker room in the United States of America, and servicing American players, is illegal. We would recommend that you not pursue such a venture. Even if you tried to get around the existing UIGEA laws by sticking to crypto-currency, you would still fail much like Seals With Clubs founder Brian Micon did.

The illegal nature of the 64 Spades business, operating from within the USA, and servicing USA players, instead of operating offshore, is one of the main reasons we do not recommend players to sign up on this site.

Hello and thanks for the reviews. I've played on this site for a couple years off and on. I have broken even for the most part. I am not a pro but have played and won tourneys at major casinos and played many bar games, not to mention about every online platform possible. Positives: Never had any issues cashing out, contacting support, and only had program crashes a few times in the beginning. If you have any issues you can contact them on FB page, Negatives- just not confident in the randomness of the cards and the number of players that make the most ridiculous runner runner suck outs. Cash games and tournaments definitely not the same as far as process or card selection. Also seems like the fewer the players in cash games the better than hands, which is opposite of true statistics. Just my opinion though. I have personally stopped playing on 64.

Thanks for sharing your perspective on this site. We can't help but agree with your decision to move on and cease playing on 64.

i can't load money plz help i have red highlighted i on my traction center dont know what's it means plz help.

Hello Koua Moua,

We have a variety of answers for you. Please see below:

1) We actually just heard from 64 Spades that their cashier is down (true story).
2) The Universe may be trying to tell you something.
3) Have you ever seen the movie Signs?
4) Today is opposite day at Nike.
5) Did you read our article? Even just a little? Seriously?

So where do I start. First off I really like the platform and easy money I've made over my first year on 64. I truly hope they take off and become a great site.

That being said, 64 has major problems moving forward.

1- affiliates and people with personal ties to site get special treatment

2- affiliates aren't just making money from players they have sign up, but are being allowed to purchase tables from site in which they get rake for said table.

3- affiliates are also allowed to play on these tables they own rake to while your grinding with your own funds..

4- an affiliate group is now heading up players (mostly ones that quit or went busto) and giving them super incentives to come back and some are coming back under the group as certified props who have to risk there own funds but mandated to play on that affiliates table they own

5- they are either knowly or not, letting people create multiple accounts to play on and have anonymous tables that are clearly used to collude on with it not being set up like ignition, where it's random table draw.

6- I have proof of all my accusations and proof of all my cashouts unlike most that come here to complain or throw rocks. Its not regulated in USA so we know the risk we take guys, but to date I still make money on the site and have had zero problems with cashouts, deposits I can't speak on, because I've only depo once, when I first started. I'm truly torn with site because it makes me money, but with reasons listed above its tough getting excited about playing on the platform moving forward.

Dear BarnyardAnimal,

We would love to see the proof that you speak of. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page on this website and contact us via Skype or Email.

These table purchases you speak of, coupled with props, seems a bit over-the-top. We would like to learn more about that as well. This sounds like the type of information new players should be made aware of.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I can't believe no one is on here talking about the cashier being down for a month now.. If you want or need funds you have to buy them off players or send money to owners personal accounts. You get chips on site but 1 cashout method and no cashier.

Owners are playing in live wsop tournies and traveling, while they have a failing site..all signs point to the end..

Phil G

Phil G,

Thank you for your comment! We need more information from people like you.

Can you please contact us via Skype or Email on our Contact Us page (at the bottom of every single page on this website)? We would love to chat with you about this in further detail and get to the bottom of what is going on/inform the larger online poker community.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon.

Yes I was curious who to contact about the stuff going on on 64? Everything listed above it true, and these guys don't deserve to own a poker platform...

When i see a player like phil coming on here and commenting, your hopes for the site deminish.

I agree with everything he said this cashier thing is out of control, false hopes. 5-7 days is the time frame giving every couple weeks then 2 months later telling us money players have chips to sell.

I went that route, then a player tried to dispute my transaction on pay-pal for the chips i sold them. Caused me a head ache with them to the point i withdrew all funds and stopped using pay pal.

How secure is that anyway? Seemed good as a temp option but now it seems fishy. Almost seems like players are cashing out via chip sales. I could be wrong but seems possible.

Doing the math 30 regs can't be keep this site alive. Do you remember full flush? Before they shut down i had over 5k waiting to withdraw for 4months+ never did recieve it. But every day im getting emails for 300% deposite bonus a day beforen they go dark. (I never take the bonus too much red tape).

Point is site had lots of potential to be great. Unless it was set to be a ponsi scam from the beggining. Being active for less then 2 years tournaments have decreased 50% in the gtds, and even at that there is still overlays sometimes 500+.

Some day that perfect site will appear and after the JAO bs this site is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences Brad.

PayPal charge backs can take place months after any trades. So there is a lot of liability there for players doing P2P. Furthermore, if PayPal finds out you are engaged in gambling transactions they will shut down your account permanently as it is a Terms of Service violation. They could even confiscate if they wish!

So to answer your question, PayPaling funds back and forth is not secure or safe.

With regard to Jao Poker, it appears that many of the people who were marketing Jao Poker moved directly over to 64 Spades as soon as Jao went dark and failing to pay out all of its player balances.

Finally, you touched on Full Flush Poker. This is a dark spot on our record as this is the only poker site in the last 12 years that we promoted which has gone under while we were promoting them. We fell victim to their scheme as well, though they were evidently paying our players more quickly than others.

In any case, if you lost money on Full Flush Poker, please contact us directly. We worked out deals with many players who lost funds on Full Flush Poker and offered them extra rakeback, bonuses, etc to play under us on other card rooms. We then essentially give them our commissions until they are repaid. It is our way of giving back to the community that we love and apologizing for our error in judgement. (This offer is open to anyone, just contact us via the link at the bottom of every page on our website)

Thank you again for commenting and we look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

I've been playing online poker for years...and have NEVER seen anything like what is going on at 64 Spades...Players selling chips to each other with PayPal...Cashier has been down for over a month ! No update from owners as to when and if the Cashier will be back up. Crazy !

Hello MoJo12,

Can you contact us directly? We would like to get access to these groups where this activity is going down so that we may better monitor it/report to the community what is going on.

How do I contact you directly? one good place to check all this out is Facebook...go to
64 Spades Tournament Players Club


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