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BetOnline: is this website and company Legit or Rigged?

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Is BetOnline legit or is it rigged? Although there will always be detractors and naysayers, we can confidently assert the legitimacy of the games of chance offered at BetOnline. In this article, we will dive into the details and hopefully, we can definitively conclude whether BetOnline is legit or not. Feel free to read on to learn all about the games offered at BetOnline and if they are indeed trustworthy.

If you happen to be concerned about playing at BetOnline and wish to try out BetOnline alternatives, whether it be partner sites or totally separate operators, check out this article to learn about sites that are similar to BetOnline. Our experts detail the best alternate options to playing at BetOnline for poker, casino games, and sports betting.

Is a legit or rigged gambling site?

Many people often wonder about the legitimacy of offshore casinos and poker sites. Many of these online operators hold licenses, but there are also numerous offshore casinos that operate without a gaming license. Geographical locations like Curacao are known to be somewhat lackadaisical in how they enforce regulations and address player concerns, so while holding a Curacao eGaming license as Bovada does is certainly a positive, there are other reputable brands that have operated for many years without licensing.

Is BetOnline a Legitimate Operation?

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This topic can generally be divided in two parts, if BetOnline is legal and if BetOnline is legitimate or not. The legality aspect is a bit murky as gambling laws vary dramatically from place to place, but as far as legitimacy goes, reputation is everything in this industry.

BetOnline serves many areas of the world but it primarily seems to exist to serve US players. Unfortunately, BetOnline cannot obtain gaming licenses issued by a U.S. state as there is no regulatory authority in the country that is willing to license offshore brands. Yet, BetOnline is duly licensed and registered in Panama and is subject to the laws of that country.

Although the legality of playing online at an offshore site may seem a bit unclear, the truth is that there are no federal laws that criminalize this activity. There are certain statutes that penalize those who offer the games and financial institutions that process transactions related to online gambling, but none of the relevant provisions are targeted at individual players. It is important to note that nobody has ever been prosecuted in the United States for simply gambling online. You can easily gamble online at an offshore site like BetOnline from within the United States without any issues.

When it comes to the legitimacy of an online poker site or casino, reputation and player experiences are clear indications of the trustworthiness of a website. BetOnline has been in business for over 20 years and maintains a largely positive reputation in the industry. There will always be a few complaints and problems, but the overwhelming majority of players agree that BetOnline is a legit operation.

Is BetOnline Rigged?

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What do we mean when we ask if BetOnline is rigged? Well, we are talking about the games of chance offered and if they are fair. BetOnline offers many types of gambling including poker, sports betting, horse betting, slots, table games, and more.

BetOnline has a good reputation in the industry overall. Although there have been issues with regard to cashout speeds in the past, in recent years BetOnline has improved significantly. New management has taken control and over the past few years, BetOnline has become the leader in cashout speeds among offshore online casinos.

Our team here at ProfessionalRakeback consists of recreational gamblers as well as seasoned poker-playing professionals. It has been our experience over the past few years that BetOnline offers genuinely fair games of chance, and it offers the fastest cashouts in the industry. It is our belief that BetOnline is not a scam in any way, shape, or form.

It is our opinion that all online poker RNGs (Random Number Generators) are fair, BetOnline included. Our team has experienced numerous other issues with online poker sites including sites with users who could access the hole cards, sites that have gone broke and taken customer funds, and sites struggling to handle illegal bots at their tables. BetOnline in fact has experienced its own issues with bots in the past, but currently, BetOnline has an excellent security team and has done a solid job in keeping its games fair and bot-free.

Two Plus Two Comments Regarding BetOnline's SecurityComments regarding BetOnline's security on Two Plus Two, a popular online poker forum

Also noteworthy is the BetOnline blackjack cheating scandal that occurred back in 2017. In a viral video, it appeared as though a live dealer "dealt seconds", which is a way of potentially cheating at card games. The dealer held back the top card and instead dealt the player the next card. The dealer then dealt the top card to himself, the dealer, winning the hand for the house.

In the hand in question, it is a bit unclear what actually happened. It seems unlikely that a dealer would intentionally cheat in this manner on camera, but it was certainly a very odd occurrence.

It is also important to note that BetOnline and other online casinos contract third-party companies to operate their live dealer games. After this incident, BetOnline took swift action by changing software providers. On February 18th, 2017, BetOnline cut ties with third-party vendor Global Gaming Labs in favor of Visionary iGaming.

There will be complaints at every online casino and poker room, and Betonline is no exception. In reality, most complaints from poker players are a result of negativity bias and misunderstanding the odds of their hand. Additionally, individuals may mistakenly believe that they can control the outcome of games, and thus when they inevitably experience a significant loss they may be likely to blame the operator and claim the game is or became rigged.

The games at BetOnline within the casino and offered in the poker room are not rigged. We have yet to see any evidence of this and it seems highly unlikely that it would put its reputation and business on the line in order to perpetrate a highly complex scam. This simply isn't the case and we are happy to report that BetOnline is legitimate.

BetOnline Poker

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BetOnline is the flagship member of the Chico Poker Network which represents the third-largest poker network serving US players. BetOnline offers casino gaming, a sportsbook, and a racebook in addition to its poker offerings; therefore, the crossover traffic is plentiful, and the games are relatively soft. Cash game players tend to prefer BetOnline and Bovada as both sites tend to have high numbers of recreational players.

BetOnline is a partner site to and as all three rooms share one combined player pool as members of the Chico Poker Network. BetOnline offers numerous cash games, including fast-fold Boost Poker games. BetOnline also boasts a decent selection of tournaments, sit-and-gos, and lotto-inspired Windfall Poker SNGs.

BetOnline offers a first deposit poker bonus equal to 100% of your initial deposit amount of up to $1,000. You can also take advantage of daily and weekly rake races for both sit-and-gos and cash games in addition to other valuable promotions like poker freerolls and free daily casino tournaments.

BetOnline Casino

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In addition to the poker room, BetOnline boasts an extensive variety of casino games including slots, table games, specialty games, and live dealer games. The truth is that sites like BetOnline have little to no incentive to rig games. The games offered generally hold approximately 5% of every wager which results in consistent profits over the long run for the casino.

In the short term, players can experience luck and win a jackpot, potentially even life-changing sums. BetOnline is incentivized to offer fair games of chance with reasonable Return to Player percentages as it results in customers continuing to play. In fact, many games display the Return to Player percentages right in the menu of the game.

BetOnline Cashout Procedures and Reliability

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BetOnline is highly-regarded for its excellent customer service that is available 24/7 to help with anything you may need. Using crypto for deposits is easy, but you can rest assured that the customer service representatives will assist you and make sure you can deposit and withdraw successfully.

As mentioned, cryptocurrencies are the ideal method for deposits and withdrawals at BetOnline. We suggest using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or one of the many other coins available for cashier transactions.

BetOnline is known for its lightning-fast crypto withdrawals. Customers often receive their funds in less than an hour which puts BetOnline firmly in the lead in the online poker industry with regard to payout speed.

What Prevents BetOnline From Rigging Games?

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BetOnline has earned the trust of a large number of players over the past 20 years, and it has established itself as a leader in the online poker and casino industries. BetOnline has consistently impressed players with its fast cashouts and excellent customer service.

Brands like BetOnline maintain a house edge on every casino game they offer and collect rake from every poker pot, so it would simply make no sense to risk their lucrative business in order to skim a little extra money. The profits from offering fair games while delivering entertainment and the potential to win far exceed any benefits that may come with rigging games.

Play at BetOnline or Another Reputable Site Today

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There are plenty of reputable sites that you can choose from if you wish to play poker or casino games. BetOnline is an excellent option as it accepts players from all over the world and it maintains a very positive reputation in the industry. If you want to learn more about BetOnline or sign up today, feel free to check out our detailed review of BetOnline.

If you reside in the United States and you enjoy playing casino games like slots and table games, then you may want to explore our detailed guide regarding the top online casinos for USA players.

There are plenty of other reliable poker sites available to choose from as well. If you prefer to play poker and you are trying to decide where to sign up and play, feel free to check out our thorough guides below for the best online poker options for various geographical locations around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Poker is not rigged. Often, players misunderstand the odds and suffer from negativity bias. It is our opinion that every online poker site deals games with a legitimate RNG.

Yes, there are many other sites like BetOnline. Wild Casino, Super Slots, TigerGaming, and are all related to BetOnline as sister sites. There are also plenty of similar sites that are unaffiliated with BetOnline that offer casino games, poker, or both, like Bovada, Americas Cardroom, Ignition,, and CafeCasino.

We highly recommend that you utilize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum to fund your account and request withdrawals. BetOnline offers over a dozen different cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals and most only necessitate a $20 minimum deposit.

No, you won't get in any trouble. Although the legality of online poker is a bit complex, it is generally legal for US citizens to place bets online and no US player has ever been prosecuted for simply gambling on the internet. In reality, it is legal for BetOnline to offer its services and it is perfectly safe to play at BetOnline.