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Strip Poker | Learn advanced rules, get naked, have safe fun all night!

If you want to play a gambling game where the adult thrills are increased in the betting rounds by the more clothes you lose, and where the anticipation of losing to opponents is on a par with the hope of winning, then prepare yourself for wagering articles of clothing in a strip poker game.

Lose the game and remove an article of clothing. Be the winner using careful strategies and skills and you'll avoid getting stripped and showing other players your underwear.

Women players removing their clothes in a strip poker game

There’s no doubt that as a way of winning money, poker is way up at the top of any list. Whether you prefer to play online, at your house in home games with friends, or even live on the Las Vegas Strip, poker provides some great opportunities to turn a profit.

Playing poker is not just limited to making extra cash though, and there are a number of ways to enjoy poker for fun which can result in a great time for both winners and losers. You'll find plenty of options to play real money poker at any of our recommended real money online poker sites, but one way that can stand apart from all the mainstream ways to enjoy the game is in playing where more than money is at stake.

What better way then than playing fair strip poker games where the stakes generate a combination of fun, strategy, anticipation, and maybe even some sexual undertones that might end up with some activity of another sort even when you lose. Playing strip poker one night with a party of friends is the perfect way to enjoy the game and at the same time take it to a new level where keeping your clothes on is one prize on offer, and watching your friends strip naked or down to their underwear is another.

On this page, we'll take a look at what you need to consider before you suggest a game and play strip poker, how to plan the game to get the most enjoyment and fun from the combination of stripping while playing cards, the rules you'll need to decide on and the best strategies for making it all work, and focus on some of the different variations which can be played.

Plan your strip poker night well and you may end up with some entertaining moments along the lines of some of the scenes in this video;

What Is Strip Poker, & Why Would You Play?

Fairly obvious, isn't it? Strip poker is a version of a regular poker game combined with taking off items of clothing based on the outcomes of hands played. Winning on the night means keeping your kit on, losing means removing it.

So that's a basic definition, which explains why anyone would want to play. It brings together the intensity of regular poker based on standard poker rules and merges it with the age-old human focus on sexually related entertainment, but in a way that's limited to ensuring it remains on the side of good clean fun with plenty of laughs thrown in.

Often the real reason for organizing a game is not for the sake of the game itself, but everyone already knows that getting stripped down is on the agenda for the night. Playing adds a little spice and additional anticipation to the proceedings!

The extra good news is that you don't need to have a table populated with out and out poker fans, anyone who can learn basic poker rules can play and get something worthwhile from the experience. They may even be able to use their newfound skills and strategy knowledge to eventually play for real money too.

Choosing a Game Format - Best Ways To Play Strip Poker Games

As anyone who plays poker regularly enough knows, there are multiple variations and clearly, this is one aspect you'll need to decide on when setting up a game. Most likely, and depending on the skill or experience level of other players, you'll want to keep it as simple as possible.

Don't forget that you're not trying to win cash or tournament entries here, and consequently the serious focus that a normal poker game calls for is not needed. This is all about laughs and fun, and trying to get your opponents in a greater state of undress than you.

Everyone knows Texas Holdem of course, and the well-known aspects of Holdem like the flop, bluffing and folding. But there are a range of others from Horse through to Omaha and Stud, with 5-Card Draw and many in between. Most of these poker variants are best known for being played in competitive settings, either in tournaments or real money games. But there are other options which involve single-player game-play too.

You'll find the same range of varieties in strip poker too.

From a competitive multiplayer poker gaming perspective, you can choose any of the game varieties, although either 5 Card Draw or Texas Holdem are your best bet. These are going to be the easiest for non-poker experts to handle from a perspective of knowing what the best and worst hands are, and are variants that will suit a mixed group of male and female friends around a table placing bets, turning cards, bluffing, and of course, steadily getting naked by removing items of clothing as each deal is done and the game progresses.

Both are far less complicated than more complex variants like Badugi or Razz, and 5-Card Draw is specifically known as the simplest form of poker. In fact, this explains why it was originally used as the basis of Video Poker, and interestingly it can also be played with an aptly named stripped deck - in other words, one that contains either ace cards up to seven, or seven up to ace.

For variants involving just two people, there are strip poker apps available that will walk you through the game-play, while for more than two an app or any form of gaming with online poker rooms won't work suitably and you're best off arranging a live cards game.

From a single-player perspective, the options are possibly less well known. But there are ways to do it, and those involve apps or console-type video games where on-screen characters have to remove one piece of clothing as you win each hand. Get them down to their underwear and you know you're playing cards well.

Playing single-player strip poker is as simple as getting access to an app or video game, making sure you're able to play and getting on with the fun by trying to strip a character down to zero clothes. Clearly, if you don't know how to play poker there'll be a learning curve, but with no cash at stake, that's not such a big deal.

You can find out more about strip poker video games on our dedicated page, especially those that can be played on home computers like the Commodore 64. There are a limited number of worthwhile titles, while for mobile strip poker apps there are plenty to choose from.

Here are a few of the single-player app options found on different platforms for either smartphones, tablets, or PC's, after which we'll continue to explore multiplayer games where there's a lot more to consider to ensure it all goes well and high enjoyment levels remain on the cards.

If you want a downloadable offline version for Windows the choice is a broad one, with Video Strip Poker HD being one of the top-rated free strip games. Another highly-rated version is Video Strip Poker created by Torquemada Games.

Two blonde women in a strip poker video game

In addition to these stripping-based video games and apps, there’s also the option of playing video slots that involve characters in varying states of undress. Three great examples of slots in this genre are ones we’ve reviewed in some depth:

How To Play Strip Poker - Planning & Organising High-Quality Multiplayer Strip Poker Games

You'll be wanting to cover off as many details as you can to make sure any game results in everyone getting the most from it, helps avoid embarrassment, and generally ensures all enjoy the experience.

We've already spoken about deciding on which poker variant will work best for your plans, so let's step through everything else you'll need to be covering to make sure your attempt at playing strip poker is a success.

Making Sure The Players In Your Game Are Comfortable

Remember that some people can be supremely comfortable with their clothes off, while others can feel exposed and uncomfortable. Probably the best way to avoid this is in choosing your participants carefully before you play, although the odd glass of wine (assuming that age is not restrictive) can lessen some inhibitions and get everyone in the mood.

During a game, the focus should be on keeping it lighthearted and with no undue pressure on anyone at the tables. Rude comments should be actively discouraged. It's a good idea to follow some basic etiquette rules such as not criticizing and generally treating everyone involved with respect.

Forcing the issue if someone hits a point where they're clearly not interested in continuing with fewer clothes than everyone else is rarely likely to end well. Having rules laid out but also being prepared to be flexible can often be the best approach.

How to Build The Right Atmosphere for Your Strip Poker Game

Given there's a risk that some people may feel they don't want to get involved in something where their modesty might be challenged, it's probably not good practice to get your friends in the door and hit them without warning that they may be playing a game where they may end up wearing nothing.

It'll be best to prepare the field with the intention for the evening beforehand so everyone knows what to expect, although - as we all know - sometimes the best fun comes from something unplanned (and often fueled by a little alcohol).

Equally, it's best to keep this form of gaming to groups of people who know each other reasonably well, a strange person in a group can add to the inhibitions of others in the game and interfere with the relaxed atmosphere you really want to generate.

The gaming environment needs some attention too. A chilly room won't be so conducive to the removal of clothing items, and it's well known what happens to some parts of the body when they get too cold, right? For both men and women!

Creating a comfortable environment with cushions, dimmed lighting, background music, and any other worthwhile accessories will help everyone relax. Maybe watching the odd funny Youtube video beforehand will also help set the scene and make the game go well.

Remember to set some time before starting for all players to ask any questions about the rules. Much will depend on all participants being clear about how to play and what the boundaries are.

Keeping The Game Under Control

The final point to bear in mind is that someone needs to be making sure it all stays under control, and as the organizer that someone is either you or other designated moderators.

You'll have gone a long way to creating a successful game by this point, but just be on the lookout for any signs of any of your guests feeling compromised, or worse in being insulted is some way with uncalled-for comments or remarks. Of course, there is going to be some banter, but the limits of how far that can go have to be recognized and gently enforced if necessary.

Women players playing strip poker

Setting the numbers - How Many Players Do You Need For a Successful Strip Poker Game

While games with two players can work - particularly if both have an ultimate goal in mind - you'll find that most games will work best with a party of between four and six. That's enough to ensure any members of the party with deeper inhibitions don't feel too uncomfortable, but not too many to stop the flow and speed of the game.

If you're going to aim for a one against one session, you can of course play with a pack of cards but an alternative option would be to play using this two-player strip poker app on Google Play.

What Equipment Do You Need?

It goes without saying that you'll need a pack of cards and something to use as chips. Those could be either real chips or even items of clothing that have been given chip values.

You can enhance the party-like atmosphere with food and drinks, and it may pay to have a few gown-type garments around so someone can quickly cover their modesty if needed.

For an authentic experience consider using some form of poker table or cloth, but really any playing surface will do.

Laying Out The Rules Of Strip Poker

For the rules of the card game itself, it's probably best to stick to standard game-play, although there are often some grey areas known as house rules. To avoid any distraction or debate during the game, spell out these house rules in advance. As an example, a common rule in 5-card is that no player can replace more than three cards.

Aside from this, most of the focus on rules needs to be on how the betting works. There are numerous articles here on ProfessionalRakeback around how to play and bet on different variants for real cash, but for the stripping version there are a few different ways you can make this work:

  • As a very simple option, you can play out hands with the losing player having to remove an item.
  • Players can actually bet items of clothing, perhaps written down on slips of paper. Whoever loses has to remove the items they bet. This can lead to fairly fast games where one player gets close to a naked state reasonably quickly, though of course there's nothing to stop everyone throwing their clothes back on and starting again...and maybe for some extra fun you can swap around so you end up wearing an article of clothing that's not yours for the next game!

What Counts As An Article Of Clothing?

Of course, some clothes are going to be worth more than others, and this could be determined either before any cards have been dealt or as a hand is being played. When players get down to the more intimate items they're going to have much more value.

You'll also need to specify what counts as an article of clothing. For example, items like watches, rings, and other jewelry.

So an example list might look like this:

  • A watch or jewelry item is worth 1
  • Shoes and socks, either played singly or as a pair 2
  • Jumper or cardigan 3
  • Shirt 5
  • Underwear 8

Whichever way you choose to play strip poker, and to make it as fair as possible, all players should start with a similar number of betting items/articles of clothing.

Stepping Through The Gameplay

Let's take a typical game of 5 Card or Holdem and work through the steps of how it'll play out in a strip poker game:

Playing Strip Poker With 5 Card Draw

Woman holding four aces"Four of a Kind Aces Is a Monster Hand in 5 Card Draw"
  • Decide whether you're playing with a full deck of cards or a stripped deck, and any house rules to be followed.
  • Each player declares their bet.
  • Players are dealt five cards each.
  • Have an immediate showdown or one extra round follows where each player can relinquish a number of cards for replacements from the pack, in an attempt to build the best hand they can.
  • Hands are shown, the player with the best hand from their five cards wins, and either all other players need to remove the article of clothing they bet or just the player with the worst hand. An alternative twist could be that the winning player chooses which losing opponent needs to strip down.

As a variation to the rules, you might decide that certain high-value hands - like a full house - have greater weight in determining the number of clothes that need to go. In other words, the winner with a high-value five-card hand can make a player remove more items than they actually bet. The shoes and socks could go from one person in one losing hand, for example.

Playing Strip Poker With Texas Hold'em

You'll find that playing Holdem is more complicated than Five Card Draw, but still is a workable option providing you simplify it a little. Here's a suggestion:

  • All players receive two cards as in a standard Holdem game.
  • Players place clothing bets on their two cards.
  • Deal the flop, turn, and river from the deck but without any betting on those rounds.
  • Allow one extra bet after the five cards have been dealt.

To enhance the play in 'Holdem, one option is to play with standard chips from the outset but let players exchange articles of clothing for chips when they're running low. This will make for longer games, but brings in the elements of bluffing, betting, and the different ways to bet pre and post-flop that are an important aspect of this variant.

Whichever variant you play, try to keep the decisions and chips moving quickly. It'll pay to avoid any situations where some players already semi-naked or close to naked in the group are waiting too long on a decision from another player. The use of some form of timer may be worth considering.

Strategies For Avoiding Fully Naked Poker

If you want to play with the greatest chance of getting fully naked, the best approach is to play well, of course. Playing with a full understanding of basic and advanced strategies is the best way to win in any variant of the game.

If your party is made up of novice players, then probably some will try the strategy of wearing the most items of clothing possible right from the start. While this works, it clearly sets the scene for a somewhat unfair game and this is why you need to clearly lay out the rules around clothing from the outset.

Spicing Up Your Strip Poker Game

Topless woman recliningIf You Run Out of Clothes to Bet With, You Can Agree to...ahem...Alternate Stakes

As if it wouldn't be saucy enough getting a number of people minus their clothes in a friendly strip card game, you can rack up the spiciness still further with a few enhancements:

Sexual Favour Poker

We'll leave this to the imagination to some extent, but you'll surely get the idea without too much explanation. Certainly, this one is going to speed everything up!

Additional Forfeits

Incorporating dares into the game has much potential for adding extra spice. Streaking dares are good fun, and extra shots for losers are sure to loosen any inhibitions further.

Alternative Entertainment

Aside from actually playing either stripping-based video card games or with real decks of cards, there are a couple of other ways to get some strip poker action. You might opt to use this song specifically titled 'Strip Poker' - for background music during your session.

You may be surprised to learn there was once a strip poker game show running. Sadly it's off the air now, but the description on Wikipedia suggests it may have made for some interesting viewing. Maybe there's a way to get hold of some archived episodes, and we'll try to track those down.


Woman taking her shirt offThis is a game for fun. Lose your shirt.... not your shit, on a bad beat

To play regular poker successfully calls for a clear head, intense and lengthy practice, a strong understanding of strategy and math, and firm confidence in your abilities. Playing strip poker offers a welcome alternative and brings high levels of adult fun to the table.

We've seen how to set up strip poker games in a way that will deliver a lighthearted, enjoyable experience designed to keep all players comfortable on the night and playing cards within the rules. Each piece of clothing removed has the potential to exponentially ramp up the fun value, and when players get down to their last few remaining garments the fun gets more and more intense.

We've also seen the different formats of strip poker that are on the list of options and learned how to make articles of clothing work as chips.

Now you have some useful guidelines on how to set up a strip poker game successfully, little remains but for you to get out there and begin identifying the perfect collection of people for your gaming night. There are sure to be bundles of laughs and much amusement as each item of clothing gets removed, and it all might end up more than just a number of opponents betting themselves into a completely naked or semi-naked state.

Be prepared for your strip poker game to finish with more than just a group of friends wearing next to nothing, and make sure you have a camera ready in case there are any forms of clothing exchange!