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US State Online Gambling Laws

American Gambling Laws Broken Down by State

Gambling comes in many forms including poker, sports betting, casino, horse racing, bingo, slots, and more. There are tons of play money sites like Zynga for example, but nothing gets the blood pumping like gambling for real money. However, due to laws in the United States, American's basic right to do as they please in the privacy of their own home is infringed upon. Or is it? 

It might surprise you to know that many forms of online gambling are not illegal on either a Federal or a State level. It might further surprise you to learn that gambling for money on the Internet in the USA is not all that difficult to do as a private individual. 

Now, we must stop and note right now that online gambling is not regulated in the United States on a Federal level. On the state level, only three of the fifty six US states and territories have adopted any form of regulation. Thus, for the most part, would be online gamblers must be willing to play at offshore gambling sites. In most cases these sites are regulated, just not by any version of government in the United States of America. Rather they are licensed and regulated by Indian Territories such as Kawnawake, or island nations such as the Isle of Man, Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda, and Gibralter. While they are offshore companies operating on the fringes of US law, most are perfectly legitimate. Certainly all of the ones we will discuss on this website are legit!

As poker is our core competency, let us first focus on that. We have broken down the laws in each state as well as the options for playing online poker in the following articles. Simply locate your state and check out the options available to you. >The articles below are mini-reviews of the gambling sites listed at our Real Money Online Poker Site Guide for US Players, as well as information on the specific legal situation in each particular state. So if you are interested in learning more about the specific laws and statutes in an individual US state, click the hyperlinks below for more information:

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