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Winning Poker Network Debuts Version 2 Software - Blitz Included!

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Near the beginning of April 2019, the Winning Poker Network released a public beta of its V2 poker client, which has been in the works for years. We decided to download it and play to see what the new software is like. The beta software is currently available for play money games only. This new poker download is scheduled to replace the existing one on Monday, May 30, 2019.

The Winning Poker Network Has Introduced V2 Poker Software

Initial Impressions

Magnifying Glass

The upgrade is not so much about the functionality of play at tables, but rather the ability to expand the offering of games and new game types going forward. While the client remains in beta, developers are concerned with fixing all bugs and errors. However, the implementation of most new features will wait under the platform goes live for real money.

If you do a side-by-side comparison of the two lobbies, for example, you will not notice many differences. You will still see game types at the top, betting structures (NL, PL, Limit) directly below, and the stake levels below that. This affords you the ability to segregate games so that you are only viewing those you would like to choose from rather than a massive listing of all games available.

Old ACR Lobby and NewComparison of the Old ACR Poker Lobby (Left) and the Beta Lobby (Right)
They Are Almost Identical

Poker Variants

Hole Cards + Chips

Blitz Poker is the main new variant you will notice on the Winning Poker Network's V2 software. This fast-fold style of poker allows for up to 500 hands to be played in an hour’s time and, as its name implies, nearly eliminates all downtime.

Blitz Poker had previously been only supported on mobile devices although even this functionality is now listed as “Coming Soon” in the mobile lobby. Its presence in the new desktop software indicates that it will be standard in the new download client. The traffic on V2 for Blitz games is less than ideal; however, this should not come as any surprise considering it is still in beta.

What we did notice and hope will change in the near future is the absence of leaderboards. While the standard, classic version of Americas Cardroom boasts Sit & Crush and The Beast leaderboards with accumulating jackpots, those do not exist in V2. Of course, we expect this to change once V2 is tested, finalized, and officially introduced as the standard.

The same can be said about 6+ Hold’em; it is present on the traditional poker client but absent in V2. The retired format SNG 2.0 is also not listed on ACR V2. We had been previously told by our network contacts that it was removed due to lack of traffic but that it would return in the new software. We'll most likely encounter Six Plus and SNG 2.0 in the future once all urgent launch matters have been resolved.

Gameplay Differences and Similarities

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In terms of the actual gameplay experience between the V2 Beta and the standard poker client, there is, once again, not too much of an identifiable difference. Player logos and names seem to be presented in a slightly different format (names and stack sizes seem larger), but the general flow of gameplay, existence of chat and statistics in the bottom left-hand corner, and graphics all seem to be in line between the two clients.

If you take two tables – one from V2 and one from the standard client – and place them right next to each other, you will be hard-pressed to determine which is which. Even on the websites of the WPN rooms, their V2 announcement does not designate or highlight any major differences they are adding. It is nice to see the network taking the initiative and improving its product, but it is truly difficult to tell specifically what they are improving as most things seem to be exactly the same or close to it.

One feature that has been implemented is the ability to view cards mucked at showdown in the hand history. This is not possible in the old software despite users having requesting it for years.

Open Beta Still Running

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The new version 2 software is still in its beta period, and you can download it and try it out by appending “/v2” to the URL of the website of your WPN skin of choice. You do need to create a new account, separate from your real money account, in order to access the V2 poker application and join the play money games. You are permitted to make up fake personal details for the beta client despite the fact that such tactics are not allowed on the main WPN software.

Software Download Page for Version 2 at ACRIt's Not Too Late to Download the Beta Version 2 Poker Client

We've been told that the version 2 poker client will go live, replacing the existing software, on Monday, May 30, 2019. At this point, users will be able to log in and enjoy the real money games on the new software using their existing account credentials.

Play for Real Today

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Of course, the version 2 client of the Winning Poker Network is a bit lacking in that it's for play chips only right now, but this doesn't stop you from playing for real on the old software. If you lack an account, we urge you to open one now. That way, you'll be able to sample the poker tables today and be ready for the impending transfer to the new-generation poker platform.

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If you are interested in an alternate WPN poker room, then you can open an account at BlackChip Poker or True Poker. They both have the same games and software as ACR, including the new beta poker application. However, some of their promotions are different.