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5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook Rewards Program Explanation!

Grand Poker Network Logo  The 5Dimes Group, which owns Grand Poker Network, is one of the leading purveyors of gambling in the world, but they have a very complex rewards program that can turn some players off before they even get started.  We hope to clear that up for you and show you that great value that it can offer.

5Dimes Player Reward Program Overview

5Dimes, which owns the Grand Poker Network, is one of the best and most trusted sportsbooks anywhere on the internet whether you are a USA-based player or find yourself in some other part of the world.  The ratings for cash outs, lines and customer service are 2nd to known on most sites and they have been in business for many years.  One of the great things they do is provide a great rewards program for players to take advantage of.  Not only is it fairly profitable, but you can decide exactly what kind of rewards you want from your play.  The unfortunate thing is that it can be rather confusing to parse through everything, so we have made this handy guide to help you look at which rewards tier would work best for what kind of players and why you should considering one tier over another.

The Reward Tiers

 1) Reduced Juice Rewards Reduced Juice Wagering at 5Dimes
Choose from reduced juice options on NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events.  Reduced juice options are generally posted on the day of the event.   -- This is the reward program that everyone is put on to begin with, and so if you like the sound of it there is no need to do anything else.  This reward tier is great for anyone that plans on betting a lot of games and has the time to make the decisions on the games they are betting that day.  So clearly this is not great for those that are really busy, but it is a great reward tier that can sway the odds even more in your favor if you are confident in what you are doing.

2) Free-Play, Match Play & Lotto Rewards
-- New Player Rewards
The 50% Plus New Player Reward! - Earn up to $520 in Free-Play Rewards to use in our Sportsbook. 
Match Play Casino 50% Reward - Earn 50% Match Play to use in our Match Play Casino. 
Lucky 7 Lottery Promotion - Earn 77 one-dollar shots at the world's largest Pick 3 and Pick 4 payouts. 
-- Reload Rewards
Sportsbook Free-Play Rewards - Earn up to $500 in Free-Play Rewards based on the method and amount you replenish your account. 
Casino Match Play Rewards - Earn 33% Match Play to use in our Match Play Casino. 
Lotto Rewards - We have to take care of our loyal lotto fans!  -- This is a great reward system for those that plan on redepositing an average amount or really want to get into the casino side of things.  With the reload bonuses, you would need to think that you are going to be depositing a fair amount to really make it worth it.  Just betting or playing on a large roll or for small amounts would make this not ideal to many.  However, for those planning on deposit a fair amount at a decent amount total, this could very easily be enticing.

3) Cash Back Rewards
Up to 20% Cash Back Reward   -- This is an interesting option for those in the sports betting field as they are going to be +EV overall when enjoying games.  The reason this isn’t such a great idea for most though is that the amount you would have to play to really maximize your returns is pretty high and it is possible that if you are going to be playing that much then you could find more value in moving lines or one of the other great options.  We suggest that you read the terms and conditions carefully to decide if it is right for you overall.

4) 30% Super Saver Reward
Receive -107 style pricing plus expanded parlay payouts with this promotional offer.  – This is one of the more tempting ones to suggest for players as those extra points can really sway some games or decisions.  The best thing about this particular option is the parlay odds being moved to something different.  With those moved odds, parlays can suddenly be something that is fairly profitable and will definitely make 5Dimes one of the first sites you think of when you are going to be doing any kind of sports betting.  Another good thing about this particular reward program is that you can take advantage of it earlier in the day or the day previous, making it ideal for busy people who plan on putting in a lot of betting volume.

5) Point Mover Special Reward Program
Pay less to move the lines in your favor!  -- This reward option is going to be best for those savvy bettors who are going to want to find any edge that they can.  The reason we don’t suggest it to a wider range of bettors is because better odds or less juice is going to appeal to a wider range of bettors and can be a lot easier to really take advantage of.  While this option is good, there is a learning curve that needs to go with it and it can be easy to not get the full reward capabilities from it.

6) Casino Rebate Rewards Program
Earn up to 21% rebate on your overall losses!  -- Many casinos have something similar to this, but 5Dimes steps it up even more with a 21% rebate to players on their losses.  This is great for someone who doesn’t deposit often, but still enjoy to play casino games when they do decide to deposit.  If you do deposit a bunch of times, then option number 7 might be a lot better for you to consider.

7) On the House Reward Program
Get your 8th and 9th Deposit On the House!  -- This is actually a perfect reward idea for someone who plays on the weekends and enjoys just playing some blackjack or placing some fun bets as their form of entertainment.  It would not be great for someone who takes things seriously, but there is nothing wrong with that, as having fun while you are partaking in the great games on 5Dimes is a great choice.

8) Free Payout Rewards Program
Withdraw your winnings without any fees!   -- This is unlikely to be the best option for players as you would need to be withdrawing a large number of times, not amounts, to really make this worth giving up the other perks.  It is nice hat they offer it though, and if you happen to fall into one of the very narrow bands of people that would benefits from this, it could be exceptionally helpful.


There is a lot to digest here and it is not going to be an easy choice for many to make, but the really important take away from this is that no matter what you want to do, there is a really good rewards program for you to take advantage of.  This kind of latitude to make things exactly how you want is pretty fantastic to players.  We hope this post has shed a little bit of light on what might be best for you and you can take full advantage of it.  Also, please note that all of these promotions apply to 5Dimes sister site, SportBet.

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