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BREAKING NEWS! 888 Poker Network Pulls Out of Mexican Markets??

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Evidently 888 network is ceasing operations in Mexican markets.  PROFRB is aware of no current laws in Mexico that would be cause for such a move and is attempting to dig up more info, but here is what we know so far...


888 Poker Pulls Out of Mexico??

This is a breaking news report by Professional Rakeback, please keep in mind that information is few and far between at this time and we are reporting anything and everything we can find immediately.

Early this morning, approximately 5am EST on May 14th, 2014, players on the 888 poker room began reporting strange happenings.  Players woke up to find emails in their inbox from 888 regarding cashouts being processed.  These early reports were panicky and players suspected being hacked.  However more players quickly chimed in stating that their entire balance had also been sent off for withdrawal without their permission and was awaiting processing.  The common factors among these players appears that they are all expats of various countries (mostly residents of the United States of America) residing in Mexico post Black-Friday.

Not only are 888 poker accounts being closed, but accounts with Mexican address information on LuckyAce and Play848 have also been closed.  At least two players claim to still have their account information listed as in foreign countries, despite living in Mexico, and their accounts have also been closed, presumably for having a long history of logging in and playing while in Mexico.  No one has reached support at 888 as of yet on this matter and in fact PROFRB's attempts to contact 888 representatives about this matter have been met with silence thus far.

As is the trend in online gaming, when actions that could be construed by players as negative are to be taken, no warning is given.  It appears that 888, despite being a licensed and regulated operator traded on the stock exchange, is no exception to this rule.  Most players have received no notice other than an email informing them of pending withdrawals, however, one Mexican resident player did receive the following message from 888 via email:

This email is to inform you that we have taken a decision to discontinue your membership with us. In order for us to request a withdrawal of your bankroll on your behalf, please send us your bank details in reply, or confirm the address where you want us to post you a bank draft and will be pay in accordance with our policies.

There have been rumblings of changes in the Mexican gaming markets.  Recently PokerFuse published this story regarding B&M (Brick and Mortar) legislation up for consideration by Mexican legislators.  PokerFuse also penned this piece about overall regulation in the gaming markets and how it affects Europe and other jurisdictions.  Evidently there is a crack down on class B gaming licenses which may or not be illegal, subject to the interpretation of the new incoming political party and government.

Professional Rakeback will continue to pry into this 888 development and share any pertinent data with our readers!  If you are one of the recently displaced players, we'd be happy to find you a new home on one of the seventeen other fine, fast paying, online poker rooms that we offer, simply contact us.  Are you an expat from the USA who now has to move back to the United States because of this Mexican poker debacle? Try one of our USA poker sites when you get back to your respective state in the USA.

*UPDATE 2:30pm EST, May 14, 2014:  Player issues seem to be localized to Playa Del Carmen, Cancun area thus far.  No reports from players in Rosarita or Baja region yet.  Perhaps it's related to the YUC and/or ROO provinces only?  Professional Rakeback is still investigating!  There is also now a 2+2 thread.

*UPDATE 11:30pm EST, May 15, 2014:  888 support still has no comment and or is ignorant of what is going on.  Actual Mexican citizens have reported being shut down as well, not just expats as previously noted in the article!

888 poker is consistently one of the largest online poker sites in the world.  A publicly traded company, 888 spends massive dollars on its marketing efforts, and it shows.  Game Intel rates them, according to cash games, as the third largest Internet poker room on the planet.


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