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Bodog / Bovada on Sundays: 250k+ MTT Schedule; 100k Sunday Major!

The oldest "network" available to US players has been growing...

Bodog brands, now including Bodog,, Bovada, and Bodog88, have been growing quite a bit since Black Friday.  The Bodog Network has now made it's way into second place in the US online poker market.  The influx of traffic has allowed them to beef up their MTT schedule quite a bit.  Now, on any given Sunday, one can find a very solid MTT schedule with over 250k in guarantees.  The main event (ME) on Sunday is a righteous 100k!  Professional Rakeback has a copy of the Sunday Tournament Schedule below for your convenience:

Bodog Bovada Softest & Easiest Online Poker Games at Professional Rakeback


As many of our Professional Online Grinders at PROFRB know, Bodog/Bovada hosts the softest games in the US online poker market.  This is due to the very different model that they use.  Bodog and Bovada takes steps to protect their very fish player base.  For example, Bodog and Bovada use completely anonymous tables.  Players do not have screen names, but simply take up seats 1-9 at a table and become "player 1" or "player 9."    There are no tracking software programs allowed such as Poker Tracker 4 or HEM2.  However, one HUD is available and legal, and that is Holdem Indicator, get your copy off of our Useful Software page! We also have a specific review now of Ignition Poker HUDs and tracking software.

There are other quirks at Bodog and Bovada, but they all lead to soft games!  We at Professional Rakeback would be happy to go over them with you... Contact Us