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Ignition Poker Points Explained

bodog icon  Ignition and Bodog recently updated what poker points can be used to purchase.  We've updated this article to reflect recent changes and give you the full scoop.

Ignition's Poker Points (applies to players as well) are a relatively straight-forward and easy concept to understand.  Whether you win or lose, you always earn Poker Points any time you contribute to the rake - whether it's a tournament, sit-and-go, or cash game.

  • Ring Games: Earn points when you put in to a raked pot (see chart below).
  • Tournaments: Get 3 points for every $1 spent on tournament entry fees (ex: net 15 points for simply entering a $50+$5 tournament,  earn 9 points for entering a $30+$3 tourney, etc.).
  • SNG: The same as for MTTs, 3 points for every $1 in fees.
  • Jackpot Sit & Go: 0.25 points for every $1 in buyin.

The points you earn while playing ring/cash games are based on the rake you contribute. For every hand that you contribute rake of $0.01 or more, you will earn between 0.05 and 1 Poker Points. The amount depends on the rake contributed and breaks down as follows:

  • $1 - $3 rake: 1 Poker Point
  • $0.50 - $0.99 rake: 0.5 Poker Points
  • $0.25 - $0.49 rake: 0.25 Poker Points
  • $0.05 - $0.24 rake: 0.10 Poker Points
  • $0.01 - $0.04 rake: 0.05 Poker Points

Players can use these Poker Points for online bonuses or convert them into tournament tickets for entry into qualifiers, live events, and even their weekly Sunday $100k GTD tournament. You can only convert your Poker Points into tournament tickets from within the software, as follows:

  • Sign in to the poker software and select "Account"
  • Click the "Points to Tickets" tab
  • Select your desired ticket and click "Convert"

how to get more value out of poker points

In late 2016 Bodog and Ignition made some updates to the poker points program.  They began giving higher effective conversion rates than those offered by converting points into MTT tickets.  The rate of conversion is noticeably higher now if you convert your points into online casino and sports book bonuses.  In fact, converting your points for use in the sports book is approximately 11% more effective than using them for poker.  If you choose to use your points for bonuses in the Bodog & Ignition casino products, the value is a whopping 42% higher than when used on tourney tickets.  Here are a few examples:

$10 tournament entry ticket = 2200 points
$10 sports book bonus = 1800 points
$10 casino bonus = 1400 points


Effective Rakeback Rates of Poker Points

Ignitions's "poker points" system yields an effective rakeback rate of 1% percent depending on how many points you save up before cashing in and what tournament tickets you purchase with said points (special tournament satellites tend to offer rates up to 2%). 

Some players, who value the money more than their time, elect to raise their effective ROI on Bodog poker points by using them in the weekly $5,000 freerolls.  These freerolls are super soft, with players often shoving in every hand the first few rounds in an attempt to double up or quit.  Still other players register and don't play.  Thus, you will win more than your fair share of money if you play them in a legitimate fashion.  However, you will sacrifice your time for this added value.  The effective rewards rate when taking this route will off course have a lot of variance based on your tournament results, as well as your relative skill at playing freerolls, but it could be upwards of 5% or more by using this approach.

Points Exchange Options at Ignition Casino Poker

The Points Exchange Screen at Ignition Poker

You can convert points as often as you like up to 5,000,000 Poker Points each month.  The exchange rate, when used on regularly available tournament tickets is 200 points = $1 USD.  Special tournaments may yield higher rates.  It is important to note that tournament tickets can NOT be exchanged for cash value and are forfeited if you fail to use them in the tournament you purchased them for.  The exchange rate on sportsbook bonuses is approximately 200 points = $1.11 USD and on casino bonuses, the highest rates are 200 points = $1.42 USD.

Alternative Poker Sites

Needless to say however, these is not a very high effective rakeback rate.  In fact, it is the lowest rate available in the US-friendly poker market.  This is of course offset some what by the fact that Ignition is the largest site available to US players.  However, if you are looking for a higher kickback on your play, you may want to check out some of the links below:

Intertops poker logo Intertops Poker - Another smaller poker site run by the A+ rated Intertops casino group.  It is slightly bigger than Full Flush Poker, offering 36% rakeback paid daily to your poker account.  Read the review or sign up for rakeback directly now by clicking here, no codes necessary.


Winning Poker Network logo The largest US-friendly poker network offers 27% rakeback to players that can be cashed in daily or saved up for a rainy day, you decide!  Read the in-depth review of that poker network now and choose from one of three excellent poker sites to play on.


Grand Poker via 5Dimes logo Grand Poker Network - This is the smallest US-friendly poker network who offers rakeback, however since it is lacking in games, it offers a phenominal 50%+ rakeback rate via special sit and go tournaments.  Read the review or sign up directly now by clicking here.


usa gambling guide Also, if you're hoping for an overview of US-friendly sites and whether or not your particular state is accepted for real money play, we have the answers.