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The Equity Poker Network - Review and Information

Review of the Equity Poker Network containing information about its network & partner online poker rooms.

Equity Poker Network Review

Equity Poker Network Review


The newest USA poker network on the block is the Equity Poker Network, otherwise known as EPN.  EPN began operation late in 2013 quickly grew its player base to become a real contender among the poker sites servicing US players. Equity Network did this by acquiring the remnants of Action Poker Network, aggressive marketing by network partners, as well as with the help of its wide acceptance and promotion by prominent affiliate partners. *grin* At the time of this article update, March 2016, the Equity Poker has grown to be the 5th largest US friendly poker site network in the world according to industry leading tracking site

The Equity Poker Network unique in that it is online poker's only co-operative network that is non-profit. Instead of the traditional network model which strives to turn a tidy profit on the backs of its network partners, EPN relies on the strength of their partner poker skins by redistributing profits and lowering costs among network operators.  This in turn with firm network rules allows EPN to have the best online poker bonuses available for US players and rivaling that of the best European and Asian poker operators as well. The EPN team is quite experienced as it is headed by a number of "old-school" Costa Rican online gambling veterans, so there is lots of sportsbook and casino knowledge backing this poker network.  The EPN online casino and poker network is headquartered and operates out of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is well known for licensing, regulating, and hosting many of the world's most successful online gaming companies over the last two decades.

Equity Poker Network currently services US and rest-of-world (ROW) players alike, in fact very few countries are excluded (only those with established self-regulated and cordoned off poker markets). The network quickly grew to a total of twelve skins, however in the last two years, three of those skins have been absorbed by the network flagship Full Flush Poker. Of the remaining nine EPN skins Professional Rakeback has done extensive research and picked the safest Equity poker site among the remaining bunch. We have decided to put our own play, the play of our stake horses, and that of our clients on the most financially secure and fastest paying Equity Poker Network operators. The choice was quite easy actually. Our choices, in no particular order, are Full Flush Poker, PokerHost, 5Dimes and Sportsbet.

The Equity Poker Network offers a safe and secure poker software client developed by PlaySafe. PlaySafe poker software has been in use for nearly eight years and is licensed by multiple online poker networks including Equity Poker. The software supports, and EPN provides, cash games, sit-and-goes, and multi-table tournaments of all kinds. Game types included are Holdem and Omaha in Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit formats, with options of two players (heads up), six players (6max), or ten players (full ring games). SNGs are offered in regular and turbo speeds, in heads up, 6max, and full ring formats. Multi table tournaments, or MTTs are offered all the way from freerolls and $1.10 buyin tournaments up to $109 buyin special promotional tournaments. Equity Network often has dozens of NLHE cash games running throughout the day, with the main peaks in traffic corresponding with the "after-work" hours in the USA when games from microstakes all the way up to $1,000 max buy-in NLHE is played. Pot Limit Omaha, or PLO cash games run all the way up to $600 buyin games every day (and they full of fishy players!). Equity Network's main tournaments are the nightly $3,000 which has a measly $3.50 buy-in, the Saturday 6max 10k GTD and the Sunday Major "Big Fat 15k" with a $55 price tag.  Not only are all these games offered for Windows users, but the Equity Poker Network offers a native Mac friendly poker client for all the die hard Mac users out there!


Equity Poker Network Sites

As we said above, Equity Poker rapidly grew to twelve skins after its launch in 2013, then condensed down to nine active skins.  As of March 2016, there are 4 remaining skins as the network has condensed and concentrated its efforts. In case you were wondering, below is a full list of past and present Equity Network skins. Next to each skin you will find the domain name of the skin as well as a small blurb about each skin. After we have shown you all the available choices we will go into much more detail about who Professional Rakeback deems to be the best EPN skins.

  • Action Poker - Formerly the flagship of a network of its own, purchased by the owners of Full Flush Poker to act as their European facing skin.  This skin never went live.
  • Bellugo -  A small skin operated mostly as a casino group with poker on the side. The deposit bonus is the smallest of the EPN poker sites and they do not accept US players from many states. -
  • Full Flush Poker - The largest EPN operator and flagship skin of the Equity Network. The owners of FFP are also the owners of EPN. Full Flush has the maximum deposit bonuses allowed by EPN. -

Former Equity Poker Network Operators

  • 5Dimes - **Update November 2014: Now Part of the Grand Poker Network** An A+ rated sportsbook who offers fast cash payouts, as well as three poker rooms, one of which is Equity Poker. They also offer casino and discount sports betting lines to to both squares and sharps.  PROFRB Recommended -
  • BettorDays - A small Costa Rican sports book skin that had a soft opening, but never truly opened to the public for whatever reasons.
  • Gear Poker - A small operator who shut its doors in August 2014. GearPoker has been around for 7 years as a small skin on various networks and we'll probably see them again some day. -
  • Integer Poker - Integer Poker recently sold its operation to Full Flush Poker so that its owners could focus on other endeavors. It was a quality operation who brought many MTT players to the network. -
  • Island Casino - **Update November 2014: Now Part of the Grand Poker Network**  This casino is owned and operated by the 5Dimes group and is very trustworthy. However, they do not offer bonuses for EPN poker. -
  • Poker Host - **Update March 2015: Now Part of the Winning Poker Network ** One of the most reputable & fastest paying poker skins of the last 10 years. One can count on PokerHost year after year for their quick poker payouts, excellent customer service, & large poker bonuses. PROFRB Recommended -
  • SportBet - **Update November 2014: Now Part of the Grand Poker Network** 5Dimes sister sportsbook. Sport Bet offers the same great games, sportsbook lines, and casino options as its more well known sibling. PROFRB Recommended -
  • VietBet - **Update 2014: Now Part of the Grand Poker Network** A 5Dimes white label who has limited membership and no deposit bonuses. While they offer all three poker networks like 5Dimes & Sportbet, they offer no rakeback on any of them. -
  • Heritage Sports - A highly rated sportsbook who offered EPN as its poker solution up until September 2016.  Heritage made the decision to cease offering poker to its sports and casino players and subsequently abandoned the Equity Network.  -


The Best Equity Poker Network Skins

The staff at Professional Rakeback have been making our living playing online poker before Chris Moneymaker started the online poker boom in 2003. We have played on and tested literally hundreds of online poker sites in that time. We know what to look for, what the warning signs of a bad room are, and we have a good track record of picking winners. PROFRB does not offer any sites to our players that we do not currently risk our own money on by playing and staking other poker players. In other words, we treat your money like our own. After all, we are in this for the long haul, and we want you satisfied with the poker site you play on. With that said, we have based our selection criteria on many things, but the main points of interest will be the poker deposit bonus size, speed of and options available for poker payouts, reputation, and access to games.

Our top recommended site on Equity Poker Network is without any doubt, Full Flush Poker. The staff and players at Professional Rakeback have all in one way or another contributed to creating extensive reviews of the aforementioned US friendly poker sites. Below you will find brief poker site reviews and highlights of each of our top Equity Poker rooms as well as links to our individual comprehensive and in-depth reviews should you seek to read our long and detailed versions! *Choose wisely as players are only allowed ONE account on the Equity Poker Network!

Full Flush Poker

We will start with Full Flush Poker which is the flagship skin of the Equity Network.  It is owned and operated by the people who created the Equity Network.  Full Flush is the largest of the EPN skins and by virtue of its connection to the network ownership, it is one of the very safe poker sites available to US and ROW players on EPN. Full Flush Poker offers the largest deposit bonuses allowed by the EPN charter.  New players, through a combination of clear-able and instant bonuses, can receive up to a whopping $1,200 in poker bonus cash on their first deposits! The Professional Rakeback Full Flush Poker Review goes into more depth about cash game, sit-and-go, and multi-table tournament offerings so please feel free to click that link for more information.  Or, if you are satisfied and want to sign up to Full Flush now, just copy down Professional Rakeback's Full Flush Poker Bonus Code   PROFRBFFP  to insure that you receive the maximum poker bonus allowed on EPN, and click here to be taken directly to Full Flush. *Full Flush also offers online casino games.


If you're looking for a Full Flush Poker HUD, PokerHost HUD, or Open Waters HUD for 5D, SB, IC then look no further than Holdem Indicator, which is the only native heads up display that works on EPN.  Buy the Equity Poker Network HUD directly here, or read our review of this and other poker software reviews by Professional Rakeback staff. If you are a Mac user, then you can purchase iHoldem Indicator, the Mac Poker HUD here.