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New Security Process at Intertops Aims to Deter Chip Dumping

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Intertops Poker announced on Thursday that they are implementing a new security procedure aimed at curbing the act of chip-dumping and keeping their games secure for their customers.


Intertops Combats Chip Dumping In Its Poker Room

The Professional Rakeback news team has some good data for you today.  Our favorite partner on the Revolution Gaming Network (review here) has decided to take swift and striking action against the menace that is chip dumping.  Most of this problem can be attributed to one source, Lock Poker funny money, something which we detail in our online gambling payout reports.

EDITED (7/26, 4:35am EST): Winnings from SNG's or cash games will now go through a security review process before being credited to a player's account. While this may seem an inconvenience to some, Intertops representatives see this as a way to continue offering their poker service to their true players, while attempting to deal with those who would try to derail the legitimacy of the game. Intertops has long been one of the best poker operations in the business and continues to be proactive in offering as safe and secure an experience as possible.

(The original posted article stated MTT winnings, or multiple table online poker tournament prize pool earnings,  were also subject to this review - however, per an Intertops rep, this is NOT the case.)

"Chip dumping", to those unaware, is a process where one player intentionally loses chips or money to another player. Often this involves two players who sit at an empty table, with one player losing to the other to move funds to said player. However, it has been known to happen at active cash games, SNG's, and a few tournaments as well. This is obviously universally regarded as cheating and poker rooms have tried numerous methods to combat this practice over the years. As it becomes more and more prevalent, Intertops has tried to say ahead of the curve with their new process and hopes more scrutiny will curb, and ultimately deter, would-be chip dumpers from engaging in the practice.  Definitely be aware that all no limit hold'em and pot limit omaha cash game tables are under heavy scrutiney for this type of behavior and if you are participating in such a practice, we suggest that you cease and desist immediately or risk having your entire bankroll confiscated for terms of service violations!

ADDITION: The main culprits behind this are Lock Poker and Cake Poker and Juicy Stakes **, in which, according to our publicly tracked vig report (coming very soon to!), funds from these poker rooms on the same network are trading at 60% less on the dollar than Intertops funds.  Desperate players, duped by Lock poker/etc, sometimes attempt to move their funds from skins that do not pay out (130 day wait times or more on payouts in a lot of cases) to those operations that do pay out in a timely manner (Intertops, which pays in 5 days via check!).

For more information on Intertops Poker, be sure to check out PROFRB's Intertops FAQ and Information section. And if you still don't have an account on Intertops, then PROFRB would be more than happy to sign you up for Intertops 36% daily rakeback program! PROFRB would be honored to be your affiliate/advocate at Intertops and all US facing networks! **UPDATE November 2014:  Juicy Stakes is currently up to date and paying players in a timely manner after being taken over by Zagox Management earlier this year.  Intertops trusts Juicy Stakes and it is the only skin on the entire Revolution Network that Intertops shares all of its cash games, online tournaments, and sit and goes single table tournaments with.  Juicy Stakes allows US players, so check them out for a nice 36% weekly rakeback deal from your friends at Professional Rakeback.

Run well by playing well! - from your friends at Professional Rakeback!