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Last Man Standing v2.0 coming to Carbon Poker September 2012

Well, it's official.  Last Man Standing, only available on Carbon Poker and Aced, is returning for September 2012.


Carbon Poker's Last Man Standing Announced


Yes gentlemen, the best promotion ever for professional grade grinders like ourselves is returning!  The original Last Man Standing promotion was a smashing success.  It was a 60 day endurance challege that was entered by over 2,500 players. These players had to play every day for 60 days earning a steadily increasing number of VIP points per day.  Ultimately there could be only one winner, one Last Man Standing... 

After a hard fought battle, our very own Ineluctable took down first place for $6,000 beating out another Professional Rakeback player, Pineappletwist, by a narrow margin.  Don't cry for him though, he took home a cool $4,000 for 2nd place! The top 50 players were paid in cash and there were 4 freerolls as well. **Can't see Ineluctable or Pineappletwist's stats when you click their links, then go to our online poker software review page and purchase Poker Table Ratings subscription

With such positive reception, yet always looking to improve their promotions, Carbon management started to tweak LMS in preparation for the release of its next iteration.  Since Professional Rakeback had the top 2 finishers in the previous LMS competition, and many multiple players that cashed, we were solicited to consult on the planning process of Last Man Standing (v2.0).  We think that this promotion will blow you away with the value it adds for our hard core grinders.  The official release can be seen below:


 Starting September 1, 2012 we are proud to bring back Last Man Standing. As many of you know, this will test and reward your poker endurance - as you battle it out to earn VIP Points on consecutive days and stay alive.

See the full chart below to find out how many points you need to earn on a given day. The promotion starts at only 50 daily points, and builds over the following 29 days.

The last 100 players that keep the pace will share in over $27,700 in Cash Prizes - with an additional $5,000 being spent on a freeroll along the way. Plan your schedule for September, as this is a promotion at CarbonPoker you really don't want to miss!

In addition to the cash prizes for our last 100 players, there will be a Last Man Standing Freeroll - with a total value of $5,000. Qualify by achieving the VIP Point totals up until day 3, and try to take it down. *We are guaranteeing 250 spots paid in this freeroll, with the top prize being over $800!*

Players are allowed to take one day off during the Carbon Poker rakeback promotion, but if you miss the 2nd, you will be eliminated. There will be no more free days allowed after day 10.

The freeroll will be taking place on September 8th at 15:00 CST. This will be created in advance, but eligible players will get their coupons approximately 48 hours before the freeroll starts..

Day - VIP Points 

1st - 50 
2nd - 75 
3rd - 100 
4th - 150 
5th - 250 
6th - 500 
7th - 750 
8th - 1,000 
9th - 1,500 
10th - 2,000 
11th - 2,500 
12th - 2,500 
13th - 2,500 
14th -3,000 
15th -3,000 
16th -3,000 
17th -4,000 
18th -4,000 
19th -4,000 
20th - 5,000 
21st - 5,000 
22nd- 5,000 
23rd -7,500 
24th -7,500 
25th -7,500 
26th - 8,500 
27th -10,000 
28th -12,500 
29th - 25,000 

Cash Prize
1st: $5,000.00 
2nd: $3,500.00 
3rd: $2,000.00 
4th: $1,750.00 
5th: $1,500.00 
6th: $1,250.00 
7th: $1,000.00 
8th: $800.00 
9th: $650.00 
10th: $500.00 
11th -13th: $425.00 
14th - 17th: $350.00
18th - 21st: $300.00
22nd - 25th: $250.00
26th - 30th: $200.00
31st - 35th: $150.00
36th - 40th: $100.00
41st - 50th: $75.00
51st - 75th: $50.00
76th - 100th: $25.00
Total: $27,700!

With over 32,000 to reasons to play every day, September is going to be a busy month. Good luck being the Last Man Standing.


 Good luck being the Last Man Standing they say... Luck is not what you will need.  Discipline, endurance, and some serious determination are what you will need to outclass the players at   One of us is taking this thing down.  And we will represent the hell out of the players that cash!  Go team go!

** To particpate in this promotion, you must play at Carbon Poker and Aced.  Sign up now! 

** Increase your chances of winning by knowing yourself and your opponents better as well as increasing your grinding efficiency.  See our 3rd party poker software links.


Remember boys and girls, the last iteration of this tournament yielded winrates and effective carbonpoker rakeback percentages that equaled over 80% for the top five finishers and well over 100 percent for the first place winner, Ineluctable. Everyone profited at least ten thosuand dollars in rakeback, leaderboard prize pool money, and poker rake race payments! You really should polish up your game now, read our poker software helper reviews, purchase a poker table ratings membership, tweak your table tamer or stack and tile or merge keys, and get ready for an epic poker grinder showdown!