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Many Merge Skins Opt Out of Poker Maximus III; Crisis = Opportunity!

At the last minute, Black Chip Poker, RPM Poker, and Hero Poker have opted out of the Poker Maximus III Tournament Series.  This will lead to massive overlays and opportunity for Professional Rakeback's MTT players!...

As many players know, Black Chip Poker is leaving the Merge Gaming Network*** very soon and it was expected that they would not be around for Poker Maximus 3 series.  However, in a surprising turn of events, both Hero Poker and RPM Poker both announced yesterday, just one day before Poker Maximus III was to launch (which is today!!), that they were pulling the Poker Maximus tournaments from their schedules.  These types of measures are often done because the skins do not want to risk paying an overlay fee.  ***Not officially confirmed by BCP reps

This will likely cause both Merge and our partner skins Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced to pay not insignificant overlays.  Potentially this will damage their profits for the month.  However for our players, this screams  O P P O R T U N I T Y !!  If there are bound to be large overlays, ProfRB's professional online poker grinders need to get in there and vacuum up all that free money!  Spread the word, there will be quite a bit of extra value in Merge Gamin's Poker Maximus III tournament series.  Not only the overlays, but of the 6 skins that have a presense on 2+2, 3 of them have backed out.  2+2'ers are better players on average and thus, the fish:shark ratio of these tournaments will be excellent with the lack of higher quality Hero, Black Chip, and RPM players!

Poker Maximus III schedule

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