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New Article: How to Transfer Notes Across Merge Skins

A new article has been put up informing players how to transfer notes from one Merge Gaming Network skin to another.  


In the old Merge Gaming Network client, it was impossible to transfer notes from one skin to another when opening a new account.  This problem is no more!  With the release of the new 6.0 client, transferring notes is quite easy!  We here at ProfessionalRakeback have given detailed step by step instructions.  To access these instructions simply go to "Useful Info" in the menu and select "Transfer Notes Across Merge Skins" 


Now that we've informed you how to transfer notes across skins, why not contact us on Skype and discuss your options for better solution on the Merge Gaming Network with one of our three partner sites Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced