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Bodog / Bovada Software Gets A Few Nice Updates!

Most excellent poker client updates at the Bodog Network yesterday....

Professional Rakeback is happy to announce a slew of positive updates over at the Bodog Poker Network that our professional online grinders should love! Read more in the Professional Rakeback Bovada review. The poker software had some much needed updates that we will give you in detail with pictures!  Also the tournament schedule, recently updated and improved last month, is also improved yet again starting March 12th (article upcoming)!  Here are the recent software upgrades: 

Bodog and Bovada get auto-post blinds!


Other Improvements to the client include:

- The second beep that when winning a pot has been removed, it is only a single beep now (two was annoying!).

- The bug that would take place in a focus stealing situation, causing the deletion of what is typed in the chat box was fixed.

- A bug that would fail to allow the bet button values to change after typing different numbers into the bet box was fixed.

- Some Sit-and-Gos (SNGs) were added to the top of the scheduled tournament schedule listing.

The Bodog Network has continued to impress us with their growth over the last 6 months or so.  Coupled with their improved cash out times (1-3 week checks for US players), this place is a gold mine despite it's lack of a rakeback program.  Rakeback is not needed when the fish:shark ratio is so great, as is in all the cash games reported by our grinders LHE, NLHE, PLO, L08/PLO8, Stud and Stud8.  ProfRB's players also report soft SNGs, DONs and MTTs!  If you do not have an existing Bodog or Bovada account, please consider using ProfRB as your affiliate and advocate.  We will do everything in our power to make your experience pleasant and as +EV as possible including helping you to find legal 3rd party online poker software for use on the tables (HUD, hand history converters, etc!).