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OSS II Tournament Schedule Released - Million $$$ MTT Series at WPN!

Whether you are an MTT grinder or not, The Winning Poker Network's (WPN) Online Super Series has a lot to offer...


Online Super Series II

Professional Rakeback tournament news for January 2013. The Winning Poker Network (America's Cardroom, True Poker, Bookmaker, Black Chip Poker, Ya Poker) is kicking off 2013 with a bang.  The second coming of the Online Super Series (OSS II) will be upon us beginning January 13th and ending January 29th. Sixteen days of events ranging from micro stakes one dollar buy-ins to high stakes two hundred and fifteen dollar buyin main events.  There are no limit Texas Holdem games, pot limit Omaha games, pot limit Texas Holdem, and even some Omaha Eights or Better thrown in.  The Online Super Series version two, OSS2, has a million dollars worth of guarantees this time around!

Professional Rakeback recommends that our players who wish to participate sign up with one of the Winning Poker Network owned skins such as ACR, BCP, True Poker and Ya Poker, reviews of which are available on Professional Rakeback.  Rakeback for Americas Cardroom, Black Chip, True and Ya Poker is available at twenty seven percent flat weighted contributed.  This makes these tournament prices even cheaper! With eighty events, there is bound to be something for everyone!  Here is a comprehensive list of all the upcoming events:

All times are in listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Event 01 (3:00pm): $2k GTD NLHE ($3.30)
Event 02 (4:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE ($11.00)
Event 03 (5:00pm): $15k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 04 (7:00pm): $100k GTD NLHE ($215.00)
Event 05 (8:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE ($5.50)
Event 06 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Event 07 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 08 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 09 (8:30pm): $1.5k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($11.00)
Event 10 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 11 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Event 12 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 13 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 14 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)
Event 15 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 16 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Event 17 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 18 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 19 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 20 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Event 21 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 22 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 23 (8:30pm): $1.5k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($11.00)
Event 24 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 25 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Event 26 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 27 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 28 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)
Event 29 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 30 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Event 31 (2:00pm): $3k GTD NLHE R/A ($5.50)
Event 32 (3:00pm): $6k GTD NLHE 1R/1A ($27.50)
Event 33 (4:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE R/A ($11.00)
Event 34 (5:00pm): $7.5k GTD NLHE R/A ($16.50)
Event 35 (6:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE R/A ($8.80)
Event 36 (7:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE 1R/1A ($55.00)
Event 37 (8:30pm): $1.5k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($11.00)

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Event 38 (3:00pm): $3k GTD NLHE ($5.50)
Event 39 (4:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE ($11.00)
Event 40 (5:00pm): $15k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 41 (6:00pm): $7.5k GTD NLHE ($16.50)
Event 42 (7:00pm): $150k GTD NLHE ($215.00)
Event 43 (8:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE ($5.50)
Event 44 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Event 45 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 46 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 47 (8:30pm): $1.5k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($11.00)
Event 48 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 49 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Event 50 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 51 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 52 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)
Event 53 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 54 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Event 55 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 56 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 57 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 58 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Event 59 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 60 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 61 (8:30pm): $1.5k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($11.00)
Event 62 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 63 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Event 64 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 65 (8:00pm): $4k GTD NLHE ($44.00)
Event 66 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)
Event 67 (9:00pm): $20k GTD NLHE ($27.50)
Event 68 (10:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE ($109.00)

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Event 69 (2:00pm): $1.5k GTD NLHE R/A ($5.50)
Event 70 (3:00pm): $6k GTD NLHE 1R/1A ($27.50)
Event 71 (4:00pm): $2.5k GTD NLHE R/A ($11.00)
Event 72 (5:00pm): $3.5k GTD NLHE R/A ($16.50)
Event 73 (6:00pm): $2k GTD NLHE R/A ($8.80)
Event 74 (7:00pm): $10k GTD NLHE 1R/1A ($55.00)
Event 75 (8:30pm): $1.5k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($11.00)

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Event 76 (3:00pm): $2k GTD NLHE ($3.30)
Event 77 (4:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE ($11.00)
Event 78 (5:00pm): $15k GTD NLHE ($109.00)
Event 79 (6:00pm): $7.5k GTD NLHE ($16.50)
Event 80 (7:00pm): $200k GTD NLHE ($215.00)
Event 81 (8:00pm): $5k GTD NLHE ($5.50)
Event 82 (8:30pm): $3k GTD PLO 1R/1A ($27.50)



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