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Transfer Player Notes between WPN Skins - ACR, TP, BCP, Ya

Sometimes we need to reformat our PC, or Mac, or we have bought a new device to play on. The question then becomes, will I lose all my detailed notes I have acquired over the years on other players?!

This used to be a long and detailed process on the Winning Poker Network skins such as America's Cardroom, Black Chip, True Poker, Ya!, and PokerKing. As of 2022 however, all player notes are stored in the cloud and America's Cardroom will provide them to you on any device you use.

I'm trying to format my pc and wanted to save my ACR account player notes. Well I have just reinstalled windows + acr and when I opened tables I have observed that the players were tagged as I did so everything works fine, it seems that I haven't lost any information :)

We would like to say thanks to player IBETMYWIFEGLGG on America's Cardroom for informing us that this old and tedious manual process of swapping ACR notes is no longer necessary!

How To Transfer Player Notes on Winning Poker Network

Professional Rakeback likes to go above and beyond for its professional grade poker clients and grinders.  The typical PROFRB client is an online poker enthusiast with a passion and desire to dominate the virtual felt at the online poker tables.  We treat our clients so well in fact that sometimes they wish swap skins on the same network just to play under our banner and receive our support, other times these clients are just picking up a new bonus on a different skin, or creating a new name to throw off the other regulars.  That leaves them at a disadvantage though, because all of their notes are left on the previous WPN skin.  ** Check here for a full list of WPN skins.

This is where Professional Rakeback steps in and this is just another example of how we take care of our poker players.  Brought to you exclusively by Professional Rakeback staff are these detailed step-by-step instructions on how to move your collected and hard earned player notes between different skins on the various Winning Poker Network sites so that you can maintain the highest edge possible.  Enjoy this very plus EV how to guide boys and girls.


How To Move Notes From One WPN Skin to Another (ACR, TP, BCP, YaPoker, 5Dimes, Sportbet)

Please note that these instrutions are for Windows Operating System users only.  This guide requieres a moderate level of familiarity with the operation of a windows based computer.  The instructions should help guide you through the process for all Windows based computers including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  1. Open Windows Explorer by right clicking the start button, which is typically found in the lower right corner of your screen and task bar and selecting "windows explorere" from the pop up menu.
  2. Now you will need to Navigate to C:\ in the directory structure
  3. Locate the directory of your current Winning Poker Network skin or operator, for example look for the America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, 5dimes, Bookmaker, Sportbet, or YaPoker folders and open which ever folder where the player notes you wish to transfer over to another skin are currently located.
  4. Next locate and navigate to the file folder named "profiles" and open it.
  5. Then you will need to locate, navigate to, and open the folder containing / that matches your username / tablename
  6. Step six will have you copy the file named "User Notes.bin" - The easy way to copy will be to right click said file, then choose the copy option from the popup
  7. Repeat steps three through six again until you have navigated to the folder containing your new username at your new Winning Poker skin
  8. Right click any empty space within said folder and Paste the prior "User_Notes.bin" file into it by selecting the paste option from the pop up window. Be sure to allow the system to overwrite the existing file contained in that file folder.
  9. Rejoice!  For now you've successfully transferred your previous player notes and can get back to making money on the poker tables!

Tested to work on True Poker, America's Cardroom, Ya! Poker, and Black Chip brands. The notes transfer process very likely works on the other obscure and small as well as any future Winning Poker Network sites skins operators, but since PROFRB does not offer anything but the best options for our Winning Poker Network grinders recreationals and poker players, we have not bothered to test this process out with other skins. If you test it out with another poker site and it works, please be so kind as to contact us so that we may add that information to this poker guide. 

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