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BetOnline Promotions for the month of April 2021

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Being able to receive special offers from your favored online poker site is all a part of what makes joining them so appealing. Fortunately, if a group of poker rooms are a part of the same network, they can also tend to incorporate the same promotions from one skin to the next. That is certainly the case where SB Poker is concerned. The platform is united with others, like BetOnline and TigerGaming, as part of the Chico Poker Network, and they all offer the same sort of rewards for players.

The April 2021 promotions from SB Poker and related rooms can provide you with an enhanced experience as a player. Featuring leaderboards for you to try and rank highly on, daily freerolls and more, these platforms aim to reward you for your gaming efforts. Join us as we take a closer look at the exciting promotions that these poker rooms are able to provide to you this month.

Chico Promotions April 2021

Leaderboard Promotions Lead the Way

Winners' Podium

Leaderboard promotions exist at these poker rooms, and they cater to different types of gamers. Therefore, depending upon the type of poker that you prefer playing, you can likely find something that's suited to your preferences. From cash game leaderboards and rewards for suffering bad beats through to sit-n-go contests, these promotions will definitely give you something to get excited about.

$50,000 Weekly Daily Cash Game Leaderboards

The idea behind this leaderboard promotion is that you earn points in ring games and get paid for it. Every month, $50,000 in leaderboard prizes is available – that’s $1,650 each and every day. Simply opt-in to specific leaderboards, play your favorite stakes for real money each and every day from 00:00 to 23:59 ET, and you will automatically earn the necessary points. Those points allow you to climb the leaderboard rankings for your chance at cash prizes.

A single point is awarded to you for every dollar in rake, and the prizes will be broken down depending upon the position that you finish in each day (and depending upon the leaderboard you have entered). Three of these are available per day, with the top prize for each being the following:

  • 1st Position in $1,000 Cash Race with a prize of $200
  • 1st Position in $500 PLO Cash Race with a prize of $180
  • 1st Position in $150 Boost Cash Race with a prize of $50

The leaderboards reward all stake levels, and action on all cash tables counts toward your race results. This includes instances of Omaha, Bad Beat Jackpot, and the Boost Poker tables too. The top 10 finishers per day on the PLO Cash Race and Boost Cash Race leaderboards along with the top 25 finishers on the $1,000 Cash Race leaderboard will all receive a reward.

$500 Sit & Go Leaderboards Rewarding Players Every Week Day

You could also opt-in to the Sit & Go leaderboard. Simply play your favorite games in this format each day and you’ll earn points from such. Each month, the leaderboard will provide $15,000 in tournament money.

Each daily Sit & Go leaderboard will award prizes of $500 TM in total, which will be spread out across those players placed in the top 25 rankings.

The prize for the player finishing in first place on the Sit & Go leaderboard each day stands at $100 in tourney funds, followed by $75 for the second-place player. Third-placed players can expect to receive $55 in prize funds.

Position on the SNG leaderboard is based entirely on the amount of fees you pay. $1 in fees equals 1 point. Thus, your results on the leaderboard don't depend at all on your results in the games you play. Heads-up SNGs, Windfalls, and regular Double or Nothing games do not count toward the SNG leaderboard.

$5,000 King of the Beats Leaderboard

Starting from April 5, all players experiencing a bad beat will benefit from earning points in a weekly competition known as the King of the Beats. This operates as a great way of being compensated for all of the coolers and suckouts at the end of every week.

Leaderboards run from Sunday 12:01pm ET to Sunday 12:00pm ET, and the only thing you need to do to participate is opt-in. All players earning points from qualifying bad beats will receive a share of the overall prize pool.

Only No Limit Hold'em with table stakes of $0.10/$0.25 and above will see you qualify in the King of the Beats leaderboard. A minimum of three players must be at each table too. Points are distributed as follows:

  • Lose with 3 of a Kind and receive 1 point
  • Lose with any Straight and receive 2 points
  • Lose with any Flush and receive 3 points
  • Lose with any Full House and receive 5 points
  • Lose with Quads and receive 50 points
  • Lose with Straight Flush and receive 100 points

The player who has the most beats in the end will receive the top honors for King of the Beats. This means that they will get the biggest share of the $5,000 prize pool and also gain a seat in the Sunday Main Event for $150,000 in guaranteed prize funds.

The overall prize pool of $5,000 will be distributed to the point earners in proportion to the number of points they have collected. Therefore, even if you only get a single, solitary point, you will still receive your share of the loot.

$10,000 Dollar Insanity

Dollar Bills

With $10,000 being up for grabs on Sunday, April 25 at 1pm ET through the Dollar Insanity tournament, you stand to be a winner as long as you can obtain your entry. That's right, it's impossible to buy in directly, so you have to earn your seat. Once you are in, you will be able to rebuy for $1.10 but only if you lose all your chips. A single add-on is permitted for $2.

The Daily Rake-Based Mission is one of the ways you can achieve this feat. You will need to opt-in to this, and it takes place every day between April 1 and April 24. Then, simply generate $1 in poker rake or fees to try and win an instant prize ticket leading to an All In Shootout

The Daily All In Shootout also occurs every day between the aforementioned April dates. The players who finish in the top 100 positions in each shootout will receive a payout. This comes in the form of a seat into the $10,000 Dollar Insanity on April 25.

At the same time, 4 Daily Freerolls, which can be seen and played only on mobile devices, will take place between April 1 and April 24. The top 10 players in each freeroll win seats to the $10,000 Dollar Insanity event. Freerolls will occur at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. every day (Eastern Time).

You Have to Opt In to Win!

Mouse Hand

Participation in the promotions described above is not automatic. Rather, you must opt in to them from within the poker client.

To do so, open up the lobby and click on the “My Missions” button on the bottom-left. Or click on the dollar sign in the top-right to bring up the cashier, and then select the “Contests” tab.

Browse through the missions in the left pane. When you find the one you want to join, press the “Opt in” button. From this screen, you can also track the number of points you have in the various leaderbaords.

Contests at SB PokerThe Contests Section at SB Poker

Playing Poker at SB Poker and Its Partners

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To take advantage of the Chico Poker Network's April leaderboards and other promos as an American player, you can sign up at SB Poker, which you can learn more about in this factual Poker review. An alternate site you can explore that has all the same promotions is BetOnline. If you're an international reader, then you may wish to investigate TigerGaming instead.