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BetOnline Promotions for January 2022: Lots of Free $$$ on Offer

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Being able to receive special offers from your favored online poker site is all a part of what makes joining them so appealing. Fortunately, if a group of poker rooms are a part of the same network, they can also tend to incorporate the same promotions from one skin to the next. That is certainly the case where BetOnline is concerned. The platform is united with others, like SB Poker and TigerGaming, as part of the Chico Poker Network, and they all offer the same sort of rewards for players.

The January 2022 promotions from BetOnline Poker and related rooms can provide you with an enhanced experience as a player. Featuring daily leaderboards, a tournament series, freerolls, and more, these platforms aim to reward you for your gaming efforts. Join us as we take a closer look at the exciting promotions that these poker rooms are able to provide to you this month.

Chico Promotions January 2022

January 2022 Leaderboards - Grab Your Share of $65K


The New Year has officially arrived and you can make yourself a nice profit in a big way by competing in the January leaderboards. Featuring daily cash rewards throughout the entire month, the Chico Poker Network is all about giving back to its players.

Starting on January 1, all registered poker players will be able to opt-in to daily leaderboards to collect their share of more than $65,000 in fantastic rewards throughout January.

Cash Game Leaderboards

No Limit Hold'em still serves as the most popular poker variant, and this will offer a daily High Hand leaderboard, providing players with points at any stake level. An equal playing field will be in operation, with all players able to get their share of the daily $1K prize pool on hand. All it takes to win is to have a big hand which will top the leaderboard, so anyone could be a winner. The top 50 finishers each day split the $1,000 between them based on their points total.

A separate leaderboard will be active for Pot Limit Omaha games fans. Through this, high hands can be collected and a share of $500 will be dished out to the top 25 players each day. To collect points for the Hold'em and Omaha games, the following hands provide the associated reward:

  • KK - 1 Point
  • AA - 2 Points
  • Two Pair - 3 Points
  • Three of a Kind - 4 Points
  • Straight - 5 Points
  • Flush - 6 Points
  • Full House - 7 Points
  • Four of a Kind - 15 Points
  • Straight Flush - 30 Points
  • Royal Flush - 60 Points

There must be a minimum of three players at a table in order for you to earn points towards a leaderboard and the hand must also go to showdown for points to be earned.

$500 Daily Sit & Go Leaderboard

If you are more of a fan of playing Sit & Go games, then there will be an alternate daily competition in place. Points will be awarded for fast-paced S&G games, including Windfalls. Collecting points is possible in the following ways:

  • 1st Place in any Windfall - 10 Points
  • Reach Prizes in Double or Nothing S&Gs - 10 Points
  • Top 3 in any Regular S&G - 10 Points

The top 50 players in the competition each day will receive their share of the $500 prize pool on offer.

$5,000 COPS Warm-Up Leaderboard

If you partake in tournaments between January 1 and January 23, then you could also win your fair share of $5,000 in Tournament Money. This can then be redeemed when the $2 Million Championship Series begins on January 23. So, you can build a bankroll from January 1 for the Championship Series and then use the currency to Freeroll the biggest tournaments in the month. The top 50 players are paid out based on their leaderboard contributions, which are based on tourney fees paid with $1 equaling 1 point.

$2 Million Guaranteed Poker Championship Series

Wall Calendar

Could there be a better way to celebrate the New Year of 2022 than by entering tournaments to get your hands on a share of a $2 million in guaranteed prizes? Fortunately, you can welcome this year in with your favorite Chico Poker Network platform and a tournament series. The $2 Million Guaranteed Poker Championship Series is on the horizon, and will officially begin on Sunday, Jan. 23. All types of poker players can get involved in the games and try to get their hands on a fair share of the winnings.

The series will continue on for two weeks, coming to an end on Sunday, Feb. 6, and will feature a total of 130 events occurring over 15 days. Buy-ins will start from as little as $11 with satellites for the offering entries for just $1.

The Main Event will take place on Feb. 6, which will feature a massive $300,000 guaranteed prize.

Daily freerolls will also be taking place, which reward winners with entries into satellites for the series. And while the Poker Championship is active, additional exclusive missions and contests will be running to provide extra rewards along the way.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the dedicated Chico Poker websites as the calendar approached the tournament series starting date of Jan. 23.

10% Crypto Boost


One of the most popular promotions associated with the Chico Poker Network is continuing on into January of 2022! For a limited time only, you will be able to receive an excellent 10% boost on your crypto deposits. This is bigger than the previous 5% Bitcoin Boosts that have sometimes appeared at the Chico Poker Network. However, just like previous editions, this Crypto Boost is a limited-time offer, so make your deposit today to benefit from it.

You'll still be eligible to receive other bonuses on the same deposit, like the 100% sports betting bonus on your first-ever cryptocurrency deposit or the 35% reload bonus when using Bitcoin.

You need to opt in to receive the extra 10% boost with the toggle button for this being placed on the deposit screen. The 10% extra is automatically added to your cash balance and not as a free play bonus. Your entire deposit, including the boost amount, will have to be rolled over 10 times before any withdrawal takes place.

Multiple cryptocurrencies are supported through this promotion, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Solana, Stellar, Tether, and USDT coins.

You Have to Opt In to Win!

Mouse Hand

Participation in most of the promotions described above is not automatic. Rather, you must opt in to them from within the poker client.

To do so, open up the lobby and click on the “My Missions” button on the bottom-left. Or click on the dollar sign in the top-right to bring up the cashier, and then select the “Contests” tab.

Browse through the missions in the left pane. When you find the one you want to join, press the “Opt in” button. From this screen, you can also track the number of points you have in the various leaderboards.

Contests at SB PokerThe Contests Section at SB Poker

Playing at BetOnline Poker or One of Its Partners

VCR-Style Play Button

To take advantage of the Chico Poker Network's August promotions and other rewards as an American player, you can sign up at BetOnline Poker, which you can learn more about in this factual Poker review. An alternate site you can explore that has all the same promotions is SB Poker. If you're an international reader, then you may wish to investigate TigerGaming instead.

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