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Chico Poker Network Adds Bitcoin Cash, Dash to Cashier

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The Chico Poker Network has added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Dash (DASH) to the list of crypto-currencies that it transacts in. As we go to press with this story, we can confirm that network partners and BetOnline have both crypto coins listed as available for deposits and withdrawals. Sister site TigerGaming has not yet deployed this functionality, but we believe it will be made available relatively soon. We'll update this page once we receive further information.

Update: March 19, 2018 - We have confirmed with the network that Bitcoin Cash and Dash cashier functions are live across all three network sites:, BetOnline, and TigerGaming.

Making a BCH or DASH deposit

The process of depositing or withdrawing in either Bitcoin Cash or Dash is pretty similar to the way you would do so with one of the other three digital coins supported: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

To make a deposit, open the cashier, and select “Deposit” and “Cryptocurrency” from the screen that appears. Main Deposit Screen

Then choose which coin you wish to fund your account with.

Choosing Which Crypto to Deposit With at

Enter the details of your transaction, including the amount in USD and any promo code that you wish to use. When ready, hit the “Deposit Now” button.

Depositing Bitcoin Cash at

The site will generate a wallet address that you'll need to send the funds to, and it will also tell you how many coins to send. This information will remain valid for as long as the timer says, so don't delay in completing your transfer, or else the numbers you're working with may become inaccurate.

If you're using a mobile wallet, you can scan the QR code. However, the address is also displayed in text form for quick copy-pasting.

Sportsbetting BCH Receive Address

After receiving your coins, the poker room will convert them into the proper amount of U.S. dollars and credit your account accordingly. Then you'll be ready to begin playing.

Making a BCH or DASH Withdrawal

When it's time to collect your winnings via Bitcoin Cash or Dash, go back to the main cashier display, and choose “Withdrawal.” You'll see a summary of your account information and a field to enter the amount you wish to cash out. Type in the amount of dollars that you want to withdraw from your account.

Requesting a Crypto Payout from, Step I

Now, click the logo on the left corresponding to the crypto that you wish to use. You'll then be prompted to enter in your wallet address. Fill in the necessary data, and then click “Submit Request.”

Requesting a Crypto Payout from, Step II

Your USD will be transformed into the crypto-currency of your choice and then sent to your wallet.

Transaction Limits and Timeframes

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When depositing, you can add any amount from $20 to $25,000 to your balance with Dash or Bitcoin Cash. This is just half of the maximum total permitted with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Things are more equal on the payout side of the fence because any of these five options will let you cash out between $20 and $10,000 at a time. Payments are processed within 48 hours (except with old-school Bitcoin, which takes only 24 hours max).

About Bitcoin Cash and Dash

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Bitcoin Cash was forked off the main Bitcoin blockchain on Aug. 1, 2017. It was intended to reduce transaction fees, increase security, and remain true to the original vision of Bitcoin as outlined by founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Initially dismissed as an irrelevant oddity, Bitcoin Cash defied critics by growing to the point that it's now the fourth-largest crypto-currency in existence with a market cap of more than $17.7 billion as of March 12, 2018. The price for a single unit of Bitcoin Cash is $1,041.

Dash was created in 2014, and one of the main reasons for its launch was to enable truly anonymous transactions that cannot be traced back through the blockchain. Other innovative features of this coin are its decentralized voting mechanism and the fact that development is funded through the payment of a portion of all miners fees to the dev team. Dash is currently the 11th crypto-currency by market valuation with a total worth of $3.9 billion, and a single coin is valued at $493.

New Coins Make Chico More Competitive

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When the Chico Poker Network started accepting deposits and paying out withdrawals in Litecoin in April 2017, it was the first mainstream poker site to work with any crypto-coin besides industry behemoth Bitcoin. This gave the CPN considerable street cred in altcoin circles. The inclusion of Ethereum within the network's crypto menu in October 2017 only enhanced its reputation.

Yet, competing sites weren't about to let Chico jump ahead of them in this department. In October 2017, the Winning Poker Network revamped its cashier to allow users to transact in 70+ different crypto-currencies. Rival PaiWangLuo Network meanwhile quietly added Bitcoin Cash to its cashier.

The decision by the Chico Network to transact in Bitcoin Cash lets it steal the thunder of PaiWangLuo sites Ignition and Bovada in the U.S.A. internet poker market. While Chico's total palette of five crypto possibilities pales in comparison to the WPN's dozens, most of the coins featured at the Winning Network are seldom used. However, Bitcoin Cash and Dash are two of the most popular, so the CPN is choosing wisely by electing to permit their use.

Eager to Try These Crypto Coins?

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If you're excited by the prospect of depositing in Dash or Bitcoin Cash and withdrawing via the same method, then perhaps it's time to open up an account at You'll get a 100% up to $2,500 poker bonus that's the equivalent of 33% rakeback. Furthermore, you'll receive a free entry into the monthly $10,000 new depositors freeroll. Read our review of Sportsbetting Poker and BetOnline Poker for further information. Don't neglect the wide range of other betting pastimes that caters to besides poker, including sports, casino games, and financials.