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As one of the top-tier online poker sites available to Americans today, Bovada has many dedicated fans. They enjoy playing on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and so the Bovada app is an often-searched piece of software.

There's just one problem – there is no legitimate Bovada mobile app in any of the app stores that poker players can use to access the games on their phones or tablets. Yes, you read that right: Any mobile app you may encounter anywhere other than the official Bovada website is not authorized by the betting site and is, in fact, the creation of shady and possibly criminal entities.

Bovada Mobile Apps

What Do You Mean There's No Official Bovada App?

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You may be a bit confused right now. After all, if countless people like playing at this site on their mobile devices, then how can there be no supported Bovada app download?

The answer is straightforward and easy to understand. Bovada provides full access to its betting products (including sportsbook, casino, and poker room) through an HTML5 interface that you can open right in your web browser. This web app works on virtually every piece of modern computing software, and thus, there is no other Bovada iPhone app or Bovada Android app to download. Period! Yes, ALL Bovada Apps in the various app stores are fakes, frauds, and phishing scams that could put your Bovada account at risk!

If you go searching away from the real website for a Bovada app to download and install on your phone or tablet, then you're sadly barking up the wrong tree. You may in fact be putting yourself in the hands of unscrupulous and underhanded crooks.

Where Are the Bad Bovada App Download Packages Found?


As unbelievable as it sounds, these fake Bovada apps are housed within the official app stores maintained by Google (for Android systems) and Apple (for iOS devices). Even in the Microsoft Shop and Amazon Appstore – definite laggards in the mobile space – there are a handful of Bovada betting apps.

Illicit Bovada App Downloads in Apple Store and Google Play StoreThe Google Play Store (Left) and Apple Store (Right) List Many False Bovada Apps

Needless to say, none of these “Bovada” mobile apps are the genuine article. They are all false apps purporting to be from the real team behind the respected gaming organization, which is not the case.

What Does an Ersatz App Do?

Given that the developers of these unauthorized apps do not represent the legitimate Bovada online sportsbook, poker, and casino site, the natural question that arises is: What exactly is the purpose of these apps? In order to answer this question, we installed a few of them to see what they did.


We DO NOT recommend that anyone download or install any Bovada app just to see what it does. You could be putting yourself at risk by doing so.

In conducting our tests, we employed emulation software to simulate a mobile computing environment. We didn't install any of these apps to an actual physical smartphone or tablet.

Even with this precaution in place, we were careful to not enter any of our personal or account information into any of these apps. Given that the programmers of these pieces of software have already demonstrated their dishonesty by pretending to be representatives of Bovada, we cannot trust that their apps are otherwise honest. There could be data collection and/or keylogging components to some of them, which means that your sensitive data might be forwarded to identity thieves or other wrongdoers.

Perhaps the easiest of the false mobile apps to understand are those that are basically glorified affiliate pages. These apps simply display a landing page on the Bovada site urging you to sign up. Then if you do so, your will be tracked to the affiliate in question, which will earn an ongoing percentage of the revenue you generate.

Bovada App Landing PageSome Bogus Apps Attempt to Get You to Use Their Signup Link

Very few of these “affiliates” have a website, and the only contact info provided is generally an email address with a domain indicating a free service, like Gmail. Sometimes even this cursory contact info is absent. Needless to say, you'll almost certainly receive better service from a reputable affiliate, like ProfessionalRakeback.

Some of these affiliates are more sophisticated and contain several pages or articles for you to browse through, like reviews or descriptions of casino games. The purpose of this content is to tempt you into clicking a button marked with “Bet Now” or similar language, which will take you to the Bovada website, and you will be tracked, of course, to that affiliate's signup link. After you open a gaming account, these apps typically present you with the Bovada webpage so that you can log in and play.

Other apps seem to have a different purpose. Some of them display betting-related information, like schedules of upcoming games and betting odds. In this case, the app is probably an attempt to drive traffic to a website. Because Bovada is very popular with American bettors, these webmasters might be trying to boost their site traffic and metrics by luring in people whom they think represent an ideal audience for their subject matter.

The motivation behind other Bovada app downloads is more difficult to discern. One of them displays a travel blog maintained by a couple. Others show outdated and/or broken web pages. It could be the case that the inventors of some of these apps have abandoned their projects, and these “apps” are merely the detritus left behind by failed fraudsters.

Don't Get Caught in the Snare of Bovada App Downloads

As we have mentioned, there's only one recommended way to log in to the Bovada betting site and begin playing, and that is by loading the website directly in your mobile browser. If you go through an unofficial Bovada mobile app, you are circumventing the correct procedure and may be setting yourself up for future woe.

Even those Bovada mobile poker apps that display the website and allow you to log in and play are best avoided. You would be routing everything you type through the app as you place your wagers or play poker. Some of these Bovada apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android might be collecting data while you use them, and there's no way of knowing for sure whether this info is being used for nefarious ends.

List of Bovada Apps

Numbered List

As we’ve seen, there are no legitimate apps that help you access Bovada. If you want to make use of any of Bovada’s gambling services it really is as simple as navigating to the site and connecting via your mobile browser.

There are plenty of fakes though across different operating systems. It’s worth knowing what those are so you know exactly what to avoid. Here’s an extensive and easy to follow list broken down by OS type:

Android Bovada Apps

For bogus Bovada mobile app creators, Android appears to be the platform of choice. Therefore, the Google Play Store has more of them than the other app stores. We identified the following deceptive Bovada apps for Android there:

iOS Bovada Apps

Though Android is the world's most popular mobile OS, there are plenty of users of iOS too. Thus, Bovada app for iPhone and iPad downloads can certainly be found in the Apple store. If you value your security and safety, avoid the following apps:

Bovada Apps for Windows

Even the lowly Microsoft Shop has seen the emergence of Bovada casino apps. The fact that these programs can run on Windows computers in addition to mobile systems is probably key to their existence notwithstanding that Microsoft OSes represent just a tiny fraction of the phone and tablet market. Be that as it may, you are well advised to refrain from the following Bovada app downloads:

Apps for Bovada at the Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore too hosts several false Bovada apps:

Defunct Bovada Apps - Removed from Stores

Since our original fake app lists were compiled, some have been removed. Google in particular seem to be paying more attention to the quality and validity of those they list in the store. This has resulted in a number being withdrawn and no longer available.

In case you go searching for any, here's the list of defunct Bovada apps that you won't find any more, at least under their original names:

  • SPORTS&More for BOVADA USA by MX2Go for Android
  • Sports Betting USA for Bovada by JFun1 for Android
  • SPORTS&GAMES USA for Bovada by J2Sports for Android
  • Bovada Casino – Odds Reviews by Damiano Chitarrini for Android
  • Online Bovada – Casino Mobile Magazine by AnaDev Team for Android
  • Bovada by Toloka Product for Android
  • BOVADA – SPORTS RULES APP BOVADA by Spider Hosters for Android
  • Bovada Online Games Guide by chris dev for Windows
  • BOVADA by THE BOVADA GROUP for Android
  • Sports USA for Bovada by BETSpeed for Android
  • Sports&Games for Bovada by Time2Sports for Android
  • Online Casino Games- Bovada Lv by Online Games Sports for Android
  • Today USA for Bovada by J3TDev31 for Android
  • Bovada Mobile – Poker Kit by Bovada Barce for Android
  • Bovada Sports Events Today by Nguyen Duy Thai via the Apple Store

How Do I Play Bovada Mobile the Right Way?

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If you intend to bet in the sportsbook, play the casino games, or sit in the poker games on your mobile device, then it's easy to do so without recourse to counterfeit Bovada apps. And, despite what you may have heard, gaming at Bovada is legal in the United States.

First of all, open your standard mobile web browser, and go to

Bovada Mobile Home Page

Next, click the “LOGIN” button near the top-right of the screen:

Bovada Login

After typing in your account credentials, you will see a lobby allowing you to select the product you wish to wager in:

Bovada - Logged In

You can click “Poker” to go to the poker lobby, head over to the casino if you're interested in Bovada blackjack, slots, or other similar entertainments, or visit the sportsbook and place a few bets.

Once you open the poker lobby, you will see all the games available. It's the same in the casino or sportsbook where you will see the games/bets available without having to download any app.

Bovada Mobile Poker Lobby

There is a poker download, which is offered for Macs and Windows PCs. It is not for mobile use. Mobile poker players ought to follow the steps above to run the web-based poker interface without bothering with any spurious Bovada poker mobile app.

The Only REAL Bovada App

When you browse to the website, your web browser's top-right, “three dots” menu may show you an option to “Install app.” This will put a progressive web app on your phone that will allow you to access the Bovada website with one click.

Progressive web apps like Bovada's are a kind of halfway step between a fully installable app, like you may find in an app store, and a mere web shortcut. This is the only kind of true Bovada app to be found.

There's no additional functionality in this app that you won't find on the Bovada website. Indeed, all that it does is bring you to the website albeit in an app layout rather than a web browser window. Still, you might appreciate the convenience of launching the website with a single click rather than having to open your browser and navigate to the right URL.

Play Bovada Poker on Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile

Computing Devices

You can create an account and begin playing poker at Bovada on your choice of hardware – without dabbling in any phony Bovada app. To find out how, head over to our comprehensive Bovada review, which contains real signup instructions for getting started at this site the correct way.

There are a number of sister sites of Bovada that are equally as reliable and upstanding. Depending on the types of gaming you enjoy and the kinds of promotions you're looking for, one of them might be a better fit for you. Check out these Bovada alternatives for further information.