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Bovada vs. ACR Poker: Which Site is Better in 2023?

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Online poker players in the United States are likely already familiar with Bovada and ACR Poker. Both of these sites are extremely popular in the US and have cemented themselves as trustworthy internet gaming operators over the course of many years.

Many players may wonder which one of these sites is the best especially for poker play. Bovada holds an advantage when it comes to other kinds of gaming as the site boasts a full casino, sportsbook, and racebook with numerous available promotions. Although ACR does offer casino gaming and sports betting, there aren't any bonuses available outside of the poker room.

Bovada versus ACR Poker, which site is the best?

In this article, our expert reviewers will compare ACR Poker vs Bovada. Our primary focus will be the poker rooms, but we will also discuss the other gambling options on offer at each site, the available promotions, and any other pertinent pros and cons to signing up and playing at ACR Poker or Bovada.

Bovada vs ACR Poker Differences

Both Bovada and ACR Poker are popular U.S. poker destinations online. Although the two sites do have a number of similarities, we feel it is important to highlight the differences between the two brands to help you decide where to want to play.


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Let's first take a look at the poker offerings available at each of these sites. Both ACR Poker and Bovada operate highly-rated poker rooms. Bovada operates as a member of the Pai Wang Luo poker network while ACR Poker is the flagship member of the Winning Poker Network.

Although both sites do offer plenty of cash games and tournaments, there are a few key differences. ACR Poker offers $0.01/$0.02 blind levels while Bovada's lowest level is $0.02/$0.05. ACR Poker offers many more tournaments than Bovada.

The other important difference worth discussing is that Bovada utilizes an anonymous player model meaning you won't be able to see who you're playing against or target certain players. This is done in an effort to encourage recreational players, and it certainly works. In our experience, the field at ACR Poker is significantly tougher to beat than the players at Bovada.

Bovada Cash Game InterfaceCash Games at Bovada

Let's take a closer look at each of these aspects and the bonuses available at the two sites for poker players. Both sites do offer 100% first deposit bonuses but there are functional differences in how these bonuses work.

Poker Bonuses

Bovada and ACR Poker both offer excellent poker bonuses for new players. At ACR Poker, you can actually benefit from a $10 bonus with no deposit required by using code PRB10FREE. You can also take advantage of a 100% first deposit bonus worth up to $2,000.

Bovada offers new poker players a 100% first deposit bonus worth up to $500. The other difference between these bonuses is the rate of redemption, or in other words, how fast you can generate enough rake to release your full bonus amount.

At ACR Poker, the poker deposit bonus will clear at a rate of $1 per 27.5 points earned. You'll earn 5.5 points for every dollar generated in rake or tournament fees. Therefore, the poker bonus clears at a rate of 20% effective rakeback. At Bovada, the poker bonus will clear at a massive 50% effective rakeback rate.

Cash Games

When it comes to cash games, Bovada tends to be at the top of the heap for American players. Because Bovada utilizes a recreational player model to keep players anonymous, the player pool at Bovada tends to be significantly easier to beat than at ACR.

Poker Table at No Limit Hold'em Cash Game at Bovada

It can be a bit tricky to decide which of these rooms is better suited for your style of play. Both Bovada and ACR Poker are excellent poker sites that feature plenty of cash game action. ACR Poker features micro stakes tables with blinds as low as $0.01/$0.02. Bovada's lowest blinds on offer are $0.02/$0.05.

High rollers may generally prefer playing at ACR Poker as it boasts tables with blinds as high as $200/$400. Bovada features a few "higher stakes" tables, but the action at Bovada tends to be concentrated below the $5/$10 blind level. At ACR, you'll find active tables of $25/$50 and higher on a nearly daily basis.

Both Bovada and ACR also feature fast-fold cash games for players who like to play numerous hands quickly. At ACR, this is called Blitz Poker and is available across a variety of blind levels starting as low as $0.05/$0.10. Bovada calls its fast-fold product Zone Poker. Zone Poker is available featuring blinds as low as $0.02/$0.05.


Although it may seem as though Bovada has held an advantage over ACR in most of the aforementioned categories, multi-table tournaments are where ACR Poker truly shines. ACR Poker hosts hundreds of tournaments daily across a wide range of buyin levels.

There are hundreds of tournaments every day at ACRTournament lobby at ACR Poker

Bovada does offer a reasonable selection of MTTs, and the site does run a few notable series events like the Black Diamond Poker Open. Bovada is related to the popular Ignition Poker platform so these two sites share one combined player pool as part of the Pai Wang Luo network of sites.

The sheer number of tournaments on offer at ACR Poker blows Bovada's tournaments out of the water. ACR also features recurring events, like the VENOM and the Online Super Series. Whether you play micro stakes or the highest stakes available, ACR Poker is likely to offer what you're looking for in poker tournaments.

Casino Gaming

Slot Machine

Bovada certainly holds an advantage when it comes to casino gaming. This is due to the fact that ACR Poker hosts only a limited selection of casino games, offers no casino bonuses, and you have to transfer funds out of the poker room in order to play in the casino.

Bovada offers an excellent casino full of slots, table games, video poker, and live dealer games. You can seamlessly transition from playing poker to betting on sports and then enjoy casino gaming as well all in one place.

If you aren't interested in betting on sports or playing poker, then you may want to check out some of the other top online casinos for US players. Sites like Cafe Casino and feature the same plethora of excellent casino games as Bovada, but because these sites only offer casino gaming, they can also offer better and more lucrative bonuses.

Bovada offers new players a 125% crypto deposit bonus of up to $1,250. Cafe Casino boasts an impressive 350% Bitcoin bonus worth up to $5,000 while extends a 300% crypto bonus worth up to $1,500. also offers a subsequent eight 150% deposit bonuses worth up to $750 on each deposit.

Bovada Casino LobbyCasino gaming at Bovada

Sports Betting

Sports Balls

Although many folks aren't aware of this, ACR Poker actually does feature a sportsbook through the poker client. Unfortunately, you'll need to transfer your money back and forth to and from the sportsbook anytime you want to place a bet. There also are not any sports bonuses available at ACR Poker, and the markets available to wager tend to be somewhat limited.

ACR Poker Sports BettingSportsbook at ACR Poker

Bovada offers a significantly better sports betting product than ACR Poker. At Bovada, you can benefit from a 75% bonus on your first Bitcoin deposit of up to $750. You can bet on all major sports at Bovada including the NBA, MLB, NFL, and much more. Bovada also features a world-class racebook.

Bovada Sportsbetting Interface Sports Betting at Bovada

Mobile Gaming


Although it might seem like both of these sites would offer solid mobile poker solutions, ACR Poker continues to lack a fully functioning mobile client or software. At ACR, you can play on your mobile phone, but you can only access a few specific kinds of poker games, including Cyclone Satellites and Jackpot Sit and Gos.

In this category, Bovada is the clear victor. Bovada allows players to utilize the full sportsbook, casino, and poker room using any modern smartphone. The full selection of poker tables and tournaments are available to any player on a mobile phone. By visiting through a browser, players will be able to enjoy any kind of gambling on the go.

Bovada Gambling on an iPhone on an iPhone 11

Cashier Procedures

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Both Bovada and ACR Poker are well respected in the online poker community for offering plenty of deposit and withdrawal options, including cryptocurrencies.

Bovada does support a number of popular crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin SV. ACR Poker supports deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

In looking at how these two sites process withdrawals, however, we would have to favor Bovada. Bovada processes cashouts very quickly with most players receiving their funds within a few hours or, at most, within 24 hours. ACR Poker is also reliable when it comes to withdrawals, but occasionally the process takes a little bit longer than at Bovada. Sometimes folks will wait a day or two to receive their winnings.

ACR Poker and Bovada Similarities

As we have already discussed a bit throughout this article, it is clear that Bovada and ACR Poker are somewhat similar. Both sites offer online poker to Americans primarily. The two sites utilize similar deposit and withdrawal methods and maintain a reputation for offering fair internet poker.

Both ACR Poker and Bovada also offer casino gaming and sports betting as we have covered, but Bovada clearly holds an advantage when it comes to these other kinds of gambling.

Bovada is an excellent all-in-one gambling home for players who enjoy playing poker, betting on sports or horses, and casino gambling. Players can easily enjoy any kind of gambling all at

ACR Poker is an excellent online poker site that also offers a few additional kinds of gambling. Tournament players will likely enjoy the massive array of MTTs on offer at ACR each and every day.

Bovada vs ACR Poker Our Verdict

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When it comes down to choosing which site you prefer, it mostly boils down to personal preference. If you prefer anonymous poker play, then Bovada is probably the best option. For players who want to focus primarily on multi-table tournaments, then ACR Poker is the best choice.

Smaller to mid-stakes cash game players may prefer Bovada simply because the level of competition is significantly lower. The player pool at ACR is definitely more skilled overall, so playing cash games at Bovada is generally a bit easier.

Players who enjoy betting on sports or playing casino games may enjoy Bovada more than ACR because Bovada truly features an all-in-one gambling service and offers plenty of bonuses for poker, casino, and sports.

Whether you're an experienced sports bettor or just a beginner getting started, you may want to explore this detailed sports betting guide. If you'd like to find out which sportsbooks are the best for players in the United States, then please feel free to peruse this page dedicated to the best online sports betting sites for US bettors.

You can take advantage of a $10 poker bonus with no deposit needed at ACR Poker by using the promo code PRB10FREE. There is also a first deposit bonus worth 100% of your initial deposit of up to $2,000. Bovada offers a poker bonus worth 100% of your initial deposit of up to $500.

To learn more about these excellent poker sites, please feel free to peruse this Bovada review or this detailed review of ACR Poker. If you're ready to get started, you can utilize the buttons below to sign up and play today.