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Bovada vs BetOnline: which is better for Sports? Casino? Poker? Horses?

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Bovada vs BetOnline: which gambling site is the best? Bovada and BetOnline are two of the most popular gambling websites available to US players. Both of these sites offer a wide range of gambling including poker, sports betting, and casino gaming, so it would only be natural to question which site is the best.

Reputation is key in the online gaming industry, so it is important to choose a site with an excellent reputation and track record. Bovada and BetOnline draw inevitable comparisons because both sites have exceptional reputations and have operated with trust for many years.

Bovada versus BetOnline, which site is the best?

The comparisons between Bovada and BetOnline stem from the fact that both sites have a number of similarities. Both sites offer online poker, sports betting, and casino gaming to US customers. Many of the standard games offered are the same – or at least extremely similar – across the two sites.

Bovada Versus BetOnline Differences

Both Bovada and BetOnline offer similar gambling opportunities, including poker, sports betting, and numerous casino games. There are a number of similarities between the two sites as both offer similar types of games, cashout and deposit procedures, and both maintain excellent reputations in the industry. With that being said, there are many key differences in their operations. Below, we will dive into the differences between Bovada and BetOnline and try to help you decide which site might be best for your style of play.

Casino Gaming

Both sites offer a wide selection of casino games, including slots, table games, and video poker, but BetOnline certainly offers significantly more slots and games to choose from. You can play live dealer table games at both BetOnline and Bovada as well.

One other unique feature at BetOnline is the slots and casino games that are hidden inside the live casino red. You'll need to be logged in to access these games but you should be able to click live casino, click red, and then finally click on the slots tab to reveal a number of popular games, like Reels and Wheels XL, Mystic Wilds, and Golden Buffalo.

Hidden Slots in Live Dealer Red at BetOnlineHidden slot games in the red live dealer casino at BetOnline

Casino Bonuses

Bovada and BetOnline both boast excellent casino welcome offers. At Bovada, you'll be able to cash in on a 100% match up to $1,000 on your first three deposits. In fact, the casino offer at BetOnline is identical sitting at three separate 100% bonuses up to $1,000 each.

Live Dealer Table Games

There are plenty of live dealer table games available to choose from at both BetOnline and Bovada, including all of your favorite table games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. We would probably have to give BetOnline a slight edge in this category only because it offers a slightly larger selection of live-dealer games.

Although both BetOnline and Bovada have excellent reputations in the industry today, BetOnline specifically has worked hard to solidify their reputation after a dealer was accused of "dealing-seconds" during a live BetOnline blackjack game. BetOnline cut ties with the live gaming provider and hasn't been embroiled in any particular controversy since.

Sports Betting: BetOnline vs Bovada

There are a few major differences in the sports betting offered at Bovada and BetOnline, although you can rest assured that both of these operators are trusted and offer plenty of sports to wager on. The main differences between Bovada and BetOnline's sportsbooks lie in the promotions on offer, the betting limits, and the sporting events available to wager on.

One important difference to keep in mind is that Bovada offers bettors a "cash out" option, something that BetOnline seems to lack. This feature allows you to cancel a bet prior to an event or cash out early if you wish to do so. If you placed a 6-team parlay at Bovada and the first 5 legs win, you'll most likely have the option of cashing out your bet early for a bit of a smaller win.

Bovada Cash Out Sports Betting FeatureThe cash-out feature on a sports bet at Bovada

Sports Bonuses

Bovada and BetOnline boast exceptional sports bonus offers for new players. You can receive a 75% bonus up to $750 at Bovada as long as you use cryptocurrency to deposit. BetOnline offers an even larger bonus equal to 100% of your first deposit up to $1,000.

BetOnline also offers a few other valuable sports promotions. You can benefit from a $25 risk-free play on your first live in-game bet as well as another $25 risk-free wager on your first player prop bet. BetOnline also boasts a generous $50 risk-free wager when you place your first bet on a mobile device.

The way these bets work is that you can place a wager up to the dollar amount offered, and if the bet loses, then you will be credited with free play equal to the bet that you lost. If your wager wins, then you won't receive any extra bonus or free play.

When it comes to sports bonuses, on the surface, it would appear like BetOnline's offer is better. This may or may not be the case depending on your viewpoint because at BetOnline when you place a free play bet, you will only receive the amount won back, not the original bet amount.

Betting Limits and Odds

Perhaps the most significant difference is that BetOnline accepts much higher bet sizes, often as high as $25,000 - $50,000 on a single event. At Bovada, you can usually only bet up to $5,000-$10,000 on an event without getting prior approval. Sometimes the maximum is even lower on smaller events as well. This is no doubt a reflection of Bovada's “recreational-first” philosophy whereby they cater more to casual and novice bettors who tend to bet smaller amounts.

BetOnline and are both well respected in online sports betting circles for their willingness to accept large bets with regularity. BetOnline also tends to offer slightly more favorable odds than Bovada.

Odds on sporting events change quite often, so this isn't set in stone, but we have found that many of the sports wagers available at BetOnline feature odds with a marginally lower house edge than Bovada.

BetOnline also boasts a few extra sports betting bonus programs. For instance, if you bet on the under in a hockey game, if one team completes the entire over on its own, then you will receive a refund. There are additional offers like this for MLB and NBA wagers as well, so be sure to keep an eye open at BetOnline for these enjoyable bonuses.

Sporting Events

It is a bit difficult to compare the sports available to wager on at these sites because the betting menus change constantly. With that being said, both of the sites we are comparing offer bets on all of your favorite sports including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and even eSports.

There are also robust in-play betting options available at both sites. In-play betting allows you to place bets during the course of sporting events. In-play or live betting has become quite popular in recent years, so it makes sense that both sites offer this.

BetOnline does boast one significant advantage over Bovada as it offers free live streams of certain sporting events, including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey for account holders. The only downside is that the stream is confined to a small window with the betting options surrounding it, but it is still an excellent feature to have the ability to watch live sporting events while you bet.

Live Betting Streaming at BetOnlineThe in-play betting menu and live streaming at BetOnline


Bovada and BetOnline both operate excellent online poker rooms. Bovada operates as a member of the PaiWangLuo poker network, which includes other sites like Bodog and Ignition. The Pai Wang Luo network is the most popular US-facing poker network online.

BetOnline is the flagship site on the Chico Poker Network alongside its partners SB Poker and TigerGaming. The Chico Poker Network is the third-largest US-facing poker network by player traffic, only trailing the Winning Poker Network and the Pai Wang Luo network by a small margin.

Bovada and BetOnline both offer a wide assortment of cash games and tournaments. The main difference between BetOnline and Bovada poker is that all play is fully anonymous at Bovada. When playing at Bovada, you will only see a randomly assigned player number to designate yourself and your opponents.

Zone Poker Cash Game Table at Bovada$0.02/$0.05 fast-fold Zone Poker cash game at Bovada

Poker Bonuses

Bovada and BetOnline both offer fairly generous first-deposit poker bonuses although there are a few significant differences. At Bovada, you can receive 100% of your first poker deposit up to $500. The poker bonus is released in $5 increments as you accrue points.

The poker bonus at BetOnline is worth 100% of your initial deposit up to $1,000. The larger maximum bonus amount may appeal to many players as an advantage over Bovada. Although the bonus at BOL is larger, it will take a bit longer to release your bonus than it will playing at Bovada.

Bovada's poker bonus can result in receiving approximately 50% rakeback. BetOnline's bonus, on the other hand, releases at a rate much closer to 10% rakeback. If you are only interested in receiving a larger maximum bonus and you aren't concerned about accruing the play required to release your bonus, then BOL may be best. If you prefer a fast-clearing bonus, then Bovada's $500 maximum may still appeal to you.

If you are only interested in playing poker or casino games and you don't want to bet on sports or horses, then you may want to also consider Ignition Poker as it boasts a 150% crypto poker bonus up to $1,500. To learn more about Ignition, feel free to check out this expert Ignition Poker review.

Cash Games

Both poker sites offer excellent cash games. Bovada has the edge when it comes to player traffic, but BetOnline has plenty of traffic across a variety of stakes. One clear advantage at Bovada for micro-stakes players is that it spreads tables with blinds as low as $0.02/$0.05. At BetOnline, the smallest cash games are $0.10/$0.20.

One other notable difference between the sites is that all poker players remain anonymous at Bovada. At BetOnline, players' names will only be hidden until you are seated at a table. Once seated, you'll be able to see the other players' screennames and use a full HUD.

Boost Poker Cash Game Table at BetOnline$0.05/$0.10 fast-fold Boost Poker cash game at BetOnline

You can play in fast-fold cash games called Boost Poker at BetOnline, or you can try Zone Poker at Bovada. These fast-fold cash games allow you to fold your hand at any time and move to a new table and receive a new hand. Both Boost Poker and Zone Poker work smoothly and maintain consistent traffic figures up to the $1/$2 blind levels.

It is important to keep in mind that when you decide to play cash games at Bovada you will not be able to choose a specific table or see the other players. Due to the anonymity system in place, you'll instead simply select the game, table size, and stakes that you wish to play. You'll then be seated at the next available table that fits your needs.

Bovada Cash Game InterfaceCash game selection interface at Bovada

One other notable difference is that BetOnline boasts a Bad Beat Jackpot that you can win when you play its cash games: something that Bovada does not offer. Even the micro-stakes Boost Poker tables at BetOnline can trigger a separate BBJ. The main BBJ often triggers in the low six figures while the more modest Boost jackpot tends to trigger between $1,000 - $10,000 with regularity.

Tournaments and Sit & Gos

BetOnline and Bovada both offer a solid assortment of poker tournaments and sit-and-gos. Buy-ins available are quite similar across the two sites with both offering buy-ins of around $1 or less. You can also play in plenty of higher-stakes tournaments, of course. Overall, we would have to give Bovada the nod when it comes to tournaments as it boasts a busier schedule and has offered tournament series with seven-figure guaranteed prize pools for years.

Tournament Lobby at BovadaTournament Lobby at Bovada

3-handed turbo sit-and-gos featuring a randomized prize pool have been quite popular in recent years and these operators are no exception. Bovada boasts Jackpot Poker which features buy-ins as low as $0.50 all the way up to $100. The largest jackpot available is equal to 1,200x your buy-in at Bovada.

BetOnline has its own iteration of this kind of poker called Windfall Poker. The premise is largely the same although the structure and buy-ins available are slightly different. The smallest Windfall buy-in is $3. There are also special $10 buy-in Windfall tournaments that boast a $1 million top prize.

Windfall Tournaments at BetOnlineWindfall Poker at BetOnline

Racebook and Horse Betting

When it comes to horse betting, both Bovada and BetOnline offer extensive betting menus. Both sites have offered bets on over one hundred horse racing tracks around the world for the better part of 20 years, dating back to when Bodog operated in the US.

As far as betting limits are concerned, as is the case with the sportsbook, BetOnline tends to offer significantly higher bet maximums. Both sites generally offer low $1 minimum bet sizes. Regarding the type of bets you can place, both sites offer a wide assortment of options. You can place exactas, trifectas, superfectas, and all of the standard win, place, and show bets.

Bovada Horse Betting MenuHorse betting menu interface at Bovada

Racebook Promotions

BetOnline offers a generous rebate equal to up to 9% of your wagers on a daily basis. There is no minimum required to participate although there are a few kinds of wagers that are not eligible for rebates, including matchup bets, fixed odds bets, and prop bets.

The sportsbook bonus amounts referenced above are also available for players who prefer to wager on horse races. Bovada offers a 75% first deposit bonus up to $750 as long as you utilize crypto to deposit. At BetOnline, you'll be able to receive 100% of your initial deposit up to $1,000 to wager on sports or horses.

Mobile Gambling and Software

Many people prefer to utilize mobile devices to place bets or gamble online. Fortunately, both of the operators that we are comparing offer excellent and full-featured mobile gambling software.

Both BetOnline and Bovada are easily accessible using almost any kind of mobile system, including Android and iOS systems. You can enjoy all of the action on the go or from the comfort of your own home. When considering the mobile interfaces and their usability, it really comes down to user preference.

When you visit the Bovada or the BetOnline site using your mobile device, you will have access to all aspects of gambling that are available on a desktop computer. You can play poker, wager on sports, or play casino games from a mobile system or smartphone.

Bovada and BetOnline Mobile WebsiteBovada and BetOnline sites side-by-side accessed using a mobile device

Cashier Procedures

The cashier procedures at these sites are very similar. You can utilize cryptocurrencies, bank wire transfers, and a few additional methods for deposits and withdrawals. In comparing the two sites, there are only a few key differences.

BetOnline offers a wider selection of cryptocurrencies and "altcoins" to choose from when initiating a deposit or withdrawal. Bovada and BetOnline both offer the option to use coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, but BetOnline goes a step further by welcoming Shiba Inu, Stellar Lumens, Dogecoin, and more.

When it comes to estimated withdrawal times, both of these sites process withdrawals quickly, but BetOnline tends to be a little bit faster. Withdrawals using crypto at BetOnline are often completed in under 30 minutes from start to finish. Bovada usually completes withdrawals in around an hour although it occasionally takes as long as 24 hours.

BetOnline Versus Bovada Similarities

As we have gone through all of the differences between these two operators, it is clear that Bovada and BetOnline are very similar. Both sites offer online gambling including poker, sports betting, and casino games. The two sites cater to players in the United States primarily and both sites have held a solid reputation in the online gaming industry for many years.

Bovada Versus BetOnline: Our Verdict

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The bottom line is that Bovada and BetOnline are both excellent and reputable online gambling operators. There are plenty of important distinctions between them, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Fortunately, you don't necessarily have to choose one because you can easily register to play at both BetOnline and Bovada. You can sign up and benefit from the various bonuses available at each site and decide which site you prefer as you play.

There are a few main differences to keep in mind when deciding where to play. BetOnline accepts larger sports and horse wagers, and it also accepts a wider variety of crypto coins. Bovada's sports bonuses are worth significantly more than BetOnline's because you keep the bonus funds after you wager.

Micro-stakes poker players will want to remember that Bovada offers smaller stakes cash games starting at $0.02/$0.05 as opposed to the $0.05/$0.10 tables at BetOnline. BetOnline certainly has the advantage when it comes to casino games selection as it boasts over 500 games from various manufacturers.

Whether you're an avid sports gambler or a novice just getting started, you may wish to explore this detailed sports betting guide. To learn more about the top-rated sports betting sites including BetOnline and Bovada, you may wish to check out this page dedicated to the top online sportsbooks for US players.

If you need any more information on either of these reputable operators, feel free to check out this extensive Bovada review as well as this thorough BetOnline review. If you are ready to sign up, feel free to click on the buttons below to register and take advantage of maximum value bonuses.