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Ignition Poker Points Rakeback VALUE (Also Bodog + Bovada)

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Ignition Poker rakeback is sadly not available anywhere. The network has disallowed official Ignition rakeback for a long time, and it has cracked down heavily on illicit, under-the-table Ignition rake refunds too. This leaves poker points at Ignition as the main form of “rakeback” permitted.

Ignition Casino poker points have gone through several updates in recent years. The rates of earning these Ignition casino reward points have changed as have the goodies you can exchange them for. Among the changes, Poker Points at Ignition casino are now known as “Ignition Miles.”

At Bodog and Bovada, they are called Reward Points. All three of these sites share a home on the PaiWangLuo Network, and the way their poker points work is pretty much the same on all of them.

Ignition Poker Points
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Ignition Miles + Bovada and Bodog Poker Points Overview

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Whether you win or lose, you always earn these Miles/Points any time you contribute to the rake – whether it's a tournament, sit-and-go, Jackpot Sit & Go, or cash game.

  • Ring Games: You get 15 points for every dollar in rake contributed.
  • Tournaments: You will receive 15 points for every dollar in fees paid. For example, if you buy into a $50 + $5 tournament, you will get (5 * 15) = 75 points.
  • SNG: The same as for MTTs, 15 points for every $1 in fees.
  • Jackpot Sit & Go: 1.5 points for every $1 in buyin.

Redeeming Miles/Poker Points

Exchange Arrows

There are several options for trading in your poker points at Ignition and the other sites in the Bodog family. Perhaps the most rewarding is by using them to purchase tournament tickets.

Tournament Ticket Exchange Rates

There are a variety of MTT and Jackpot tickets that you can purchase using your poker points. The prices may vary between the different brands. The tickets include:

  • $2 Jackpot – 5,250 Ignition Miles/5,500 Bovada Reward Points
  • $60 Jackpot – 160,000 Ignition Miles/165,000 Bovada Reward Points
  • $2 + $.20 MTT – 6,000 Ignition Miles/6,250 Bovada Reward Points
  • $20 + $2 MTT – 60,000 Ignition Miles/62,500 Bovada Reward Points
  • $100 + $9 MTT – 300,000 Ignition Miles/312,500 Bovada Reward Points

However, this is just a partial list for illustrative purposes. We have chosen those particular options as being exemplars of the types of tickets available, and anyway, there are frequently small additions and subtractions from the lists contained in the poker software. The other tickets available tend to follow the same pricing guidelines as the ones highlighted above.

When converting your points/miles to tournament tickets, the general rate appears to be in the ballpark of 2,750 points per dollar. Because you must pay $1 in rake to get 15 points, you would have to pay (2,750/15) = $183 in rake contributed to get $1 in ticket value: an Ignition Poker rakeback rate of about 0.55%.

Casino Bonuses

It's possible to exchange your poker points for small casino bonuses. There are a wide range of different bonuses available, and most of them appear at first to compare favorably with the rates you can achieve through tournament tickets.

There's one problem though: Most of these bonuses come with a rollover of 10x. You might think this is pretty good because playing through 10x on a game like blackjack or video poker would result in an expected loss of only around 5% of the bonus funds. However, such favorable games only count fractionally toward the wagering requirement. In actuality, you'll be hard-pressed to find any game that will see your expected value go much above 50% of the bonus amount.

Therefore, we counsel you to consider these casino bonuses to be worth only half their face value when comparing their cost to MTT tickets. When we factor this into our calculations, the rate of return of casino bonuses is not as good as tourney tickets.

The exception is those bonuses that specifically state that the rollover is only 1x for which the expected value is almost the same as the face value. However, these tend to be priced much higher than the other bonuses to such an extent that they're still not worth it.

Sports Bonuses

If your brand features sports betting, like Bovada does, then it might be worth investigating the bonuses available for this product because the rollover associated with them is just 2x rather than the 10x that pertains to casino games. This means that you can retain 80% of more of the bonus value on average.

We noticed a $15 bonus cash item available in the Bovada rewards store for 18,750 poker points. The bonus can be cleared with either a 10x rollover in the casino or 2x on sports/horses. If we consider this bonus to be worth 80% of its face value when used to bet on sports, then it is equal to $12 cash.

Dividing the purchase price under the poker points system by $12, we see that we're getting a rate of (18,750/$12) = 1,562.5 points per dollar. This is significantly better than the rate of 2,750 points per dollar that we observed you can get in tournament entries from the kickback points from your poker play. This represents a poker rakeback rate of almost 1%, nearly double what you get from tourney tix.

The particular bonuses on offer will of course vary from the specific one we have described. We recommend that you do some simple math to figure out the potential profitability of any sports bonus before actually buying it.

Ignition Rewards Exchange

There's another way to exchange the poker points Ignition gives you for casino bonuses. You see, regardless of the listings in the Rewards Store, you can always exchange a certain number of Ignition Miles for $1 in casino bonus with a 10x rollover.

Those at the lowest levels of rewards can trade in 2,500 Ignition points for $1 of bonus. This isn't really worth it. However, as you progress through Ignition Rewards, you can unlock an exchange rate of 1,250 Miles = $1. At the highest two tiers, Titanium and Diamond, you will benefit from being able to trade in 1,000 points for $1 in bonus.

At these better rates of redemption, bonuses might very well be superior to the other options in the rewards store. This is especially true of poker points at Bovada because this site has sports bonuses to exchange your poker points for, which as we have discussed earlier, represent a better rate of return than casino bonuses.

You needn't worry about having to maintain a certain level of play to stay at a given tier in the rewards program; all of them base your placement on your lifetime play, and you can never drop down a level.

How to Use the Ignition Poker Rewards Store

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Browsing through the Ignition points Rewards Store is a straightforward procedure. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Sign in to the poker software and select “Account” to the left of the main lobby
  • Click the “My Bonuses” tab
  • Choose the “Rewards Store” tab rather than the “Bonuses” tab
  • Select your desired ticket and click “Redeem”
  • If you would rather benefit from the bonus exchange tied to the rewards status of your account, then Click the “Get Bonus” link next to the displayed number of points you have.
Ignition Rewards StoreClick “Get Bonus” or “Redeem” to Trade in Your Points

If you play at a PWL Network site other than Ignition, like Bovada or Bodog, the procedure for exchanging your poker points is pretty much the same as we've described although there might be small differences.

how to get more value out of poker points

Effective Rakeback Rates of Poker Points

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Ignitions's “poker points” (Miles) system yields an effective rakeback rate of 0.5% percent for poker tournament tickets and even less on casino bonuses. Poker points at Bovada meanwhile are not typically worth more than 1% even if you choose the potentially profitable sports bonuses to redeem. Even at the higher Bovada Rewards tiers, where you can exchange 1,000 points for a $1 sports bonus, the effective rakeback rate is only about 1.2%.

Boost Your Ignition Poker Rakeback With the First Deposit Bonus

As you can readily understand, Ignition/Bovada/Bodog don't really prioritize rewards for poker grinders, instead focusing on their casino and sports whales. Still, there is a way to get an excellent Ignition rakeback rate through the initial deposit bonus.

This is a 150% match up to $1,500, assuming you deposit with crypto-currency (100% up to $1,000 with legacy payment methods). For every 30 Ignition Miles you accumulate within the 30 days after you make your first deposit, you will earn $1 of the bonus.

Because it takes $1 in rake or tourney fees to generate 15 Ignition Miles, you need only rake $2 to collect the 30 Miles needed to clear $1 of bonus. This represents an enviable 50% in Ignition Poker rakeback. Because of the way Jackpot Sit & Go pay schedules interact with the system for awarding poker points, the rakeback rate in this form of poker is actually higher at a phenomenal 71% Ignition rakeback.

Bodog has a similar bonus, although it's limited to a maximum of $1,000, and Bovada's poker bonus only goes up to $500. The clearance rates for the cardroom bonus are identical at all three rooms.

Sites for Poker Kickback Points

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Although the Ignition Poker rakeback equivalence of the poker points exchange is, quite frankly, pretty dismal, there are other reasons for making a PaiWangLuo Network site your online poker home. These include the substantial player traffic, the lucrative first deposit bonus, and the soft nature of the games. Read our review below of the room that has the types of gaming you enjoy and serves your geographic area:

  • Ignition (Casino and Poker for Americans and Australians)
  • Bovada (Sportsbook, Casino, and Poker for Americans)
  • Bodog (Sportsbook, Casino, and Poker for Canadians and Latin Americans)

If the lack of a robust rewards program is really a dealbreaker for you, then there are of course other poker providers that excel in this department. Check out our country-specific guides to find the offshore poker site that has what you're looking for: