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Jeff Boski Live Cage Trip Report - December 2018

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We've already given you a rundown of the December Live Cage in Costa Rica, hosted by Americas Cardroom and the Winning Poker Network. But we thought our readers would like to hear about the event directly from a player who participated, so we reached out to poker player, ACR pro, and vlogger Jeff Boski. He was kind enough to send us a trip report of his experiences, which you can read below:

Jeff Boski Tells About His Live Cage Experiences

Jeff Boski's Live Cage Trip Report

I was very excited to be part of the inaugural Pot Limit Omaha Cage event. 6 max, button antes, and deep stacks should generate a lot of interesting action. I had been studying a lot of PLO videos online and bought a PLO book by Jeff Hwang a few weeks prior to this Cage Event.

My starting table was tough. Everyone was young, male, and competent in PLO. I lost a big pot with the second-nut flush vs the nut flush against a very aggressive opponent, Dan Stavila. My $5,000 starting stack was down to $3,200 when I got moved to a new table three hours into the day.

The final hand of the night, I picked off a $1,000 river bluff when the draws missed, and I check-called with just a pair of Kings. I bagged up $9,530 and felt good about playing Day 2 where the stakes would be $40/$80/$60 and $50/$100/$60.

I start Day 2 of the ACR PLO Cage event with $9,530. Blinds will be $40/$80 with a $10 per person button ante every hand. I am playing the feature table which is live streamed on Ryan Laplante and Jessie Sylvia will be doing the cards-up commentary on a 30 minute delay. My opponents are:

Svetlana Gromenkova

Svetlana Gromenkova

Former Full Tilt poker pro.

Kevin Pionkowski

Kevin Pionkowski

A primarily online PLO cash game player.

Leif Force

Leif Force

He had 2 deep runs in the WSOP main event and is also a well-known PLO player.

Phil Nagy

Phil Nagy

ACR CEO - Phil has had great results in the WPN Live Cage events.

We are five handed with six hours of play ahead of us until we can bag up our chips for good. Whatever our chip count is will be added to our ACR accounts, which we can use to play online and/or cash out to Bitcoin.

Phil Nagy is known to be a loose, feel player. Some have been unreasonably suspicious that Phil plays in his own ACR Cage event, but I don't see why it will be a problem. He doesn't gain any unfair advantage and he genuinely enjoys the opportunity to compete with the players on his site.

Most of the big hands that I played were against Phil. Over the course of six hours, we remained five handed on the feature table. You can see the biggest hands and biggest bluffs in my vlogs that show the Twitch stream replays.

The big thing that isn't mentioned is perceived images. The night before Day 1 of the Cage, all the qualifiers got a free dinner at the Taormina Hotel Casino. Afterwards, Phil and some of the qualifiers wanted to play a $2/$5 PLO cash game.

I joined and was very card dead for the four hours that we played. Phil kept needling me, calling me a nit, et cetera. It appeared that I was scared money at PLO and possibly losing $1,000 (the buy-in) would devastate me.

Fast-forward to Day 2. My plan was to use this image to my advantage as the day went on and the stakes went up to $50/$100 + $10/player ante.

I played tight for the first couple hours. Around hour four, I noticed that everyone except for Phil was playing very tight. I knew this was the perfect time to loosen up and fight for the blinds and antes.

I three-bet Phil with T654 double suited and 9865 among other non-premium holdings. As seen in the vlog, I pulled off a couple big river bluffs where I bet $3,000 or $3,500, and Phil folded big hands that he would normally call with against a different opponent.

I am primarily an online tournament player. The biggest cash game I have ever played prior to this was $2/$5 No Limit or $2/$5 PLO. Here I am playing $50/$100/$50 with a $25,000 stack bluffing rivers vs a player who is not afraid to gamble. It definitely got my heart beating!

Watch my vlog to see for yourself what Day 2 of the Live Cage was like:

In the end, I was very satisfied with my play and the outcome. It was a great day that I will never forget. If you get a chance to play in the Live Cage, I would highly recommend it.

You can qualify every Sunday at 3pm PST on ACR for $55. Or get your satellite ticket for free by placing in The Beast or Sit & Crush leaderboards. Three $8,000 packages are guaranteed and over half of the field is sitting out! Easy money!

I am a site pro on ACR and you can find me playing tournaments every Sunday as "TheBoski."

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Jeff "TheBoski" Boski
We're indebted to Jeff Boski for providing his personal account of what went down at the December Live Cage in San Jose, Costa Rica. Jeff is one of the top poker streamers/vloggers active today. You can subscribe to Jeff's YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter @ICuRaRook.