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ACMA Blocks 6 Additional Gambling and Affiliate Marketing Sites

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The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) is continuing in its crusade against offshore online gambling operators. Back on Aug. 5th, the ACMA issued a formal warning letter to a casino games provider known as Proxous. Targeting a supplier like Proxous is a new strategy for the ACMA, as in recent years it has been primarily blocking access to gambling sites through Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

ACMA Blocks Six Additional Gambling and Affiliate Sites

On Aug. 18, 2022, the ACMA requested that ISPs block six additional offshore gambling and affiliate marketing websites. This is not the first time this has occurred. In fact, the ACMA has blocked a total of 568 so-called illegal gambling and affiliate sites since beginning this kind of enforcement back in November 2019.

Background Information

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The ACMA has been blocking access to offshore gambling sites with increasing regularity in its efforts to enforce the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, which was amended in 2017. The amended Gambling Act requires all gambling operators to receive an official Australian license. Unfortunately, there is no real system in place by which gaming operators can obtain a valid license except for sportsbooks. This has resulted in the ACMA targeting any offshore poker or casino gaming site that offers its services to Australians.

In addition, many online services have pulled out of the Australian market preemptively in order to avoid running afoul of the ACMA and its legal requirements. PokerStars, Party Poker, and 888 Poker are a few notable brands that have decided to leave the Australian market of their own volition.

The ACMA was created in 2005 by combining the Australian Broadcasting Authority with the Australian Communications AuthorityThe ACMA is in Charge of Regulating and Enforcing Australian Gambling Laws

The primary tactic that the ACMA has employed is requesting that ISPs block access to gambling sites. Since enforcement began in 2019, numerous gambling sites have been added to the growing blacklist. The ACMA has also lately been targeting affiliate marketing websites, blocking access utilizing the same techniques.

The ACMA Blocks Six Sites

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The ACMA has requested that ISPs block six additional gaming and affiliate marketing websites. The ACMA conducted an investigation into the matter and has concluded that the following six sites have been operating in breach of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001:

  • Casino Moons
  • Winnerama
  • Extra Vegas
  • Win Paradise
  • Gamblers Lab

This specific type of enforcement action has been occurring with increasing regularity. The ACMA is exerting its control over ISPs by continuing to block access to its citizens. The last two sites on the list above are affiliate sites that primarily exist to provide gambling information.

Prior Enforcement Strategies

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As we previously touched on, the ACMA has been cracking down heavily on offshore gambling in recent years. In January 2020, it blocked nine URLs, including highly reputable brands like and Joe

Later that year, the ACMA blocked another eight offshore sites. Back in early 2021, the ACMA blocked access to 25 gambling sites. Only a few months later, it blocked access to two lottery websites.

Most recently, the ACMA targeted a casino games provider known as Proxous. The ACMA issued a formal warning letter, urging Proxous to stop supplying supposedly illegal games. The ACMA seems determined to utilize any and all enforcement methods at its disposal to stop offshore operators from offering games to its citizens.

Has the Enforcement Been Successful?

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The severe enforcement strategies implemented by the ACMA may be doing more harm than good. Although a report was published claiming the enforcements were having the desired effects, it appears that the reality of the situation is much different. Players have often resorted to altering the DNS settings on their devices and utilizing VPNs in an effort to circumvent the bans. In addition, blocking reputable and trustworthy operators has diverted customers to shadier, inferior websites where customers and their funds may be put at risk.

While the ACMA continues to block gambling sites with regularity, it seems that this has done little to stop online gambling. New sites are established very quickly, and the ACMA seemingly struggles to keep up and block every site. Sites like Ignition have created multiple URLs in their efforts to continue offering fair and safe gaming options to Aussies.

Online Gambling is Still Available in Australia

The Australian online gaming market is a bit unique thanks to the heavy-handed strategies implemented by the ACMA, but there are still plenty of safe and reliable options for players who wish to gamble online.

Poker players can explore this guide to playing online poker in Australia to learn about the best options for playing online in 2022. If you wish to learn more about the gambling landscape in Australia and the legalities surrounding the gaming industry, feel free to check out this page detailing the legality of playing poker online in Australia.