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Spinfinity Man Slot Review: spin reels superhero-style

Slot Machine

After more than a decade of developing video slots and casino games, BetSoft finally found its own superhero. As we’ll see in our review of this frivolous take on the ever so popular comic theme, Spinfinity Man is coming to the rescue of the people of Metropolis, a bustling mega city that is plagued by criminal gangs headed by the villain Mr. X. The intrepid hero will use his superpowers on the slots reels to take back the neighborhoods and become the heralded savior of the city.

Oh, yes, we do love our superhero tales, and especially when they unfold on a slot machine with the potential for wins of up to 5,038 times our bet. To defeat Mr. X, Spinfinity Man will have at his disposal Super Wilds, five random Super Power Attack Combos, a random Fan Girl Fame reel modifier, and a Villain Trail that ends in the grand finale, the Mr. X Free Spins.

Spinfinity Man Slot Review

Overview and Design


BetSoft started early on the development of true 3D slots, releasing the first title in 2010 under their Slots3 trademark. Today, it is their signature format that offers a superior cinematic gaming experience with crisp graphics and elaborate animations. In any list of the leading slots software developers, Betsoft will always be at or very close to the top.

Spinfinity Man showcases a Metropolis boulevard in the background of the rather large game grid flanked by tall buildings, shops, and parked cars. The superhero can be seen hovering proudly on the left of the reels while the Villain Trail display on the right will activate the bonus round. As expected, a range of kryptonite-like crystals feature prominently on the game with a heroic orchestra piece keeping the suspense level elevated at all times.

Spinfinity Slots Reels in ActionSpinfinity Man Slots Reel Example

Spinfinity Man is not your standard video slot with spinning reels. Instead, it employs an avalanche mechanic that drops, at the start of a spin sequence, 49 symbols on to the 7x7 grid. Pays are awarded when you land clusters of minimum four matching symbols. They will explode after the win is counted and new symbols drop into place. The process keeps repeating as long as new winning clusters land after an avalanche.

Want to join the hero? You can do that on any desktop, tablet or mobile device from as little as $0.10 up to a still modest $10 per round. Looks low, but keep in mind that the maximum win potential could lead to sums exceeding $50,000; plus, the game is highly volatile, which requires maybe a little caution on the permitted bet sizes. The factory Return To Player (RTP) is set at 95.80%.

Screenshot of mid value symbols paytable Spinfinity Man slot paytable for mid value symbols

The pay table is not your standard interface either, simply because of the large range of clusters. Each symbol has a slider with the payout range, starting from a cluster of four symbols up to the maximum of 49 symbols.

Screenshot of standard value symbols paytable Paytable for standard value symbols

At the low end, you will find the usual playing cards from J to A. Hitting a cluster of 49 symbols will pay 160x to 320x your stake. More valuable are the premium symbols – blue, purple and orange crystals – with payouts for 49 symbols ranging from 480 to 2,000 times your bet. And that is not all yet. The diamond Super Crystal is the top payer with a huge 5,000 times your stake when 49 land on the grid.

The Spinfinity logo is the Super Wild, substituting for all regular pay symbols. The Spinfinity Man and Mr. X icons are special symbols that have no payout value but will activate the Super Power features and add to the meter on the Villain Trail respectively.

Spinfinity Man Super Power Attacks


A superhero comic is always full of action and that is no different for this slot. BetSoft has gone to great length to include a whole flurry of base game, random, and bonus features that will not only make sure your gaming session will be very entertaining but can also lead to mega wins. Take your time to see them play out a few times as some might be confusing at the beginning, but it is all easier than it looks.

In the base game, you will be benefiting from no less than five Super Power Attack Combos when Spinfinity Man lands as a 2×2 sized symbol on the reels. All winning clusters appearing will be paid as usual and new avalanches will flow around the Spinfinity Man symbol until no more wins occur. He will then activate one of five modes to award a random reel modifier, which will remove non-winning symbols to let new ones avalanching into place and potentially lead to more winning clusters.

Power attacks on the reels Power attack special feature in play
  • Red – Laser Beam: Will burn always two horizontal rows OR two vertical columns of symbols.
  • Red – Double Laser Beam: Will burn away two horizontal rows AND two vertical columns.
  • White – Ice Blast: Shatters a small cluster of symbols and removes them.
  • White – Double Ice Blast: Shatters a larger cluster of symbols and also removes them.
  • Green – Telepathy: Removes all occurrences of one pay symbol from all reels.

Any symbols removed by the features will award a coin win based on how many symbols were destroyed. Avalanches continue as normal after the respective modifier until no new winning clusters occur.

The Random Fan Girl Fame Feature


Superheroes have fans, right? And, of course, so does Spinfinity Man. A fangirl follows him wherever he goes hoping to get a picture with the hero she admires so much. The Fan Girl Fame feature will trigger when you hit five consecutive winning clusters within a single spin sequence. She will appear from behind the game window and the hero will pose for the photo shoot.

As a reward the girl will remove a random number of non-winning symbols for each picture. A coin win is awarded after each camera shot based on the number of removed symbols. The avalanches will continue as normal after the feature until now new wins occur.

Girl fan of Spinfinity Man makes an appearance Girl fan of Spinfinity Man starts feature

The Villain Trail and Mr. X Free Spins

Red X

The Villain Trail is shown on the right of the game window. Any Mr. X symbols landing on a spin in the main game will be added to the progressive counter. The game will award 10 Mr. X Free Spins once the meter hits 10 collected symbols. During the feature, the 2×2 Spinfinity Man mega symbols are exchanged for 2×2 Mr. X symbols. He will trigger the same modifiers as the superhero in the base game when he lands on a free spin and also award one additional free spin, no limits. The Fan Girl Fame feature can be triggered during the free spins.

Free spins on the Spinfinity Man slot Free spins triggered by encounter with Mr. X

Spinfinity Man Mobile Play

Mobile Devices

BetSoft was one of the first game developers to switch their entire portfolio to the new HTML5 standard. Starting in 2016, all their creations became available on any tablet or mobile device running on iOS or Android.

Spinfinity Man slot mobile viewMobile view screenshot of Spinfinity Man slot in play

Where To Play the Spinfinity Man Slot

Green Question Mark

If you want to try out some spins after reading our review of Spinfinity Man and see whether you can help the superhero beat the criminals on the reels, then you can practice with a free version of the game below.

Click to Play Spinfinity Man for Free

Then when you're ready to play for real money, there are plenty of online casinos where you will get your chance. To do it with some extra bonuses on top, take a look at our list below for some recommended online casinos along with their geographic areas of service. At all these you’ll find the Spinfinity Man slot in the game libraries alongside many other great Betsoft software titles.

  • Wild Casino (serves USA, Canada, and most other countries, except Australia)
  • BetOnline (serves USA, Canada, and most other countries, except Australia)
  • Juicy Stakes (serves USA, Canada, Australia, and most other countries)
  • (serves USA, Canada, and most other countries, except Australia)
  • TigerGaming (serves Canada and most other countries, except Australia)
  • (serves USA, Canada, and most other countries, except Australia)
  • Intertops (serves USA, Canada and most other countries, except Australia)

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Spinfinity Man might look like the ultimate superhero, but he ends up more like a normal mortal on this slot. Yes, the review shows that the game delivers good entertainment with the frenzy of features, but it looked extremely hard to hit wins in excess of 200x the bet. While we know they are rather rare on any slot, it needs a lot of avalanches in a single spin sequence to get something decent.

Nevertheless, the game was good for frequent wins in the 50x to 150x bet range, which is ultimately what most other slots deliver. Other than that, Spinfinity Man is a slot machine that’s a lot of fun to play and should be on anyone’s “must try” list.