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Overwatch Betting: Top 3 Sites for Betting on Overwatch

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Overwatch is a competitive, team-based, first person shooter that has been going strong in the eSports scene since its debut in 2016. Not only can you play this game yourself and watch professional matches, but it's also possible to engage in Overwatch betting online with one of several internet bookmakers.

Overwatch Betting

How to Bet on Overwatch

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Sites may vary on which kind of bets are available to be made but most follow a similar system. Overwatch is still fairly new in comparison to other eSports, like Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO. While there's only a small variety in betting lines, there are many leagues and events to follow to help satisfy your betting needs. Here is a list of common betting markets you may come across.

Match Winner – This is pretty straightforward. In this type of bet you will be wagering the outcome of the match in question. This can be found under different terminology: Match Winner, Moneyline, or Head to Head.

Handicap – Sometimes you'll often find some sportsbooks giving skewed odds based on how favorable or dominant a team is compared to the other before the match begins. In competitive Overwatch, this happens from time to time. You'll see Team A with a +1.5 advantage as a handicap while facing Team B. Suppose the final score is 1 – 2 in favor of Team B. Since Team A was given a +1.5 handicap in bet odds, the result will come out as 2.5-2, so those who bet on Team A will be paid out as winners. This type of wager is also called “spread betting.”

Total Maps – This type of betting line is offered when a game is decided on a Best of 3 or greater. Here you bet on how many maps are played before the overall winner is determined.

Outright Winner – In this type of betting line, you're betting on the winner of the entire Overwatch tournament. To Clarify, this form of bet depends not on individual matches but the tournament as a whole.

Best Sites for Overwatch Betting


Though there are hundreds of online sportsbooks for you to choose from, not all of them are appropriate for betting on Overwatch. Many of them are not available in certain jurisdictions. Others are not exactly legitimate and honest bookmakers, so you would be putting your funds at risk by opting for these blacklisted sites. Finally, there are a few sports betting destinations that simply don't offer odds on Overwatch.

Fortunately, we have evaluated the real money betting operations housed online and have evaluated them according to payout reliability, appropriateness for wagering specifically on Overwatch, bonuses, and other factors. Keep reading to find out all about where to bet on Overwatch.

#1 Overwatch Betting Site Bovada

Containing a triple threat of sports betting, poker, and casino, Bovada is a stellar pick for all categories. Bovada offers a welcome bonus of 50% up to $250 to add to your bankroll although depositing with Bitcoin will enhance this offer to 75% up to $750.

Bovada Overwatch Overwatch Betting Area

Here we will focus on what Bovada's sportsbook has to offer for Overwatch. Since Overwatch is still fairly new to the eSports scene, you'll find a recurring theme of many sportsbooks not offering a variety of odds to bet on.

However, Bovada makes up for this by offering a wider range of matches to bet on. If you follow Overwatch's Path to Pro series, you'll find that you can also bet on favorite Contender league teams rather than being limited to just the distinguished Overwatch league. Among these matches, you're able to bet on which team will win the 1st to 4th maps and then who will inevitably take the series.

There are many other professional and collegiate leagues that you're able to place wagers on, for example: NHL, NFL, and MLB. Aside from that you can also find other eSports to place a bet on such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO.

To join Bovada today, click the button above. Or to get more information first, head over to this fact-filled Bovada review. Bovada transacts only in the United States, but its partner site Bodog offers the same Overwatch betting possibilities and accepts customers from Canada, parts of Latin America, and India. Check out our Bodog review for additional insight.

#2 Overwatch Betting Site BetOnline

BetOnline is a reputable sportsbook as well as being known as the sister site to While there are multiple bonuses offered on BetOnline, the one we're interested in is a sizable sportsbook bonus of 50% up to $1000 upon deposit. This actually improves to a 100% up to $1,000 as long as you deposit with one of the supported crypto coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. In addition, you'll get a 20% rebate, payable in casino bonus funds, on your weekly eSports betting losses of $250 or more.

BoL Overwatch BettingBetting on Overwatch at

Betonline offers a wider selection of spreads on Overwatch compared to other sites. The usual winner of each map and who will take the series outright still exists. To add to these options, you can also bet on your favorite team to win at least 1 map over the other team. This occurs during the live betting time window of a match.

Besides Overwatch, BetOnline has other events and sports that you're able to place wagers on. You're able to bet on typical sports like MLB, NFL, NBA, and this even includes college sports. As far as eSports, you can make wagers on CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone.

Press the button above to sign up for BetOnline today. BoL accepts users from countries around the world, including the United States and Canada. If you're not quite ready to make the leap, then you can gather additional info by reading a comprehensive BetOnline review.

#3 Overwatch Betting Site Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a prominent sportsbook website known for being strictly a Bitcoin-only platform. Although this method may sound like a harsh restriction to some who aren't familiar with crypto, there are some perks that come with this in the form of faster deposits and payouts. When you decide to partake in what Nitrogen has to offer, you'll enjoy account anonymity and low-juice betting in the sportsbook.

With the rise of eSports in the public eye, many sportsbooks have taken upon them to include these events into their inventory. Nitrogen is one of those sports books.

Besides Overwatch, you may also enjoy Dota 2, Warcraft 3, and even League of Legends. When it comes to betting on Overwatch, Nitrogen likes to keep it sweet and simple by allowing players to predict the winner of a certain map and which team will take the series of matches in the given format. Aside from eSports, there are other traditional sports, such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Create your Bitcoin betting account at Nitrogen by clicking the button above. Nitrogen follows a policy of blocking only very few countries, and it is therefore one of the few offshore bookmakers that does business with Australian bettors. To learn more about Nitrogen Sports, check out this review of Nitrogen Sports and Poker.

Overwatch Competitive Scene

Overwatch League Logo

Blizzard has opted to represent each competitive Overwatch team through popular cities from around the world: similar to traditional American sports. Since its rise in the competitive scene, Overwatch has instituted many competitive divisions to both develop story-lines and give viewers more Overwatch games to keep up with.

The league that is held in the highest regard among the three is OWL (Overwatch League). Then there are the paths that teams can join to work their way up to be a part of the Overwatch League: Contenders League and Open Division. Aside from enjoying the game, whether it be as a spectator or an avid casual player, you can also bet on Overwatch.

Gameplay Overview

Game Controller

The perk of owning Overwatch is that all characters will be available for you to play. There are moreover many cosmetics that can be received through loot boxes. You can earn loot boxes from leveling up your account by just playing the game or completing game modes in the Arcade. There is also an option to use real money to buy loot boxes.

Unfortunately, as of now, you can't buy specific add-ons through real money means and must instead just hope you get good rewards once you open the loot box. These rewards range in rarity and include skins, victory poses, voice lines, and more.

Overwatch, while it boasts many first person shooter aspects, also incorporates a vast squad-based meta. Teams of six work together to secure and defend objectives on a map or escort the payload across the map from point A to point B.

Hero SelectHeroes in Overwatch Have Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses

As of now, there are 31 playable characters with more in development to be added to the roster via patch updates. Each character usually falls under one of the three roles that are known as Damage, Tank, and Support.

Damage characters are usually the ones who are deal the most damage to the opposing team. Tanks can soak up damage and often provide crowd-control utility to keep your teammates and objectives secure. Supports help out in various ways through healing, additional movement speed, or increasing another character's damage output.

Overwatch provides a variety of games modes that involve 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, and even the occasional squad vs AI scenarios. You can find these game modes in competitive play, quick-play, arcade, or game browser.

Overwatch Game ModesOverwatch Game Modes

Competitive Play

(quick-play uses the same game modes)

This is the ranked mode in Overwatch. Players climb a ranked ladder, earning points based on victories and solo performance. There are four staple objective-based maps. Two teams of six are put on a rotation of attack and defense based on which mode is used to compete.

  • Escort: The goal here is to be the team who escorts the payload the furthest when given the attack role. Once assigned the defense role, your team's goal is to prevent the opposing team's payload from advancing.
  • Assault: The goal for the attacking team is to capture two locations on the map via standing in the location for a certain length of time. When on defense, you are to prevent the attacking team from remaining on the capture points.
  • Hybrid: This mode combines both Assault and Escort.
  • Control: This is a king of the hill style format where both teams employ a combination of attack and defense to control one point for a set amount of time.


Not sure if you're able to play under the pressure of ranked? Quick-play may be up your alley especially so if you want to try out the latest Hero or one that you haven't laid hands on yet. Quick-play has the same selection of game modes as ranked play.

Arcade and Game Browser

Game browser allows players to develop their own rule-set and format that can be put on display for others to participate in. Game browser mode provides a more laid-back and experimental environment for players who want to take a break from ranked or quick-play formats.

Arcade is a feature in Overwatch that has numerous game modes. In arcade, there are free-for-all formats that pit eight players against each other all aiming to rack up a kill count of up to 25 to come up on top.

As we mentioned earlier, Arcade offers another means for players to earn loot boxes to add more cosmetics to their inventory. The game modes presented rotate out daily to ensure there is constant diversity for the players as well as a one-time loot box reward for each new game format. The arcade mode is also a haven for seasonal events that give players a unique experience while also being able to earn special accolades for these special events.


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Overwatch was released to the public in May 2016. Despite being new compared to most other eSports, Overwatch caught fire fast. In fact there was no stopping the competitiveness of players seeing that even their beta testers were already creating separate lobbies to organize tournaments and practice just to get an edge. Most competition didn't get any live arena coverage rather most teams that were formed would compete online on sites like

By November 2016, the Overwatch League was announced, which would feature franchise teams similar to organizations like the NFL and NBA. In 2017, the Overwatch Open Division and Overwatch Contenders were announced as a part of the “Path to Pro” system. Unfortunately, this ended all other third-party sites and “2nd-tier” events. The OWL still goes strong and has continued support for fans the franchised teams involved.

Other Real Money Wagering Pastimes

If you're intrigued by the possibility of betting real money on Overwatch matches, then you may also be interested in other online gaming entertainments. We have identified the best sites for such wagering:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Overwatch is not just a game you run on your computer but also an eSport and a community of avid gamers. In case you still have questions about the Overwatch ecosystem, look below because we have gathered the answers to a few common questions about Overwatch.

Teams are required to play four maps no matter the outcome of the first three maps. Once all maps are completed, the team that has won more maps will advance.

We'll have to say Seyeon “Geguri” Kim is the most well-known player of Overwatch. Not only was she the first women to be selected to join a team in the Overwatch League, but she is the ONLY female who plays in the OWL as well. Known for her skills with the tank hero Zarya, Geguri currently plays for the Shanghai Dragons.

The OWL games are usually held in the Blizzard Arena located in Los Angeles, California. Toward the latter half of the OWL stages, a team within the league will host the weekend-long event called HOMESTAND. An event like this will usually be held in a stadium, for example Allen Event Center located in North Texas or the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The betting odds for Overwatch will be shown in the following format if you choose to display lines in American odds:

Team 1: -170
Team 2: +150

The team with the plus sign next to it is the underdog. In this example, “+150” means that for every $100 bet on Team 2, you stand you collect a profit of $150 should this team win. By contrast, Team 1 has a minus sign next to it, which indicates its status as the favorite. “-170” signifies that you would have to bet $170 in order to earn $100 in winnings if you bet on Team 1.

There are other odds formats that show the line in a different way, and you can adjust the odds display in your sportsbook's settings.