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Punt Game Review: kick the football high for big $ wins

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Have you ever heard of crash gambling games? Well, these games of chance provide a high-quality and exciting online gambling experience. These games tend to be fairly high variance, which can result in big thrills and swings. Punt is a brand new online crash game that is available at SB Casino, BetOnline, and their sister sites, like Wild Casino, SuperSlots, and TigerGaming.

Punt Crash Gambling Game

Over the past few years, crash gambling games have evolved and steadily increased in their popularity. Online crypto casinos like Roobet, Stake, and Trustdice are mostly responsible for the spike in popularity, but nowadays, there are numerous online casinos that offer their own versions of crash games.

Punt was created by PureRNG, a fairly obscure internet gambling game designer. Punt is a fairly basic crash game although it does boast a few unique features and consistent payouts. Like all crash games, Punt provides an exciting opportunity to win big as you can win up to 500x your bet in a single play if you are lucky enough!

Gameplay and Design


Punt is a new specialty casino game designed by a company called PureRNG. It is available to play at SB Casino and its sister sites. Punt is a single-player game that utilizes popular crash game mechanics. The game design is based on an American football punter kicking a football as high as possible. You are essentially betting on how high the punt will go before stopping or crashing down.

One important distinction to make about this game is that you can select a cash-out multiplier anywhere between 1.00x and 500x, but the punt itself can result in a multiplier below 1x. This is unique to the Punt game as most crash games start at 1x, so players can almost always win, if they cash out quickly enough, albeit a tiny amount. The Punt game multiplier begins at 0.0x, so regardless of the cash-out multiplier that you select, you will sometimes lose.

You can also keep track of the prior game results by looking at the green multipliers shown across the top of the screen. Although the prior result has no bearing on the next spin, this can still be fun to keep track of your play.

Punt Crash GameThe Punt crash game is offered at SB Casino and its sister sites

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 98.75%, which is a bit higher than most online crash games. Pure RNG is responsible for the creation of this game, and it is a company that has designed numerous online casino and specialty gambling games. You can be assured of a fair gaming experience if you decide to try Punt.

You can choose to wager as little as $1 per play and the maximum wager is $100. Unlike most other crash games, you'll need to select a specific cash-out multiplier. With other crash games, although you can select an automatic cash-out multiplier, you can also click the game screen in real-time in order to cash out. This is not the case with Punt as you'll need to select your cash-out multiplier prior to the beginning of the game.

You can also utilize the autoplay feature to play multiple games in a row. You can select anywhere between 1 and 100 automatic games to play without interruption. It is important to remember that the cash-out multiplier that you choose will apply for the duration of your automatic plays.

Punt Crash Game AutoplayThe autoplay feature on the Punt crash game

User Experience

When it comes to the user experience playing any game of chance, the outcome can play a large role in determining if it is a positive or negative experience. It is our opinion that gambling and playing any crash game should primarily be for entertainment, so it is important that a game is fun and enjoyable to play regardless of the outcome.

The Punt crash game is quite enjoyable and entertaining to play. Although the concept is somewhat rudimentary, the gameplay is excellent and intuitive. You can adjust your bet size at any time or set the game to play multiple rounds automatically one after the other.

The game features a background soundtrack comprised of cheering fans, and when you click to begin a game round, you'll hear a thud followed by an electronic beeping sound. You can turn off the sound at any time by clicking the small speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner. In addition, you can access the settings menu by clicking on the three white lines in the top-right corner.

Punt Crash Game Settings MenuSystem settings menu in the Punt crash game

Graphics, Artwork, and Animations

As we touched on previously, Punt is a very simple concept, and the graphics and artwork match this concept. The graphics maintain a genuine simplicity while clearly portraying an American football punter.

The ball movement and animations are solid and consistent, so you should be able to confidently enjoy the gameplay as you hold on to the hope of landing a significant multiplier. The colors are sharp and the punter is actually quite impressive in its realism.

Tension and Anticipation Value

Crash games are hugely popular in large part because of the great anticipation value that can come along with playing. You can essentially control your own destiny by choosing the multiplier that you will choose to cash out.

This type of game creates a high-tension experience with the potential for big wins. With the Punt game specifically, there is probably a bit less anticipation value and excitement than with other crash games. This is because the game offers a maximum multiplier of only 500x, which is significantly lower than comparable games.

In addition, part of the excitement when playing a crash game comes from being able to adjust your decision-making on the fly and cash out at any time during the course of gameplay. This is not the case with Punt because you'll need to select a cash-out multiplier prior to the start of play.


Crash games offer users the ability to maintain some control over their gambling experience, especially when compared with slots. You can choose a low multiplier to achieve frequent small wins or you can select a high multiplier for the chance to win big.

Due to the element of choice involved in these games, it is inevitable that people would attempt to implement strategies and betting patterns in an effort to win. Although these tactics can be very fun and often will result in wins, it is important to remember that no matter what cash-out multiplier you choose, the average return and the odds will remain the same.

Mobile Gameplay


Punt is a brand-new game, so it is only natural that the game would be available to play on a smartphone or mobile device. You can enjoy Punt on any desktop, laptop, or modern smartphone. The mobile gameplay and graphics are indistinguishable when compared to playing on a computer.

Punt Crash GamePunt gameplay on an iPhone 11

Pros and Cons

  • You can bet as little as $1.
  • You can set the game to play automatically up to 100 times in a row.
  • The RTP is 98.75%, a favorable and generous figure.
  • The minimum multiplier is less than 1x, which is not the standard for online crash games.
  • The maximum multiplier that can be won is 500x, a bit lower than standard.
  • You cannot manually click during the course of gameplay to decide when to cash out. You'll need to select a cashout multiplier prior to the start of the game.


Book and Spectacles

Punt is a genuinely entertaining game of chance that features solid graphics, smooth gameplay, and fair payouts. The maximum win from any single round is capped at a relatively low 500x your bet, but taking all the probabilities into consideration, the amount actually returned back to the player is more than most other such games. You can enjoy a classic and simple crash game and potentially win big. Punt is available to play at SB Casino and all of its sister sites.

There are numerous internet gaming providers that offer a similar gaming experience, like Bovada's Thundercrash and Trustdice's Crash game. If you want to get a feel for crash games or learn more about all of the intricacies surrounding this game type, please feel free to peruse this extensive guide to crash gambling games or this detailed breakdown of the Trust Dice Crash game.

Top Casinos to Play Punt

Some of our favorite sites that offer Punt include BetOnline and its sister sites, like SB Casino, Wild Casino, SuperSlots, and TigerGaming. Punt is listed under the specialty games tab of these casinos. If you are interested in registering to play at any of these sites, feel free to utilize the links below to access extensive reviews of each casino brand. Also included below is information regarding which geographical locations are allowed to register at each site.