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Rounder Casino Review: Is This New Poker Site Legitimate?

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Rounder Casino Brags and Beats

  • Americans, Canadians, and Australians accepted   USA Tiny Flag CAN Tiny FlagSmall AUS Flag
  • 100% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus
  • Many poker variants supported
  • Lifetime VIP Program for up to 75% RB
  • Very low player traffic
  • No tracking software support
  • Many small software imperfections
  • No attached casino or sportsbook
  • Low $800 withdrawal maximum

Rounder Casino Deposit Options


The USA online poker ecosystem has settled into a kind of groove over the past few years with the same sites remaining at the top of the list of internet poker destinations albeit with the occasional newcomer popping up every now and again.

It's one of these new poker sites that we have decided to take a look at today. Rounder Casino appeared on the scene in March 2020, launched by an entity known as “Rounder Development Association,” registered and licensed in Costa Rica. This corporation had previously run the URounder's Club on the PPPoker app, but this club was closed and all players and balances transferred to Rounder Casino.

With weekly rake races and other bonuses, support for many poker formats, and software for almost every OS in common use today, Rounder Casino certainly has quite a few advantages. Americans do have fewer choices that most internet poker fans around the world, warranting a close look at any site that’s U.S.A.-friendly. Rounder Casino also accepts Australians who have even an even shorter list of options available to them. But does this room truly deliver a winning gaming experience to residents of these countries and elsewhere?

That's the question we have set ourselves to answer today in our Rounder Casino review. We'll examine closely the poker client, cashier, promotions, games available, traffic levels, and more so that you can discover exactly what you're in for when you sign up for Rounder Casino.

Rounder Casino WebsiteThe Website of Rounder Casino

Rounder Casino First Deposit Bonus

Initially, Rounder Casino offered a 100% up to $3,000 match bonus that released at a rate of 20% rakeback in $5 portions. This bonus lasted 180 days before expiring.

However, in late 2020, this bonus was replaced with a 100% up to $1,000 Holiday Deposit Bonus. You must deposit at least $50 to qualify for the bonus. It releases in pieces of $5 every time you rake $20 for a 25% cashback rate.

Unfortunately, this bonus expires on Feb. 13, 2021, giving new customers only about a month or less to earn out their bonus funds. No withdrawals can be made while the bonus is active, or else all released portions of the bonus will become void.

There's no information on the Rounder Casino website as to whether or not the previous 100% up to $3,000 first deposit bonus will return once the Holiday Deposit Bonus has ended.

Poker Games

There are quite a few different categories of games at Rounder Casino. Beyond the usual trio of cash games, sit-n-goes, and multi-table tournaments, there are also lottery-style Spins.

Cash Games

PLO 7m
PLO 4m AoF
PLO Hi-Lo 7m
PLO5 Hi-Lo 7m
Courchevel 7m
8 Game

Rounder Casino's cash game section contains the expected Texas Hold'em and several versions of Omaha along with a couple of mixed games too. Unusually, the standard tables here are seven-handed. The lowest blinds spread for the most popular formats are $0.10/$0.25 while the highest are $2/$5. In a few of the more obscure variants, there are lower stakes of $0.02/$0.05 present.

Special All-in-or-Fold four-handed tables exist for NLHE and PLO with a permitted buyin of exactly 8bb. These AoF games are listed from $0.10/$0.25 to $25/$50 for both Hold'em and Omaha.

The two mixed games spread at Rounder Casino are 8 Game Mix and HORSE, which are both offered at $0.02/$0.05.

Traffic in ring games is very light. There's most often only a single table or two actually populated, usually for No Limit Texas Hold'em or one of the PLO games. A few times when we opened the lobby, not a single active cash game was running.


The rake schedule at Rounder Casino is pretty simple and does not change depending on the betting structure and poker variant. The rake is instead dependent on the number of players and the stakes:

BlindsPercentageCap: 2 PlayersCap: 3-4 PlayersCap: 5+ Players
Up to $0.50/$1.005%$0.50$1.00$3.00
$1/$2 and Up5%$1.00$2.00$4.50

These rake arrangements are basically in the same ballpark as most competing sites although the cap of $4.50 in games with five or more players at stakes above $0.50/$1.00 is a bit high. This is mostly an academic point, though, because there are only very seldom non-shorthanded games running that high.

Sit n' Gos

6m DoN
$1 + $0.10
$3.05 + $0.25
$5.10 + $0.40
$10.10 + $0.90
$15.10 + $1.40
$26 + $1.50
$1 + $0.10
$3 + $0.30
$5 + $0.50
$15.50 + $1
$26 + $1.50
4m Satty
$0.28 + $0.02
$0.55 + $0.05
$0.83 + $0.08
$1.38 + $0.13
$2.75 + $0.25
$5 + $0.50
5m Satty
$5 + $0.50

The menu of single-table contests is very spartan. There are only three types of SNGs that award cash prizes: six-man Double or Nothings, regular five-handed games, and heads-up battles. DoN stakes run from $1.10 to $27.50, but the five-player games are only spread from $1.10 to $5.50. One-on-one contests are available at $16.50 and $27.50 price points.

There are also a small number of satellites that pay out in the form of tournament tickets. They run from $0.30 to $5.50. All of them are four-handed except for a single five-max satellite.


Spins are Rounder Casino's three-handed lottery SNG product. They're present at four buyin levels: $0.50, $2, $7, and $20. The prize pool is determined by a randomized mechanism and can go as high as 2,400 times the buyin. Waiting times for Spins to fire up tend to be around 15 minutes at $0. 50 and perhaps a bit longer in the higher levels.

The possible multipliers and their frequencies are as follows:

  • 2x: 749,924 per million
  • 5x: 248,900 per million
  • 15x: 1,060 per million
  • 120x: 85 per million
  • 240x: 30 per million
  • 2,400x: 1 per million

The 2x, 5x, and 15x multiplier prize tables pay everything to the winner. At multipliers of 120x and above, the second and third finishers both receive prizes equal to 1/10 the winner's prize. Unusually, these second and third prizes come on top of the 120x, 240x, or 2,400x payday for the winner. So in a 120x game, for example, first place gets 120 times the buyin, second receives 12 times the buyin, and third is rewarded with another 12 times the buyin for a total payout of 144x rather than the stated 120x.

In a rule that we have not seen the likes of at any other room, all prizes from Spins with a 120x or higher multiplier require a 1x playthrough before being able to cash them out.

Multi-Table Tournaments

The tourney section of Rounder Casino appears to be where most users congregate. The schedule consists mainly of small-stakes events with buyins of below $25. A couple of larger tournaments beckon on Sundays: the $30 + $3 $1,000 GTD Main Event at 5:00 p.m. ET followed by the $50 + $5 Sunday High Roller $1,000 Guaranteed at 7 p.m.

Rounder Casino Tournament LobbyTournaments at Rounder Casino

Despite the small level of the buyins and guarantees for most MTTs here, fans of certain forms of poker might be intrigued by Rounder Casino. This is because there are a few tournaments held in niche variants of the game, like Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw, Courchevel, and HORSE. Opportunities to play in such games are pretty rare in the U.S. market, and so this factor alone might be worth putting this site on your mental map.

Poker Software

The poker client at Rounder Casino was developed by Evenbet (formerly known as Enterra), which provides turnkey gaming solutions to third-party partners. Evenbet is headquartered in Malta and holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Among the sites that have deployed poker clients from this provider are SwCPoker, 64Spades, and J88 Poker.

Customers of this software house are able to customize the gaming application to their own requirements, which is why there are significant differences between the platforms that employ Evenbet solutions. Notably, most of them remain standalone operations rather than combining their traffic together into an online poker network.

Rounder Casino provides download software for Windows and Android. There's also a web app that users of any modern hardware can access to play through their web browsers. The Rounder Casino homepage says that an iOS app is “Coming Soon.”

The poker client for web browsers appears to be the smoothest and most well-rounded of the several that are available. Therefore, we have opted to primarily feature it in this review. On this page, any screenshots or descriptions of the app apply to the software for web browsers unless otherwise indicated.


The lobby at Rounder Casino is divided up into several tabs at the top corresponding to the different types of games available. Starting on the left and proceeding toward the right, they are: Cash Tables, Rapid, Tournaments, Sit & Go, and Spins. To the left is a tab marked “Promo” where you can see your active and available bonuses.

Poker Lobby at Rounder CasinoPoker Lobby

When you have a cash game selected, you will see a graphical representation of the table on the right side of the lobby with players shown in their seats and their stack sizes. If you're instead browsing through the tournaments, you will see info about the number of entrants, the prize pool, the number of paying places, et cetera.

To the right, near the top of the lobby window, is an icon that resembles a three-spoked wheel. Clicking on it will bring up the settings menu. Here you can adjust your post blinds, auto muck, and similar settings, choose a table and app theme, configure auto-buyin and auto-rebuy, increase or decrease the volume of sound effects, and more.

Rounder Casino SettingsCustomize the Software Settings to Your Liking

The menu on the top-left of the lobby has additional features for you to explore, including a list of games that you're seated at and registered for, the hand history replayer, and a player search function.

Poker Tables

The poker tables at this site are laid out in a familiar format. The cards, chips, and player nameplates occupy about the top 80% of the table with action buttons on the bottom toward the right and chat on the left.

Poker Table: Rounder CasinoMicro-Stakes NLHE Cash Game

There are two chat modes: one that displays all messages, including those from the dealer, and another that only shows player chat. Toggle between them by pressing the red or blue button above the chat box.

In order to send a chat message yourself, you must expand the chatbox by clicking on the two upward pointing arrows on the right of the chat interface. A text box will appear into which you can type. There's also an extensive list of emoticons that you can send by clicking on an image of a smiley face:

Rounder Casino ChatThere Are Many Emoticons and Emojis You Can Put in the Chat Box

When you wish to make a bet or raise, you can use one of the preset bet size buttons, click on a slider bar, use the plus and minus symbols, or type in a value directly. You'll have a variable amount of time to make your decision, depending on the speed of the table, and there's also a timebank, which will automatically engage when you run down the normal timer.

Straddling, running it twice, and rabbit hunting are supported at most tables. However, you have to pay a small fee of a few cents to rabbit hunt! We therefore caution you to avoid this feature.

To set a preferred seat, right-click on the seat you're interested in, and then choose “Favorite seat” from the menu.

In order to take notes, you must right-click on a player's nameplate and then choose the oddly named “User Settings” item. A box will appear with that individual's screenname and avatar. You can type notes in the middle and also choose from one of six colors to tag that player with. You can block someone's chat here too.

Player Notes at Rounder CasinoPlayer Notes Interface

When you're multi-tabling, your tables are represented by ovals arranged from left to right at the top of the table. The multi-tabling limit is 20.

Whenever you have hole cards active, they will show up inside the appropriate oval. A red exclamation point atop one of these ovals alerts you whenever it's your action. Switch to another game by selecting it from the top bar. To go back to the lobby and find another game to play, click on the plus sign to the right of the ovals representing your currently active tables.

Hand History Replayer

The hand history function at Rounder Casino is listed in the top-left lobby menu as “Hands History.” You can also access it from any table by pressing the button that looks like a play symbol near the top-right of the window.

If you enter the replayer from the poker lobby, you will see a list of the last hands you have played, and you can select the one you wish to replay. When you click on the replayer from an active table, the last hand you played will be loaded automatically.

HH Replayer at Rounder CasinoThe Replayer Lets You View Hands That Have Already Happened

Once you have a hand ready in the replayer, use the VCR-style controls near the bottom of the screen to control the playback.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to browse through the list of hands once you already have one loaded in the replayer. The best you can do is go to the previous or next hand using the VCR controls at the bottom of the window. It is possible to more easily access a list of all your HHs from the Windows version of Rounder Casino but not from within the web client.

You can allegedly share particularly interesting hands by clicking on the menu to the top-right of the screen and selecting the icon corresponding to the way you wish to broadcast the hand. However, all of our attempts to do so resulted in links that didn’t point to any specific hand but rather just opened up the Rounder Casino poker room.

Windows Download

We also checked out the Windows version of the poker software, but it is nowhere near as polished as the web interface. We encountered a number of small flaws that had us shaking our heads in frustration before heading back to the standard web-based client.

All the games at the poker room are listed in the Windows lobby, so it's not as if the issues with this platform stem from a watered-down gaming menu. On the contrary, the PC download Rounder Casino poker app lists quite a few types of games that are not present in the web lobby: Rummy, Chinese, Pineapple, and several other variants greet Windows users. The problem is that there are no games listed in these categories, which could prove misleading and annoying to customers who try to find tables in these formats.

We also found the language settings to be problematic. When changing to another language besides English, some of the text nevertheless remains in English while the remainder is shown in the language chosen. This creates a jarring effect.

What's more, several graphical assets appear to be missing as in the screenshot above where the banner near the top-right of the window shows, “404 Not found. Press ESC to close this window.” Pressing ESC did not, in fact, close that window, but we were nevertheless able to manually effect our escape from this subpar poker client by availing ourselves of the handy “x” placed in the top-right corner.

Rounder Casino's Windows SoftwareThe Bug-Riddled Rounder Casino Windows Poker Client

Rounder Casino Deposits

Making a deposit is very simple. The only deposit options currently supported are Bitcoin and Litecoin, and so you will need to already possess a crypto wallet with coins in it before you can fund your Rounder Casino account. If you are unfamiliar with how Bitcoin works, then you can read our thorough guide to using Bitcoin for internet poker to gain the information you need.

Once you are ready to deposit, open up the Cashier in the poker lobby, and then choose the “Deposit” tab. After you select the type of crypto asset you wish to deposit with, you will see an address, which you will need to copy and paste to your wallet. You can send any amount of BTC or LTC that you want between the values of $5 and $5,000. The coins will be converted at market rates to U.S. dollars and credited to your balance.

Rounder Casino Deposit FormRounder Casino Deposit Form

We made a small deposit to check out the process, and the funds were in our account within a couple of network confirmations. We did have a small issue, which was that the address shown for BTC deposits remained the same even after we have completed the transaction. It’s standard at online gaming sites to generate new addresses for each deposit, for the purposes of anonymity and security, and so we were slightly disappointed to see that Rounder Casino is not up to industry standard in this regard.

Rounder Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawals at Rounder Casino are conducted in Bitcoin and Litecoin crypto-currencies. According to information on the website, the average payout takes less than 24 hours. In order to request a payment, you must wait at least three days since your last deposit. Moreover, all deposited funds are subject to a 1x rollover before any cashout can be made.

There’s a relatively high cashout minimum of $50 per week along with a cap of $800 per week on the maximum withdrawal. We find this to be overly restrictive, and it could mean you’ll have to wait months to collect all your winnings.

For instance, say you deposit $1,000 to get a matching bonus. Well, according to the rules in place, you would have to make more than one withdrawal in order to recoup your deposit amount. This doesn’t even take into consideration any of your winnings or bonus money, which could push back the full cashout completion date another month or even more.

There’s another way to move your money off your account, and that is by performing a player-to-player transfer. These transfers are similarly capped at $800 per transaction.

If you seek a poker home with more liberal withdrawal rules, then you can read the monthly online poker payout report to learn about the fastest-paying sites serving the United States today.

Our Cashout Experience

We decided to test the system out with a withdrawal to see how long it took to get our money. Unfortunately, our first Bitcoin withdrawal for the sum of $400 was denied with no explanation given.

We headed to live chat to find out what the problem was. The support agent told us that Rounder Casino was experiencing “a much longer than expected delay moving funds into the system,” which limited its current capacity to just $50 per payout. We felt that the normal cashout maximum of $800 was already very stingy, but $50 was totally ridiculous.

“Allen” from Rounder Casino support assured us that this situation was merely temporary and advised us to wait a few days before attempting to withdraw again. This is what we did, but when we logged in after several days, we saw that our maximum cashout was still showing as $50.

About a week after we initially contacted Rounder Casino about this issue, our withdrawal limit was finally raised back up to the normal amount. We therefore submitted our $400 request again, and this time, it was paid out within 12 hours.

We were satisfied with the speed with which we got our cash once our transaction was finally approved. However, being unable to process more than $50 for a period lasting around a week is completely unacceptable in today's climate. Making things worse is the fact that it was a Bitcoin transaction that we requested. Even if Rounder Casino had miscalculated its crypto reserves, it should have taken no longer than a day or two for the site to replenish its funds unless it is seriously undercapitalized.


Beyond the first deposit bonus that we have already described, there are several other ongoing specials that Rounder Casino has opted to provide for its players.

Lifetime VIP

Much as most gaming sites do, Rounder Casino maintains a VIP program to reward its frequent customers. Unlike most such systems, the one employed here considers your lifetime playing volume, meaning that you won't drop down to a lower level if you fail to meet a yearly or monthly target.

The Lifetime VIP Rewards Program is based upon the rake you pay. $1 in rake is equal to 1 VIP Point. The first few tiers unlock somewhat trivial rewards, like the ability to participate in lobby-wide chat and your choice of avatar.

Starting with VIP level 6 (corresponding to $250 rake paid), you will begin to get rakeback. This is initially a fairly unremarkable 5% RB, but as you keep increasing your level, this percentage will be upgraded accordingly. By the time you get to level 10 ($5,000 raked), you will be getting 25% back, and if you should proceed to advance to the lofty level 17 ($1,000,000 raked), then you will be the recipient of 75% rakeback.

Monthly Tournament Leaderboard

Every month, the top 25 tournament players take home prizes with a total value of more than $300. The complete breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st – 3rd: $33 Ticket
  • 4th – 5th: $22 Ticket
  • 6th – 9th: $11 Ticket
  • 10th - 25th: $3.30 Ticket

In addition, the top 50 players receive entry into the $1,000 Monthly Tournament of Champions. Sometimes, the top few competitors win physical merchandise too.

You receive 11 points for every MTT that you win, 10 points for a 2nd place finish, 9 for third, and so on down to 3 points if you end up in ninth place. Tenth through 18th get 2 points apiece while everyone who places worse that 18th receives a single point. Then the number of points granted based on finishing position is multiplied by the number of entrants and then multiplied again depending on the buyin level of the event as follows:

  • $1 - $3 buyin: 1x
  • $5 - $10 buyin: 1.5x
  • $11 - $25 buyin: 2x
  • $26 - $99 buyin: 2.5x
  • $100+ buyin: 3x

In order to qualify for the monthly tourney leaderboard, a player must be opted-in to the Rounder Casino email list.

Weekly Plunder

Every week, from Monday through Friday, the 10 highest-ranked tournament grinders each get tournament tickets added to their accounts. The points formula follows the same format as that for the monthly Tournament Leaderboard (described above). The prize packages are:

  • 1st: $27.50 & $16.50 tickets
  • 2nd: $27.50 & $11.00 tickets
  • 3rd: $27.50 ticket
  • 4th – 5th: $16.50 ticket
  • 6th - 10th: $11 ticket

Additionally, the top 25 contenders each receive a ticket to the $1,000 Monthly Championship Freeroll.

Weekend Warrior

The Weekend Warrior is a leaderboard just like the Weekly Plunder, but it's active from Friday through Sunday. The top 10 competitors each walk away with leaderboard prize packages identical to those provided through the Weekly Plunder competition, and similarly, the highest-ranked 25 individuals get tickets to a monthly $1,000 freeroll.

Weekly Rake Race

Each week, there's $1,000 up for grabs for the most dedicated cash game grinders. This is divided up into two stake levels. The Low division consists of blinds of $0.01/$0.02 and $0.05/$0.10 and distributes $100 in prizes. The High leaderboard is for stakes of $0.10/$0.25 and above, and it is worth $900.

Nine players get prizes on each leaderboard so 18 in total. Payouts range from $4.50 to $30 for the Low rake race and $40.50 to $270 for the High.

The rake race period is Monday through Sunday each week. In order to participate, a user must be signed up for the Rounder Casino email list. Each cent of rake generated contributes 1 leaderboard point.

100 Hand Bonus

For every 100 hands you win in Texas Hold'em or Omaha, you can obtain a free bonus payout! 100 Hold'em hands is good for $40 while 100 Omaha (Four or Five Cards) hands is worth $50.

In order for a hand to count, at least six players must be dealt in, it must go to the flop, the hand must be raked, and you must be the winner. Every seven days, these promos will reset and you can work toward a new 100 hand bonus.

Depositor Freerolls

Whenever you deposit $5 or more, you'll get two tickets for daily depositor freerolls. The tickets last for seven days, so you have some flexibility as to which freerolls you enter.

Each depositor freeroll has a $50 prize pool and requires 20 registrants to start. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, the depositor freeroll begins at 2:15 p.m. ET. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, it starts at 6:15 p.m. ET.


Every day at Rounder Casino, there are a handful of freerolls that cost nothing to enter but pay out in real money. The prize pools are very small, most often amounting to $5 or $6, but on the other hand, there are seldom as many as 50 entrants, so your chances of picking up a prize are pretty good. This is a fine way for cash-strapped individuals to build up a bankroll from nothing.

⚠ Important Note: Rounder Casino's $99 no deposit bonus has been discontinued. However, it was a popular promotion that was widely advertised by the room. Therefore, we have preserved some information about it below in case you were wondering what all the fuss was about.

Rounder Casino $99 No Deposit Bonus

Rounder Casino greets newcomers with a free $99 no deposit bonus. This gives you the opportunity to check out the platform even if you aren’t quite ready to make a deposit. The $99 is paid out in several increments as you complete various tasks.

First, you'll get $5 added to your balance once you sign up and verify your account. You do have to opt in on the promotion page to be credited with these funds.

Next, you will receive $1 every time you win 25 hands at the cash tables. You can perform this step up to 20 times for $20 free. This is the most difficult part of the bonus conditions to fulfill. Only hands with five or more players count, and the majority of tables run shorthanded, so finding games with enough users seated may be a challenge.

The third stage will see you get $1 for every 25 hands you win in tournaments. Much like the previous phase, you can accomplish this feat up to 20 times to receive a total of $20.

The penultimate portion of the bonus is earned by winning 3,000 hands. Hands that you have played while completing the earlier tasks do count toward this total.

Finally, you will be issued with a $34 bonus that pays out $1 for every $5 you rake.

This is among the largest (if not the largest) no deposit bonus to be found at any U.S.-facing offshore poker site. Be advised, though, that once you accept the bonus, you must complete ALL tasks before requesting any cashout.

Rounder Casino Rakeback

Rakeback is one of the most beneficial advantages that any poker player can use to pad his or her bottom line, and here at ProfessionalRakeback, we represent quite a few rooms that offer this worthwhile perk. However, Rounder Casino is not one of them.

Not only does PROFRB not provide extra Rounder Casino rakeback, but it appears that there are no legitimate affiliates who do so either. This means that if you do encounter any third-party website offering Rounder Casino RB offers, it is likely a shady operation of dubious integrity.

The only publicly available Rounder Casino rakeback is that provided through the Lifetime VIP Program. Although you will not qualify for immediate rakeback upon the creation of your account, you can earn an RB percentage between 5% and 75% depending on the amount you play.

Mobile Poker

There is mobile poker support at Rounder Casino, which comes in the form of an Android app that you can download to your phone or tablet. According to the info we’ve seen, an iOS app is coming soon, but it has not yet been made available for download.

Rounder Casino Mobile TablePlaying at Rounder Casino on an Android Tablet

The tables on Android by default are locked to a portrait layout, like with the PPPoker and PokerBros apps, but it’s possible to change this in the settings. Most of the features are the same as in the desktop client, but there are some elements positioned differently, like the bet slider, in order to fit on a mobile screen.

In order to browse through the games on mobile, you must first choose the type of game you’re interested in and then adjust the filters to your liking. Then when you press “Show Tables,” you will see all matching games.

Mobile Rounder Casino FiltersLobby Filters in the Mobile App

There’s also a quick seat feature implemented on Android, but we were unable to get it to work. Despite fiddling with the settings for a while, we could not avoid receiving an error message whenever we attempted to use this function:

Error MessageThe Quick Seat Function Failed to Operate Properly

HUDs + Trackers

There are no popular commercial poker tracking or HUD programs that are compatible out of the box with Rounder Casino. Neither have we encountered any third-party hand converters that can grab and transform the hands you play into a format understandable by mainstream poker tracking packages.

Other Gaming

Rounder Casino has elected to focus solely on poker games. Despite its name, there are no casino titles, like Blackjack or Roulette, available. There isn’t any sports betting to be had here either.

While there’s something to be said for not expanding the gaming selection promiscuously, particularly for a newer site that’s still finding its groove, there are some who enjoy engaging in multiple forms of betting. For these individuals, an all-in-one platform is best.

You can learn more about other sites that offer multiple forms of gaming in this review of the best U.S.A. sportsbooks and this page dedicated to the best America-friendly internet casinos.

Customer Support

There are bound to be times when you encounter an issue and need some assistance in resolving it. This is when the quality of an organization’s customer support becomes important.

At Rounder Casino, you can fill out a form on the “Contact Us” section of the room’s website, and a representative will get back to you. Alternately, you can send a message to support[at]

Perhaps the best method for resolving your problem speedily is the Live Chat button on the bottom-right of the website. Be aware, though, that the Live Chat is sometimes offline, in which case you will be directed to leave a message. We initiated a Live Chat session to gauge the quality of the responses given:

Rounder Casino Live ChatLive Chat at Rounder Casino

We asked the support agent about the various poker software available for different OSes. The answers we received, although a bit light on details, were informative and, from what we could tell, accurate. The entire chat session lasted no more than five minutes.

Rounder Casino on Social Media

Most online poker sites were launched a decade or more ago before the current social media frenzy really got underway, and so it’s understandable that their efforts in this area are sometimes lackluster. As a new enterprise, however, Rounder Casino made its debut while social media was in full swing, and so it has decided to make its presence known on a number of these platforms. You can follow Rounder Casino on:

It may prove useful to follow Rounder Casino’s tweets because there are frequent Twitter contests where you can win tournament tickets, receive info about freerolls, and participate in other promotions.

Opinions From Players

We rely first of all on our own experiences when evaluating a poker site, but we also like to consider reports from others too. It’s simply impossible to see and do everything related to a given poker destination firsthand. By checking out what others have to say, we gain a broader and more balanced perspective.

Many users believe that Rounder Casino has potential but are dismayed by the low level of poker traffic and the frequent small inconveniences that crop up at the room:

Positive Comment About Rounder Casino at Twoplustwo
Irritated Tweet About Rounder Casino
Positive Rounder Casino Post on Bitcointalk
Twoplustwo Negative Post About Rounder Casino


It’s always heartening to see a new online poker option for those from restrictive jurisdictions, like the United States and Australia. However, any new entrant to the competitive online poker scene has an uphill climb before we can truly say that the business is a success.

Rounder Casino is still establishing itself in this space. It has several distinct advantages, such as easy-to-place-in leaderboards and games in poker formats that are hard to find elsewhere. Yet, there are some downsides as well, such as very low player counts and small glitches that mar the playing experience. We also experienced annoying cashout hassles that were ultimately resolved in our favor but that nevertheless left a sour taste in our mouths.

Anyone who is interested in playing here would do well to establish a new account, make a small deposit, and keep the lobby open in case a juicy table starts running. However, we cannot recommend Rounder Casino as a place to put in the bulk of your playing volume. The number of tables and tournaments running at any given time simply won’t suffice for any serious grinder. Furthermore, this operation has not yet demonstrated its payout reliability to our satisfaction.

By all means, consider Rounder Casino as a secondary or tertiary site. But if you’re looking to make Rounder Casino your main internet poker home, we must caution you that you might not find it up to the task.

For a list of other offshore poker providers that welcome residents of the United States, check out the guide to international poker sites that accept Americans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every gaming site on the internet has its own way of doing things and therefore its own idiosyncrasies that set it apart from others. If you have questions about how the Rounder Casino operation works, then look below where we have gathered together a few basic queries regarding this online poker site along with the answers.

We’re not sure. It’s too early to tell yet, given the short history of Rounder Casino, whether or not it’s legit. Speaking in favor of its being an honest poker room is the fact that the management team previously ran the Urounders Club on PPPoker. We searched this club in Google and found hardly any complaints about it, leading us to the conclusion was it was managed properly and paid out reliably.

Yes, Rounder Casino welcomes users from all 50 states. It also allows individuals to play from a number of other “gray” markets that are often excluded by i-gaming sites, like Australia, the United Kingdom, and France.

Yes, there is a short list of jurisdictions whose residents are blocked from creating a Rounder Casino account:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Yemen
  • North Korea

There’s no publicly listed phone number for Rounder Casino. If you wish to get in touch with support, you can use the Live Chat interface on the website, submit a contact form, or email support[at]

Yes, Besides the graphical hand history replayer, there’s also a way to view your hand histories in text form. However, you will need to use the Windows poker software rather than the web-based client in order to get your text hand histories.

To set up this functionality, log into the Windows download poker client. Then go to the “Game” menu and click on “Hand History Options.” Choose a folder where you want the hand histories to be saved, and enter in how long you wish to keep them for. Press OK when you’re done. Now your HHs will be written to the location you specify.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to save hands that you have played in the Windows software in this way. Hands played on another type of device will still be viewable in the graphical hand replayer within the Windows client, but they will not be available in text form.

No, there’s no flat-rate rakeback to be had at Rounder Casino. The best you can do to get RB at Rounder Casino is to advance in the Lifetime VIP Program, which delivers rakeback between 5% and 75% depending on your lifetime volume of play.