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Super Bowl XLIX Betting Review!

Super Bowl Preview  The biggest day of the sports betting year is quickly approaching and the question now becomes where are you going to place your Super Bowl bets?  Sorting through sportsbook can be tiresome and monotonous, so we have compiled the lines for you at the biggest US-facing books so you can put your money on Seattle, New England or your favorite players!

Super Bowl Sunday Can Provide Great Value!

Even if you don’t really have a rooting interest in the Super Bowl almost everyone tunes in to watch the game.  Whether it’s at a bar, at a friend’s house or just with your significant other.  To add a bit of intrigue to the game though placing a small bet on the result or circumstances of the game can provide a fun experience for you.  When deciding where to place your bet though a lot of questions come up: Where can I bet at?  Is it a safe site?  Where has the best odds?  All of these questions are valid and something to be considered for sure.

The writers here at Professional are here to help you decide those questions and provide you a little bit of insight on how to bet the game, if you haven’t been watching football all that closely this year.  While many sites have the same lines as each other, if you look close enough you can find some good value no matter if you want New England or Seattle to win!  We compiled the major lines at Bovada, (Chico Network,) Carbon Sports (Merge network,) Sportbet (5Dimes) and Intertops (Revolution Network) which represent the 5 largest and most trustworthy US-friendly sports betting sites.

Trusted Spotsbooks!

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Best Seattle Line: Seattle +2 (Bovada) Seattle -104 (Sportsbetting (Chico))
Best New England Line: New England -1 (Various) New England -110 (Sportbet (5Dimes))

The most basic types of bets you can make is on the point spread or the money line of the game.  Here you see a lot of the same lines no matter what sportsbook you visit and trying to find that extra value can be difficult.  Bovada is giving bettors an extra point if they are willing to go with Seattle, which is some pretty good value and Sportsbetting is offering slightly better money line odds at -104.  New England can be found at -1 at 4 out of the 5 books, but Sportbet has by far the best money line odds for New England at -110.

So far the money has been gravitating towards New England with books and people fully supporting them, but it might be a bit early to crown them the champions.  New England has struggled against good defenses, and Seattle has one of the best defenses in the league (especially if you look at the second half of the year and the playoffs.)  New England got lucky (by some accounts) to make it past the Ravens in the AFC Conference Semis and Seattle has a much better defense than the Ravens do.  Seattle is coming off a pretty rough game in Green Bay where Russell Wilson threw 4 interceptions, but except him to have to do less as the New England run defense has not performed well so far in the playoffs with giving up 4.7 yards per carry, including 4.4 yards per carry against a Colts team that has an awful running game.  Despite those 4 interceptions, Seattle still won the game and that is a testament to how good that defense is.  Expect this to be a close game, but Seattle should win with a superior defense and a running game that will ground and pound the New England Patriots.

Over/Under: 48 (Bovada) and 47.5 (Various)

The over/under bet has been a place that a lot of sharps have been able to make money as books pay a tiny bit less attention to this figure than they do the spread and money line.  I would take the over on the 47.5 for one simple reason: Seattle has a good defense, but, New England has such a good offense that even if they score less than there average it will still be a somewhat high scoring affair.  New England is averaging 40 points per game in the playoffs and if you look back at the last 10 weeks of the regular season (ignoring week 17 where the starters didn’t player) New England has scored less than 23 points twice.  They are capable of scoring 21-24 points and losing the game.  If that happens, the over is reached.

Seattle will also play a part in this, and there offense is no slouch either.  Since week 9 they are averaging over 20 points per game and seem to score more when the other team is able to score on them.  This likely is a result of their heavy reliance on the running game, especially when ahead.  If New England can get up and down a few times, Seattle will most likely try to answer and expect the scoring to be high.  About the only way this game doesn’t reach the over is if Seattle has an other-worldly defense, which is possibly, but I am not sure if I would say a definite.

Super Bowl MVP Odds: Marshawn Lynch 5-1 (Bovada), Richard Sherman 25-1 (Various), LeGarrette Blount 23-1 (Sportbet)

This one is pretty interesting and I purposely left the QB’s off of the list.  I don’t think Russell Wilson stands much of a chance of winning as he is a great game manager, but I don’t see him being star of the show in a win, and so his 2.5-1 (on average) odds to win are underwhelming at best.  Tom Brady could very easily win the MVP, but his odds are always less than 2-1 so the value just isn’t there for players. 

That leaves these three players with the most value.  I will start with the running backs on each side.  Marshawn Lynch will be a huge factor in this game with that weak New England run defense I talked about.  He is a tough runner and has been pretty good in the playoffs.  He also will get some carries in the red zone, meaning lots of chances for touchdowns, which helps with trying to win the MVP.  LeGarrette Blount has become one of the most unlikely big factors in the Super Bowl as he was released from Pittsburg near the very end of the season and almost no one would have predicted him to be doing as well as he is.  Most books have him at 12/1 or 15/1 to win Super Bowl MVP, which is what makes Sportsbet such a good value.  At 23-1 you can take a pretty easy flier on him and cash in big, even if you think there is little chance he actually wins (12-1 odds are okay, but not great, so 23-1, yes please!)

Richard Sherman makes the list, because if Seattle’s defense does have a field day with the Patriots then it will likely be as a result of Sherman.  Brady has shown no shyness about going at the other team’s best defensive back when the opportunity arises.  Sometimes this results in interceptions, and if that happens here, it could spell doom for the Patriots.  I think Sherman at any less than 25-1 is not a great bet, but these odds are likely just enough to tip it in the favor of placing a small bet here.  Much as with the LeGarrette Blount bet (which I think is better value) it doesn’t need to come true that often for it to be realistic, and there is a real and logical chain of events that could make it happen.


If you look around hard enough, you can find some really great value in the upcoming Super Bowl.  Luckily we have done some of the legwork for you, and you can now focus on what bets you want to make and for how much, instead of worrying if you are getting the best deal or not.  All the sites mentioned also have other more esoteric bets that you can make as well, so if this guide didn’t scratch the itch for you, then feel free to jump on to any of those sites and bet with confidence that you will get paid in full if you win, big or small.