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Visa Poker | Sites Accepting US Debit, Credit & Pre-Paid Deposits

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If you're one of the millions of Americans with a Visa card, then you'll be glad to know that you can use it to make a deposit at many online real-money Visa poker sites. Visa claims that it's "everywhere you want to be," and this is certainly true when it comes to internet poker rooms serving the United States. Virtually every online poker site in the US market accepts Visa debit and credit payments. These Visa cardrooms include:


How to Deposit With a Visa Card

The process of funding your online poker site account with plastic is a straightforward one whether we're talking about a Visa debit, credit, or gift card. When you open up the cashier at a poker site that accepts Visa, simply choose "Visa" or "Credit Card" from the list of deposit options. Enter in your Visa card information and the amount you wish to put into your account. Submit the form, and your transaction will complete almost instantly. The funds will be added to your real-money poker balance at the site, and you'll be ready to hit the tables to try to defeat your opponents and take their money.

Whether you have a regular Visa charge card or a prepaid Visa debit card, you can use them pretty much interchangeably to facilitate your online poker hobby. Almost every place that accepts one will also accept the other. If you have a choice between using debit or credit, it might be better to select a debit card because some card issuers might treat your credit transaction at an online cardroom as a cash advance and subject you to the fees associated with them.

Visa Poker Sites Details

Every online poker site offers different types of games at varying stakes although there are a few commonalities between them. We've highlighted what we think you should know about the real-money US poker sites accepting Visa so that you can choose the best place to play for you personally.

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1. Ignition

Visa deposit limits: $20 - $1,000

Ignition has the most cash game action of any poker site open to Americans, so you'll be joining countless others when you decide to create an account and make a deposit using your Visa. You can deposit the full $1,000 required to max out the 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus with your card in a single transaction. There is a problem though if you intend to use your card for subsequent deposits: Ignition will charge you a 5.9% fee each time you fund your account with Visa after your initial deposit. So when you cash out your winnings, leave a little bit onsite so that you hopefully won't have to make future deposits.

All online poker at Ignition is anonymized. You won't see the screennames of any of your opponents. Instead, they'll just be referred to by a randomly generated player number. What's more, you can't choose a table to sit at because the mandatory Quick Seat function will automatically place you at a table of the game, size, and stakes that you specify. Both of these unique features are designed to ensure a less predatory environment for newcomers to the game, and they seem to be working because the fields here are some of the juiciest to be found in all of online poker.

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NLHE ring tables go from $0.02/$0.05 to $10/$20, and PLO exists at these same blind levels in both hi-only and split-pot forms. Zone Poker is a fast-fold game where you get a new hand immediately after folding, and no other US site offers anything remotely similar. There's a bustling tournament scene too, headlined by the $100,000 guaranteed event every Sunday. Sample the soft games here by creating your Ignition account today.

Special Rules for Visa Deposits: Before making a cashout, anyone who deposited with a Visa card must fill out and submit a Credit Card Verification Form along with copies of the front of the card, back of the card, and government-issued identification.

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2. Intertops

Visa deposit limits: $20 - $1,000

Intertops, on the Horizon Network, is a highly-rated sportsbook and Visa poker site that has been in business for more than 30 years. You can max out the 200% up to $1,000 initial deposit bonus without exceeding the single-transaction limit, and you'll also get to play 100 rounds of blackjack or video poker on the house.

The number of real-money poker players who call Intertops home is quite a bit less than at some of the other options on our list, so it might be hard to find the games you seek unless you're flexible as to the stakes you're willing to play. No Limit Hold'em tables are present from $0.02/$0.04 up to $10/$20, but the vast bulk of the action takes place at $0.50/$1.00 and below. You might find a game or two of Pot Limit Omaha going also. There are plenty of multi-table tournaments, but they're heavily concentrated at microstakes apart from the daily $50 + $5 Sundowner tourney.

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The main reason Intertops scores so highly in our opinion lies in the excellent promotional value it hands out to players. Weekly rake races, multiple reload bonuses, and 36% dealt rakeback mean that your profits will have a chance to mount up nicely here even beyond what you can accomplish on the virtual felt. There's also a loyalty program for more free cash and the chance to obtain no-deposit online poker bonuses by trading in the gold chips you earn while playing. Register at Intertops today to get the money train rolling along.

Special Rules for Visa Deposits: Before making a withdrawal, card depositors have to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form and submit it along with a photo ID and proof of residence (utility bill, bank statement, etc.)

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3. BlackChip Poker

Visa deposit limits: $25 - $550

BlackChip is a member of the Winning Poker Network, one of the fastest-growing places to play over the past couple of years. You can receive a 100% up to $1,000 bonus on your first deposit and continuing 27% rakeback on all your play. Because the maximum allowed value for deposits through your Visa card is $550, you may wish to hit up live chat before depositing if you intend to transfer more than this sum to your account. They will probably allow you to combine two or more deposits together for the purposes of determining your welcome bonus amount.

BCP is part of the second-largest Visa poker site in the United States by player volume numbers. Cash games run from $0.01/$0.02 up to $25/$50 in both No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Other games that get traffic include Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha/8, Limit Omaha/8, and Seven Card Stud. Tournaments are a strong selling point at this network with a $150,000 guaranteed Sunday Special every week, a Million Dollar Sunday (with $1M guaranteed) taking place every few months, and frequent tourney series occurring throughout the year. BlackChip has a couple of interesting SNG variants that combine regular poker play with random elements: Jackpot Poker and SNG 2.0.

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Special Rules for Visa Deposits: In addition to sending an image of your driver's license and recent utility bill, you must also submit an authorization form and a copy of your Visa card if you make a withdrawal after having deposited using the Visa network.

Read more in our BlackChip Poker review, or explore one of the other WPN online poker sites: ACR Poker, True Poker, Ya Poker (non-USA). Banner


Visa deposit limits: $50 - $1,000

We've checked the maximum deposit value listed in the cashier at, and it's only $1,000 notwithstanding the fact that the website states that it's $5,000. It could be that this higher number is only unlocked for customers with an extensive depositing history. This may pose a problem when trying to claim the 100% up to $2,500 deposit welcome bonus for an amount larger than $1K, but you can probably work something out with SBAG's live support personnel. A more troubling concern is the fact that this online poker site charges a 6.5% fee on all credit card deposits. Ouch!

The maximum stakes listed in the Sportsbetting real-money poker lobby (and really the whole Chico Poker Network) for NL Hold'em are $5/$10 while the lowest are $0.01/$0.02. This is the case for PL Omaha as well. PL Omaha/8 is the only other game that gets a reasonable amount of play here, and it goes from $0.05/$0.10 to $2/$4. Tournaments are a bit weak with very few events above $30 apart from the Main Event, a Sunday Major that costs $90 + $9 to enter and has a $50,000 guarantee. Sit-and-goes, however, are listed up to $525, and they do run pretty frequently. shares its tables with BetOnline, and you'll have basically an identically good experience with either poker site.

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Special Rules for Visa Deposits: Additional documentation is required of those making credit card deposits, including Visa, before any payout requests will be processed. You'll have to send the site a completed authorization form, a photo ID, and copies of the front and back of your card.

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Visa Poker FAQ

Every payment method for real-money poker has its own wrinkles and snafus that crop up every once in a while. Visa is no exception to this even though it works perfectly the majority of the time. See below for info on how to resolve common issues that people face when trying to make deposits at Visa poker sites.

This is unfortunately an all-too-common issue facing Visa cardholders. Acceptance rates vary between about 60% and 80% depending on the specific poker site you're trying to deposit to and the particular issuer of your card. In some cases, your transaction will be flagged because it's out-of-line with the usual purchases you make, and a simple call to your financial institution's cardholder services team will clear everything up. Don't tell them that you're using your Visa card at an online poker site – simply inform them that you're making a purchase from an online merchant.

If your deposit still won't go through, call up the poker company yourself and explain the situation. These firms have a lot of experience helping clients who encounter problems when attempting to deposit money. They might even be able to open up special deposit methods for you that they don't offer in their standard menu of options.

Apart from trying again with a different card, you can experiment with another means of payment. We recommend Bitcoin for its speediness, anonymity, and freedom from meddlesome restrictions. BTC was once considered a hobbyist diversion, but it has now earned the status of real money in the eyes of many financial institutions and private individuals alike. Check out our beginner's walkthrough on how to get set up with this novel digital currency.

Unfortunately, some credit card deposits at online gambling sites count as cash advances, and you'll be subject to the fees associated with such transactions. This isn't the fault of the sites themselves; it's simply up to the policies of whoever issued you your Visa card. You can avoid these surcharges by using a debit card rather than a credit card because with a debit card, there are no cash advances – any money you're attempting to spend has already been paid for and will be deducted from the balance on the card.

Yes, because it runs inside your web browser, Replay Poker is compatible with just about every phone and tablet released over the past few years. The HTML5 gaming client is responsive, so it will adjust itself to look good on whatever screen size you’re using.

If you're a resident of the United States, then you're in luck when making Visa deposits because almost every online poker site in existence permits you to fund your real-money account with USD. Only in the event that your Visa is set up to use euros, pounds sterling, or some other currency will you encounter any issues. Even still, you'll most likely be able to add money to your account albeit with a conversion fee levied upon your transaction. It may be better to acquire another means of payment, like a prepaid gift card or voucher, that's credited in U.S. dollars first and then make your deposit via this alternate method.

Some poker sites in other parts of the world do indeed support sending money back to your Visa card, but this is not the case for real-money poker rooms that serve the United States. You'll probably have to select some other method of receiving your payout, like check, bank wire, or money transfer service.

All of the online poker rooms we've focused on are reputable organizations that process customers' deposits securely and adhere to advanced data protection standards when dealing with sensitive information. That said, there are a number of ways that you can safeguard yourself even further. Try to keep your gambling-related money apart from your normal everyday expenses, e.g., by allocating a separate card just for poker. This will allow you to act quickly to isolate any potential troubles or hacks if they should arise. If your bank allows you to configure emails or text alerts whenever a purchase is made, we strongly advise you to employ this feature.

Verified by Visa is a security measure that your issuing institution may have enabled for your Visa card. It simply means that when you're making an online deposit of real money to play cards – or really any kind of online purchase – you might be asked to enter in a special password before your transaction is approved. If you're not already enrolled in the program when prompted for the password, then you can follow a link to activate Verified by Visa for your card.