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WPN Awards $5 Million through The Beast!

Winning Poker Network Logo  Winning Poker Network has had a very busy week by reaching the $5,000,000 warded platua with The Beast, making changes to how The Beast awards money and adding a new skin to further bolster expansions into new markets.  These change prove that Winning Poker network is interested in increasing player satisfaction the best they can!

Big Changes at Winning Poker Network

The Beast rake race 5 million screenshotPlayers have become accustomed to site changing things, but generally it’s not for the better to most players.  Winning Poker Network, which is home to America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and YaPoker, is hoping that the changes they have recently made are actually for the betterment of players.  These changes came right before The Beast officially reaches $5,000,000 awarded to players.  Considering that they just reached this milestone and seeing that they are willing to make changes to attempt to foster a better playing environment without taking away awards from players in a total dollar basis, which has become standard operating procedure of late, is encouraging, especially since players have been asking for some changes for a while now.

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The Beast Promotion Sets Mark

Winning Poker Network is one of the few sites that offers a rake race continuously for its players, and players have responded by putting in a lot of volume over the years.  This volume reached a major milestone the past week in reaching the $5,000,000 mark for total money awarded to players.  The money awarded isn’t just to the biggest grinders as well over 100 players scored at least $85 back in money they paid in rake over the week, with amount of money set to increase with the recently announced changes to The Beast.

The Beast Changes; Overview

The Beast is a weekly progressive rake race available to all players.  The race is funded via taking a percentage of the rake paid by each player and putting it towards the leaderboard.  The rake is not higher to support the race, but instead is just taken from the normal rake the site collects.  Players are awarded points based on the rake collected, though not 100% correlated, and then these points are tallied on a leaderboard that awards cash prizes.  Until yesterday the leaderboard was a normal progressive structure.

Yesterday that changed as the Winning Poker Network announced that the leaderboard would instead be moved to a tiered system that hopes to distribute money more evenly to players and encourage players to grind more.  The biggest change will be at the top where instead of first place getting twice as much as second place, there will be the same prize for players in the 1st tier.  The unique things about the tiers though, is that since it is a progressive jackpot the tiers will only get larger, in terms of total players compensated in that tier, as more money gets paid into the jackpot.  Below is the full breakdown on how the tiers will expand, and how much they are worth, as more money is paid into the jackpot:

There are four payout tiers in The Beast.
• Tier 1: $2,500
• Tier 2: $1,000
• Tier 3: $250
• Tier 4: $100

Every $10,334 in the Beast cash prize pool, the prize pool adds:
• One of Tier 1
• Two of Tier 2
• Five of Tier 3
• Twenty of Tier 4
• Reseed next race with $2,584
Residual funds (between multiples of $10,334) as the Beast grows are applied to the top places in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4—maintaining each respective cap amounts.

A player by the name “The Green Smoothie” stands to lose the most from this new system.  He is the highest volume player on the entire poker network and as such, his weekly payout for winning The Beast will be cut in half from $4,700+ down to $2,500 total each week.  Most players would be livid with this, but he came on the forums and painted a very different picture of being okay with the change as long as the games are helped and the network is helped long-term by attracting new players.  This wait and see approach is what most players should be looking at, considering that even if you lose a small amount of money by cashing for less in The Beast, if you are helped by softer games that run more often, it should equal out.

If you want to watch TGS grind you can do that here.  He isn’t your typical 18-tabler who doesn’t talk to the chat when grinding, as he is very engaged and enjoys interacting and answering questions whether they be about poker, life or music.

Winning Poker Network adds New Skin

On Thursday the Winning Poker Network added a new skin to its tournament network in hopes of boosting participation and lessening some recent overlays experienced by the network.  The site added is Argentinian company Full10Poker and is predominately focused on the South American market.  While some might find this as a much needed expansion of Winning Poker Networks target market, it’s actually not a huge change from what they have already been doing.

YaPoker, which we are a proud partner of, has been focusing on the Spanish speaking countries for some time now, specifically targeting Latin America and South America.  YaPoker provides a better experience for players by not only giving them access to the tournaments, like Full10Poker, but also allows players to play in the cash games that allow players to place in The Beast, that we talked about earlier.  You can read our full review with sign up instruction if this is something you are looking for.


While some of these changes might not seem perfect to all players, it’s still appropaite to take a wait and see approach as even the site’s largest grinder is willing to do.  It’s also important to note that the site isn’t changing the total amount of money awarded from previous weeks even though they have no given $5,000,000 in rewards to players with no strings attached.  What do you think of the changes at Winning Poker Network?  Are you going to play more or less with them?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook as we ant to know what you think about them!