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Double Dip Merge Promos in March; Last Man Standing and Chip King

This is a good time for our most loyal and tenacious online poker grinders at the Merge Gaming Network to get paid...

Carbon Poker Promotions March 2013

Professional Rakeback is happy to say that there are < 70 players left standing from Carbon and Aced Poker's February promotion, Last Man Standing.  Our very own Kahntruthan / Insuperable / Ineluctable did not go for the three-peat this time around so the very lucrative top prize of five thousand United States dollars, $5,000.00 USD,  is very much up for grabs by anyone with the sheer force of will to level the competition and take home the prize (and the coveted Last Man Standing icon!).  A very good sized portion of those online poker grinders left standing players are ProfRB clients.   Props to you guys, we knew you would do well in the LMS promotion, just like you all did in the prior two LMS competitions, and every other CarbonPoker promotion for that matter!

The March promotions at CarbonPoker, Aced Poker and PDC poker brands will reward our poker grinders even further than before due to this unique confluence of events!  Yes they are freerolls (I know, I can hear many of you laughing out loud right now LOL), but they are freerolls where one's starting chip stack is directly proportional to the amount of rake one generated each week (and it does not matter if that rake came from Cash Games, Multi Table Tournaments, or Sit and Goes).  Meaning that our online poker players grinding out Last Man Standing points will start these freerolls with massive chip stacks - by definition, they will be the largess chip stacks on the poker site since we can see who is dominating the competition thanks to the leader board.  Massive chip stacks mean massive edges and high expected value +EV situations, and is that not what every poker player is trying to achieve, huge expected value and prodigious hourly rates?  Thus, without any more wait, here is the information on Carbon Poker and Aced's March promotion, Chip King:


Anybody who’s looking to give their bankroll a massive injection of free money should check out Carbon Poker in March. That’s because Carbon Poker is holding $10,000 worth of Chip King freerolls this month, and anybody can qualify for these tourneys.

The Chip King promotion runs from March 1st-31st, and it features four huge freerolls on the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st. The great thing is that all you need to do to play in these free tournaments is opt-in to the promo and earn at least 50 VIP points ($5 in rake) throughout the month. Below you can see the freeroll prize pools along with the qualification periods:

March 10th at 16:00 server time – $1,000 prize pool, earn 50 VIP points before March 8th.
March 17th at 16:00 server time – $1,500 prize pool, earn 50 VIP points before March 15th.
March 24th at 16:00 server time – $2,500 prize pool, earn 50 VIP points before March 22nd.
March 31st at 16:00 server time – $5,000 prize pool, only the top 50 VIP points earners throughout the month will receive a ticket.

Boost your Chip Stack

As you can see above, it only takes 50 VIP points to enter the first three freerolls. However, keep in mind that your variable chip stack will depend upon how many points you collect during the Chip King promotional period. You can see more on this below:

Earn 50 – 99.9 VIP points = 250 starting chips
Earn 100 – 249.9 VIP points = 500 chips
Earn 250 – 499.9 VIP points = 750 chips
Earn 500 – 999.9 VIP points = 1,000 chips
Earn 1,000+ VIP points = Variable stack based on VIP points earned

Don’t Forget to Opt-in

One point that’s worth reiterating is how you need to opt-in to Chip King before your points start counting; to do this, simply visit your Player Admin area and click “Activate Promo.” Also, if you’re not already a member of this site, make sure to sign up and make a deposit so that you can collect the Carbon Poker bonus. This reward is worth a 200% match on your first deposit, which means you can earn some major bonus money just for depositing here!


If you haven't yet created an account on the Merge Gaming Network, let ProfRBcom be your affiliate and advocate.  We will take care of you and help you to achieve all that you can in the US facing online poker markets.  Contact us today at support [at] or via Skype (username:  www [dot] professionalrakeback [dot] com ). *replace with "@" or "." as appropriate, we wrote it like that to avoid automated spam bots!  We have many other options available, but do not forget to use your free poker HUD Carbon Poker offers to every single client they have, it is a customized version of the old school Holdem Indicator poker odds and heads up display software and it is exclusively available for free at Carbon & Aced Poker rooms, two of the best US poker sites in existence as far as we, and hundreds of satisfied clients, are concerned!