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The Weekly USA MTT Value | Overlay Report (2/28/14)


Utilizing our own reports, breaks down and highlights US-facing online poker tournaments that feature overlays from the previous week. Online tournament players looking for an edge to give them the greatest value are bound to find this new weekly MTT Value | Overlay Report full of useful information.

In a twist from previous weeks, the Winning Poker Network featured more overlays this week than rival Merge Gaming Network. Though the totals were similar (15 for WPN, 14 for Merge in Friday through Thursday action), the overlay money totals were still in favor of Merge, leaving them at the top of the heap - though overall, dollar amounts of overlays were down across the board from last week's report. The report below factors all US-facing online poker room | network tournaments with guarantees of $5,000 or higher. This is generally the range we track on our MTT Overlay Reports, though we've recently added a few more MTT's on the Winning Poker Network in an effort to better reflect their overall schedule. In addition, we also track several MTT's on the Revolution Network below the $5,000 threshold since only one tournament (the $15,000 GTD Sunday major) on their current schedule eclipses this mark.


Merge Gaming Network:
 14 overlays worth $8,315 from Friday, Feb 21st through Thursday, Feb 27th

DOWN: 6 overlays and $9,430 from last report

On the heels of the Carbon OPS (data not included in this report - see full results here), the regular tournament schedule on the Merge Network saw overlays decrease in cash total and frequency. This was aided by their $12.5k GTD for $215 seeing increased traffic this week, so it should be interesting to see what will transpire in the weeks to come now that the full offering of MTT's will be available this coming weekend (Merge did not run several regular MTT's on Sunday - see our Merge Network Overlay and MTT Report for details). However, added value is still readily available for those looking to score on some decent overlays regardless of the weekend happenings. The $8k GTD and the $5k GTD 6-max, both for $60 in buy-ins and fees, are solid opportunities for mid-to-high-stakes MTT players; while the $10k GTD for $33 and the $5k GTD 6-max for $11 offer good potential for mid-to-low-stakes MTT grinders as well. Overall, signals continue to show that Merge remains an attractive option for tournament players of all skill levels.

Other MTT's of note: As highlighted in our Merge Network Overlays and Tournament Results page, Merge offers several stout Sunday offerings with wide ranging buy-ins. Also newly added are three $5,000 GTD tournaments that run at 10pm EST, with buy-ins ranging from $11 up to $109.


Winning Poker Network:
 15 overlays worth $6,465 from Friday, Feb 21st through Thursday, Feb 27th

UP: 1 overlay and down $1,135 from last report

Continuing the trend this month, opportunities for overlays exist throughout the Winning Poker Network's online poker tournament schedule. Led by their Monday through Friday $12,500 GTD tournament for $27.50, which usually overlays on a nightly basis and did so in all five runnings this past week, WPN continues to maintain added value opportunity while their MTT schedule solidifies. WPN continues to make a profit on this particular tournament, which indicates the relative strength of the schedule and proximity to it no longer being overlay heavy. The $15k GTD for $109 saw one small overlay this week as well - even though it was only for $100! Several lower guaranteed MTT's provide more overlay opportunities, giving players who are used to competitively-staked MTT's a shot at more money and value.

Other MTT's of note: As highlighted in our Winning Poker Network Overlays and Tournament Results page, WPN offers a weekly $50,000 GTD on Sunday's (bumped to $100,000 once a month) and a daily $5,000 GTD, which runs at 6pm EST Monday through Friday, and at 2pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. America's Cardroom poker review.

Bovada Poker (part of Bodog Network):
 Zero overlays from Friday, Feb 21st through Thursday, Feb 27th

NO CHANGE from last report

Bovada once again saw zero overlays in $5,000 or higher guaranteed tournaments this week. Rare is an overlay is on Bovada these days, and while sporting the 'hands down' number one online tournament schedule and the highest cash game traffic out of all US-facing poker rooms or networks, there's more value than you can shake a stick at here. With no overlays, this means that nearly every guaranteed prize pool will be worth more than the original guarantee. With recent additional tournaments being offered on their daily schedule and former guarantees seeing increases, players with bankrolls of any size or shape - even the casual player looking to spend a Friday evening taking a few "hero shots" - will find Bovada as the best option currently available for US players.

Other MTT's of note: As highlighted in our Bovada Overlays and Tournament Results page, Bovada offers up all kinds of options for every type of tournament player. While not quite at the level of pre-Black Friday offerings for US players, Bovada does offer a $100,000 Sunday MTT that frequently reaches over $150,000 in prize money and is far and away the largest regularly scheduled multi-table tournament available to players from the USA. Pick your poison here, MTT grinders - there's something for everyone. Bovada poker review.

Revolution Network: Zero overlays from Friday, Feb 21st through Thursday, Feb 27th

NO CHANGE from last report

The MTT schedule on the Revolution Network (we recommend Intertops and Juicy Stakes for US players looking for safe Revolution poker rooms) still leaves a bit to be desired. With only a small amount of tournaments nearing $1,000 GTD or better, you are hard pressed to find overlays. However, the Sunday $15,000 GTD offering has shown to be a destination for added value in recent weeks. With player fields in the 115-140 range and tendencies to overlay (usually between $500 to $1,500 - although there was no overlay in this MTT again this past Sunday), it's still a solid stop on your Sunday grind. Monday through Saturday, however, the appeal for grinders are the lower player fields in relation to the lower guarantees. There's still money to be made, but there's no comparing the breadth of the current Revolution tournament schedule to rivals on WPN, Bovada, or Merge.

Other MTT's of note: As highlighted in our Revolution Network Overlays and Tournament Results page, bigger guarantees are harder to find. However, several deep-stacked turbo MTT's run daily with guarantees of $700, $850, and $1,000. Rebuy tournaments with $1,000 guaranteed also run, usually at least once daily.

We hope you've enjoyed and found useful this in-depth analysis of the current US-facing MTT landscape as it relates to overlays. If you'd like to give us some feedback, be sure to check us out on the web (links below) or click here and contact us via Skype or email.

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