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Andar Bahar Table Game Review: An Old Classic Modernized

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It isn't easy to find fun, exciting, and accessible online casino games. But every now and then, a game manages to strike the perfect balance between pleasant and engaging.

Andar Bahar, featured on's well-respected online casino along with a handful of partner sites, is one of these games.

Andar Bahar is a digital iteration of the classic Indian card game of the same name, also known as “Katti,” which has translated seamlessly to the modern – i.e. tech-driven – age. Though it's a straightforward game, it's not really like any Western card game that you might encounter in your casino gameplay elsewhere. Thus, it's worth checking out if you're a bettor who's in the market for a new, reliable digital casino game.

Let's take a look!

Review of Andar Bahar

How Andar Bahar Works

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Bovada's version of Andar Bahar stays true to the classic card game. Here's how it works. You select your betsize, between $1 and $500, and then put your chips on the board. There are two places to bet on, the Andar space and the Bahar space, and you can choose whichever you like.

Andar Bahar ScreenshotBet on Either Andar or Bahar to Get Started

After you click “Deal,” one card is dealt to the middle of the table, and the dealer distributes cards from there, alternating between the Andar space and the Bahar space. You're trying to guess which side of the board will be the first to receive a card that matches the value of the middle card.

For example, if the middle card is a Jack, and the next Jack dealt appears on the Andar side of the table, then Andar wins. Conversely, Bahar would be a loser in this case.

Winning Andar Bahar HandAndar Is the Winner in This Hand, Matching the Jack in the Middle

That's right – Andar Bahar is a simple and exhilarating game of 50/50 luck. It's great for kicking back and relaxing after a hard day of work; excessive thinking, worrying, and considering are not part of the Andar Bahar experience.

Prop Bets


Despite what we've just said, there are more sophisticated wagers available in Andar Bahar. But they're hidden within a side menu, and you can ignore them all if you want to keep everything uncomplicated.

Andar Bahar Prop BetsThe Props Available for Betting Along With Their Associated Payoff Odds

Besides wagering on Andar or Bahar, players can place bets on a multitude of props, including the specific rank of the middle card that will be drawn, the suit of the middle card, and how many cards will be dealt out before the round is complete. In all, there are five categories of props that you can make.

Don't worry – the payouts for each prop are displayed right on the table, so you will be able to accurately gauge risk and reward before putting your valuable funds on the line.

Winning Prop Bet in Andar BaharSweet! We Correctly Predicted the Color and Rank of the Middle Card

You can make multiple prop selections on the same hand as long as they're in different categories. So, for example, you can bet on the middle card being red and on it being higher than 8 simultaneously. But you cannot bet on the middle card being a club and on it being a diamond at the same time.

Gameplay Options

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There's nothing too fancy as far as innovations to make your gaming more efficient. After seeing the results of a wager or set of wagers, you can press the “Rebet” button to make the exact same bets again. Or you can double down with the “Rebet X2” feature.

The settings menu is pretty austere with your choice of just two graphical themes. You can kill the sound or music if you wish. The only other option is marked “label,” and unchecking it removes the text attached to some of the interface elements.

The only thing really missing here is an auto-play function. Clicking “Rebet” multiple times can get tedious. This is a minor point though and doesn't really detract too much from the game.

Graphics, Music, and Presentation

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Andar Baahar Movie PosterWe're Not Sure What Relationship These Guys Have to the Game, But They Seem to Be Having Fun

While an online casino game's look and feel aren't the end-all, they do help to enhance the overall betting experience.

There isn't a whole lot to see in terms of Andar Bahar's graphics; players who are in the market for flashing colors and detailed graphics should probably look elsewhere. A basic, background-less design boasts fonts, chips, and betting options – that's all. But this simplicity of design actually ends up complementing the simplicity of the game.

A ticker-like ribbon near the top-right of the game window shows the results of the last five hands. It reads “A” or “B” in each position, corresponding to Andar and Bahar respectively. You cannot view more detailed info on previous rounds.

Music-wise, players are treated to a rhythmic bit of Indian instrumental music, which fits Andar Bahar perfectly.

Andar Bahar Mobile

Mobile Screens

The development team at Bovada Gaming always keeps mobile compatibility foremost in their minds, and so they have ensured that Andar Bahar works well on a variety of smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS machines should have no problem running Andar Bahar, and there's a good chance that other phones support it too regardless of their operating system as long as they contain a modern web browser.

Andar Bahar on Mobile PhoneAndar Bahar on an Android Smartphone

The Bottom Line

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The bottom line is that players who are open to simple and fun online casino games should think about seeing what Andar Bahar is all about. Unlike Spin the Wheel from the same developers, this title actually does have a moderately complete menu of betting possibilities for those who enjoy a more full-featured gaming experience.

Our final word on the subject is that Andar Bahar is great for many types of players: those looking for something distinct, those who relish easy-to-understand gameplay, and those who like making several bets at a time.

Where to Play Andar Bahar

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It's a well-known card game throughout India, but Andar Bahar is not quite as common online although it is gaining in popularity on the internet. Regardless, you won't have to go far to try out the gameplay because we've embedded below a practice version for you to enjoy:

Click to Play Andar Bahar for Free

Then when it's time to play for real money, you can sign up at any of the following sites depending on your geographic location:

  • Ignition (Australia and United States)
  • Bovada (United States)
  • Bodog (Latin America, Canada, and the Indian Subcontinent)
  • Bodog88 (Asia, Australia)
  • (United States and Canada)