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US Online Poker Sunday Majors Report: April 30, 2017

Sunday’s the day for big online poker tournaments the world over, and the United States is no exception. We’ve observed the action at the top American-friendly poker sites to bring you an overview of the biggest tournaments taking place every Sunday.

Review of the Sunday Majors available to USA online poker players

Our most recent report is from Sunday, April 30, 2017. Included in our U.S. Sunday Majors report are the largest tournament offerings available to American players via the Winning Poker Network, Ignition Poker, Chico Poker Network, and SwCPoker.

Winning Poker Network

The star of the day was the Winning Poker Network and its top skin, Americas Cardroom. They not only ran their normal Sunday schedule but also featured a number of events from the Online Super Series. The Million Dollar Sunday, OSS event # 72, stood out from the crowded schedule because of its high, $530 buyin and its guaranteed prize pool of 1,000,000 greenbacks. WPN is the only poker network post-Black Friday where U.S. residents can compete for such large amounts of cash. The Million Dollar Sunday is a recurring element at Americas Cardroom although it doesn’t take place every week. Sunday’s prize pool of $1.372 million was an all-time record for both the Million Dollar Sunday and WPN as a whole.

Noteworthy this weekend is that this marks the first time in history that Winning Poker Network has eclipsed Poker Stars! That's correct, WPN's Sunday $1,000,000 guarantee turned out to be bigger than the Sunday Million run on PokerStars each week! Stars's prize pool was $1,078,040 yet WPN was able to bring almost $300,000 more in prize money to the tables!

Note that the prizes detailed below for the winners are what’s recorded in the lobby, but the final four participants actually made a four-handed deal, splitting the prizes evenly and setting aside $20,000 for the winner. That winner, Steve “PokerTrader77” Leahy, took home $164,850.20 while the second through fourth finishers received $144,685.20 apiece. Interestingly, Leahy won $52,040.55 just last week at ACR with a second-place finish in OSS event #27.

WPN OSS #72 Million Dollar Sunday ($1,000,000 Guaranteed; $500 + $30 buyin)
Players: 2,744 (405 paid), Prize Pool: $1,372,000

April 30 2017 Million Dollar Sunday Winners

OSS event #70, the Warm Up 8-Max tourney, cost $100 + $9 to enter and came with a $300K guarantee, easily enough to make it the largest U.S. Sunday Major taking place during the week were it not forced to play second fiddle to its big brother, the Million Dollar Sunday. 3,871 people signed up for it, and 522 received a prize.

WPN OSS #70 Warm Up 8-Max ($300,000 Guaranteed; $100 + $9 buyin)
Players: 3,871 (522 paid), Prize Pool: $387,100

OSS 70 winners

Apart from these special competitions, Winning Poker Network hosted its usual roster of Sunday tournaments, the two most notable of which are the Sunday Special and PLO Sunday Special. With guarantees of $150,000 and $35,000 respectively, they’re the largest Sunday Majors in their game formats (NLHE and PLO) open to players in the U.S.A.

WPN Sunday Special ($150,000 Guaranteed; $200 + $15 buyin)
Players: 1,159 (180 paid), Prize Pool: $231,800

Sunday Special winners april 30 2017

WPN PLO Sunday Special ($35,000 Guaranteed; $200 + $15 buyin)
Players: 325 (63 paid), Prize Pool: $65,000

Omaha Sunday Special winners april 30 2017

Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker, on the PaiWangLuo Network, is a fine place to play some cards on Sunday. The signature event, the $100K Guaranteed, saw 840 participants, easily clearing the number needed to avoid overlaying on the six-figure prize pool. There’s little point in providing the names of the winners because all play at this room is anonymized, and tourney entrants are referred to only by player number. Still, it’s probably worthwhile to illustrate what the top prizes were:

Ignition Poker Sunday Major ($100,000 Guaranteed; $150 + $12 buyin)
Players: 840 (126 paid), Prize Pool: $126,000

Ignition 100k winners April 30 2017

Chico Poker Network

The Chico Poker Network (BetOnline and doesn’t mess around on the final Sunday of each month. It boosts the normal guarantee of its weekly Sunday Major from a relatively modest $50K to a more heart-pumping $100K. However, CPN does allow rebuys and add-ons, making its big tournament less “pure” than the other events on our list, which are all freezeouts. There’s a silver lining here though for savvy players because hundreds of participants opted not to take the add-on: a pretty big mistake EV-wise when it’s for double the starting stack, like it was in this tourney. The error of neglecting to add on is perfectly understandable when we consider that many of the players were satellite winners and therefore unable or unwilling to fire more than one bullet.

Chico Poker Main Event ($100,000 Guaranteed, $100 + $9 buyin)
Players: 734 (80 Paid), Rebuys: 189, Add-ons: 375, Prize Pool: $129,800

Chico 100k winners April 30 2017


SwCPoker and its Bitcoin-denominated games are the place to go for fans of cryptocurrency. Although the bulk of the weekly tournament lineup occurs at microstakes, Sunday is the exception. The 94 + 6 chip Medium BTC offered a solid value this week because only 15 people registered; yet, the prize pool was 2,000 chips or 2 BTC. Unfortunately, lobby glitches prevented us from accurately recording the winner’s screenname, but we can inform you that he or she won 900 chips: worth about $1,300 at current market rates.

SwCPoker The Medium BTC (2,000 Chips Guaranteed; 94 + 6 Chips Buyin)
Players: 15 (4 paid), Prize Pool: 2,000 Chips