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Bustabit Crash Game - Predict The Line Crash & Win Crypto

Bustabit claims to be the originator of all crash gambling games. Since its first appearance online in 2014, it has gone through several code updates and, despite its simplicity, is still going strong and has collected a loyal group of regular players. This game is exclusively available to bettors at its original address, and it aims to be a provably fair game with the lowest house edge and highest possible wins. More than 2 million BTC have been wagered on this game since its inception, with many casino players indicating it performs on par with Aviator crash.

 Introducing the Bustabit crash gambling game

The game is plain and straightforward in the extreme, but the 1% house edge places it into a bracket of games that can be most favourable to players. That's the game's big draw for crypto gamblers.

Real player comments on the game

In general, real player comments about Bustabit at sites like Trustpilot seem to err on the positive side. Those players citing negative sentiments can often be the type that doesn't understand that gambling games are typically based on pure chance outcomes and the casino has an in-built house edge ensuring it always wins in the long run.

Many players have reported good value winnings over time, and, in particular, have made many positive comments focusing on the community-oriented aspects of the game. The following is a good example and also mentions positive experiences with deposits and withdrawals: 

"I have been playing on for a few years now. I can guarantee a few things for you.

"In my experience

1. Has always paid out correctly every time I've withdrawn my funds.

2. Has always transferred my Bitcoin into my account correctly every time I made a deposit.

3. Has been very transparent with how the game is played. I have not seen any type of 'cheating' since I've been playing. I still play.

4. The community chatroom at the bottom of the site is full of regular players who are very helpful and I regularly see Daniel, the site owner, responding to questions players are asking him in the public chat.

So, overall, it's a fun game, but it is your responsibility to play responsibly because you can make a lot of money, and you can also lose everything in seconds. But it is not a scam or a cheat, it is a gambling game and as always, the house has a slight advantage."

Game mechanics/theme – How does Bustabit Crash work?

Bustabit is the creator of the genre of crash gambling games. Later, other games added convenient elements that would fit the theme, such as aeroplanes or rockets, but Bustabit never had any of those.

In Bustabit, things are really simple. There's an X axis and a Y axis, and a line that rises exponentially. At some point, the line will crash, and at that point, all players who haven't cashed out will lose their bets and forfeit any potential winnings. The only way to win is to cash out at a specific win multiplier before the crash.

Screenshot of Bustabit crash game player and betting interface

How do you play Bustabit and bet on the rounds?

Betting on Bustabit is simple. Decide your preferred stake for any particular round, and place the bet. If you want to place multiple bets, simply add another wager by repeating the process. When you play Bustabit, expect to see details of any other players alongside you, with their results clearly displayed on the screen.

Watch the progress of each line carefully and try to cashout before the crash. The odds showing at the time of the crash are the highest multiplier you might have reached, with your win decided by the multiplier showing at the time of your cashout.

Graphics quality, artwork, animations

There are almost no graphics and artwork and no animations unless you consider a rising function an animation.

Bustabit is most definitely the least attractive of all crash games. And it never pretended to be anything else. This game takes pride in its high RTP and high maximum wins. It doesn't care much about appearance.

Just like in all other games, you can see a history of past rounds. In Bustabit, you can see a bit further back than in other games as there's a scrollable list of rounds. You can also at all times see the results of other players currently in the game.

Aesthetics, user experience

There are no aesthetics here. The user experience is one of an early crypto adopter who has lots of Bitcoin - too many to count - that he wants to gamble. While playing the game, you might notice some people are gambling a lot per round. As if 1 BTC is nothing.

Like in other crash games, it's possible to set your bet manually or to autobet and auto cash out. Although it must be said, Bustabit is much slower than other crash game titles, so it is more playable with manual cashouts.

There is also a chat screen where you can chat with other players. There's always a nice philosophical discussion going on. Such as yo mama jokes. Or worse.

Tension and anticipation value

Bustabit is a much quieter and more subtle game than most crash games. It's just a number on the screen that goes up until it says Busted. There's no anticipation, just the inevitable bust.

It's important to note that Bustabit seems to enjoy the range of odds from 1.00x to 2.30x, as that's where most game rounds end. Other games aren't necessarily set up like this and go much higher with their multipliers despite having a lower RTP overall.

So, pay attention, chasing large win multipliers at Bustabit is probably a strategy that isn't going to work. This game was designed for people who wish to bet 5 BTC to win 1 BTC. That's how it looks like, how it plays like, and that's likely how you should play it.

RTP, house edge and variability

Bustabit has an incredibly generous house edge of only 1%, which equates to a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 99%. That means that only Blackjack is a better game mathematically.

As we explained above, the variance in win multipliers isn't very high. If you look at the history of results, you will likely see a bunch of busts in the range of 1.10x to 2.30x, fewer in the range of 3.00x, and then only several outliers with really big multipliers.

It's important to play the game according to how the game is set up. It would be equally wrong to expect a huge win multiplier from Bustabit as it would not to chase a huge win multiplier on Roobet Crash.

In case of Bustabit, you likely won't be giving up too much profit if you keep cashing out at or around 2.00x, because the game doesn't go well beyond that number all that often.


Bustabit stays in its preferred range most of the time, so the correct strategy would be to do just that with your cashouts.

Most people who play this game invest quite a bit of crypto to win just a tiny bit more. Such as up to 1.50 or 2.00x. It's up to you how much risk you want to take - obviously if you go for 3.00x the risk will be much greater than if you go for 2.00x.

With higher bets, it would be good practice to use the Autobet function. A glitch in your Internet connection could cost you a precious second during which you wanted to cash out but didn't manage to.

How much can you win playing Bustabit?

Since Bustabit is played with Crypto, figures for major wins can be astronomically high. Players do, of course, win small amounts all the time. The bigger wins resulting from high stakes and big multipliers are rarer, although they do happen. Bustabit keeps a leaderboard-type record of the biggest Bustabit winners.

Leaderboard screenshot at Bustabit showing biggest Bitcoin winners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, Bustabit isn't a beatable game, it has a 1% house edge. That being said, of course it's possible to make money on Bustabit - more possible than in other games that have a much worse RTP. It's a game of chance in which your decisions will affect the outcome of the game. Might as well get lucky and win several rounds, and walk away with a nice profit.

No, but you can head over to to watch other players play. This is your chance to experience the game in full, and see how the multipliers behave, and how other players approach beating this game.

Bustabit will take your bet, no matter what. You'd need to be wagering dozens of BTC to get a warning that your bet isn't accepted.

It's possible to win up to around 20 BTC on one game round of Bustabit with a single wager, regardless of the win multiplier. That being said, during test play, we've seen multipliers of 77x and above with wagers we've placed.

There are no known cheats or hacks for winning at Bustabit. As with many crash gambling games, attention to careful betting is your best strategy for regular wins.

The best way to play Bustabit while minimising the risks of losing is to place a series of low-value bets over an extended playing session while aiming for small wins at a multiplier of around 1.20x. This low-risk betting strategy will mean your losses are kept small but equally means your profits won't be big either.

The length of each Bustabit round varies. If the multiplier stops rising quickly, a round could be under a few seconds. If you can hold your nerve and wait as long as possible for the line to keep growing, a round might typically last up to 30 seconds or so.

Yes, Bustabit has an In-Game Chat feature giving a solution that lets you chat with other players while playing the game. You can use the chat system to ask questions, give tips, or just chat for fun with other players.

Yes, you can play Bustabit on the full range of user devices, including mobile phones and tablets, using any of the standard operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.

Bustabit is an exclusive, proprietary game you can only play on the website.