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Chico Network Bad Beat Jackpot Hit for $650K Logo

On the night of Wednesday, May 24, the Bad Beat Jackpot at the Chico Poker Network (BetOnline,, and TigerGaming) was hit at a value of approximately $650K. User "Catfancy" received the largest portion of the prize pie for "losing" the hand at showdown: $229,350.34. The winner of the hand, "pygmy416," got $114,642.39, and the same sum was distributed to the rest of the people seated at the table.

About the Winning Hand

The action commenced at a nine-handed $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em ring game just after midnight Greenwich Time. The pot was limped around multiway, and then the flop of 3h Qh 9d appeared. Nobody seemed to like it very much, and it was checked around. The 7d turn finally generated some betting when "Rambo13" bet into the field, and both "pygmy416" and "Catfancy" called. It was with the 8d river that the fireworks began. It checked to "pygmy416" who bet, and "Catfancy" raised. "Rambo13" got out the way, and the other two proceeded to get all their chips in the middle, making a $294.99 pot. "Catfancy" revealed the 6d5d for a straight flush, and "pygmy416" turned over the JdTd for a higher straight flush.

Apart from the two who went to showdown and earned $229,350.34 and $114,642.39, there were six others dealt into the hand. They each profited by $19,107.06 although three of them got an extra penny. The "loser" and "winner" of the hand plus six others equals only eight, so what about the ninth seat at this full-ring table? Was it empty? No, Seat 0 (how appropriate) at the table was occupied by the hapless "fish2016" who was sitting out at the time the momentous hand was dealt. He thus wasted his shot at a big payday and is now undoubtedly filled with regret.

It's fortunate that both down cards for each player came into play at showdown because, according to the Bad Beat Jackpot rules, this must be the case or else the hand doesn't qualify. Other restrictions include the fact that at least four players must be dealt into a hand for it to be eligible for the Bad Beat Jackpot, and the hand must go to showdown. Straight flush over straight flush easily satisfied the minimum hand strength rules, which state that the losing hand must be JJJJ or better in order for the jackpot to activate.

Bad Beat Jackpot History

The first Bad Beat Jackpot at Chico Poker was hit on Feb. 9 of this year when "ONEnDONE" found out that his quad jacks were no good against quad aces, but they were good for $137,177.64. After that, there remained around $117K to seed the new pot. At the end of April, we brought you the news that the BBJ fund had grown to more than $500K. From that time till last night, a further $150K+ had been added in the space of less than a month.

Bad Beat Jackpot Funding and Payouts

The jackpot pool grows through the collection of an extra rake, taken solely from specially marked Bad Beat Jackpot tables. This extra money amounts to $0.10 for every $4 in the pot, but it's capped at a relatively low $.50. Players in non-BBJ games don't have to pay this surcharge, but on the other hand, they're not entitled to any Bad Beat payouts either.

Whoever loses at showdown in a qualifying hand gets 35% of the accumulated funds in the pot. The winner of the hand receives 17.5%, and another 17.5% is split up among the rest of the table. That leaves 30% left over, which goes to establish a new Bad Beat Jackpot prize pool. After the events of May 24, the new pot was started at approximately $200K.

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Maybe You Too Can Strike It Rich?

All it takes is one unpredictable stroke of fortune to walk away from the tables with a share of the Bad Beat Jackpot at the Chico Poker Network. If you're interested in trying your luck in this exciting promotion, then you can join up at one of the three participating sites and start playing today. Check out our reviews: