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Americas Cardroom vs. BlackChip Poker Comparison

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The Winning Poker Network has become one of the premier destinations for real money online poker among United States players. This raises the question as to which site on the network is best: Americas Cardroom or BlackChip Poker? We here at ProfessionalRakeback work closely with both operators, and so we're in a great position to weigh in on the Americas Cardroom vs. BlackChip Poker debate.

Overview of the Two Companies

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Americas Cardroom was actually one of the early brands in the U.S. market, opening a site on the now-defunct Dobrosoft network in 2001. After the passage of the UIGEA in 2006, it retired from the online poker scene, and it paid out player balances honestly before closing. However, sensing opportunity in 2011, ACR reemerged from retirement and became the flagship operator on the Winning Poker Network, a position it retains to the present day.

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BlackChip Poker launched as part of the Merge network in 2008. Offering superb rakeback and great customer support, it soon captured significant market share. A dispute within the Merge Network caused BlackChip to leave in late 2012, and it found a new home on the Winning Poker Network. It's a good thing, too, because Merge has since gone downhill while the WPN remains one of the top U.S.A. poker networks in existence.

Similarities Between BCP and ACR

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As partners on the same network, there are a lot of similarities between Americas Cardroom and BlackChip Poker. They both have identical cash tables and tournaments running on the same software, and they each feature a 100% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus that releases at a 20% rakeback-equivalent rate. Each firm rewards players through the Elite Benefits system, and they also both offer a flat rakeback deal of 27% paid back directly to customers' accounts for those who opt out of Elite Benefits. Whenever the Winning Network has a massive tournament series, you can count on ACR and BCP to both be included in it. The cashier methods, seasonal specials, and reload bonuses tend to be identical between both organizations.

Differences Between ACR and BCP

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At times, it seems as though BlackChip Poker and Americas Cardroom are virtual clones of each other. This makes it tough to identify a clear winner in the BlackChip Poker vs Americas Cardroom debate. Nevertheless, there are a few small differences between the two sites that we have been able to identify.

Mac Support

Americas Cardroom has had a Mac client since October 2015. Unfortunately, it's still in beta testing more than two years later. Many users complain of bugs and other issues while using it, and this is probably the reason why it's still in development. BlackChip Poker doesn't have any kind of Mac offering at all although we can expect the Mac software to be deployed at the remaining WPN skins, including BCP, once all the kinks are worked out.

Mobile Compatibility

At the end of September 2017, Americas Cardroom launched a mobile app. It allows access to three-player Jackpot Poker SNGs, which is the only form of poker supported for phone and tablet users. The mobile poker solution is quite limited at present, so this isn't a huge brag for ACR, but it is a feature that Black Chip Poker lacks.

Instant Cash

On top of the welcome bonus of 100% up to $1,000, new depositors at Americas Cardroom can claim around $50 in free cash. They have to log into the poker software each day for 20 days and open up a cash card from within the rewards tab. This cash card is worth between $2 and $6, and the funds can be used for any game on the site. Blackchip Poker doesn't have anything like this.

$10 No Deposit Bonus

We've negotiated a special $10 no deposit deal for ProfRB visitors that's only available on Americas Cardroom. Through the use of the bonus code PRB10FREE, our readers get the chance to play with $10 of the house's money. This deal is only available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, and New Zealand. No similar bonus is offered at BlackChip Poker.


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The majority of players will be almost equally happy at either of the two rooms, Americas Cardroom and BlackChip Poker. The differences between them are nothing to write home about. Nevertheless, for a small contingent of newer players, the small extra perks handed out by ACR may tip the scales in its favor. $10 absolutely free and $50 upon making a deposit may seem like chump change, but this free cash can jump-start the career of someone totally new to poker. The mobile Jackpot Poker app and Mac compatibility are also elements that may appeal to recreational users. Thus, Americas Cardroom is the better answer for novices.

Dedicated grinders who know what they're doing probably eschew the luck-based Jackpot Poker format, so the limited mobile app holds little appeal for them, and most of them own powerful Windows PCs, so Mac software is irrelevant to their interests. Similarly, the $10 no deposit bonus and $50 in complimentary money is likely too trivial to really matter to someone with a five- or six-figure bankroll. For experienced poker pros, we feel that either BlackChip Poker or Americas Cardroom would make a fine choice. Actually, sophisticated online poker enthusiasts may find it beneficial to set up accounts at both sites. This allows them to grab two deposit bonuses, benefit doubly from any time-sensitive offers that appear, and use their two screennames judiciously to get more action that they perhaps could from a single account.

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You can find out more about BlackChip Poker, including signup instructions, in our detailed review of BCP Poker. To learn about Americas Cardroom, including the exclusive ProfRB $10 no deposit bonus, click over to our exhaustive ACR Poker review.


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