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Full Flush Poker Review, Bonus Codes and More

Full Flush Poker review, including details on their bonus codes, rake back, tournaments, cash games, deposit and withdrawal options, and more.

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Full Flush Poker Review

Updated November 2016:

FULL FLUSH POKER HAS BEEN OFFLINE SINCE SEPTEMBER 2016.  If you would like to play on another soft poker site, please read Professional Rakeback's Ignition Poker Review

Full Flush is a reputable member of the Equity Poker Network (EPN).  EPN is a cooperative of poker rooms who have joined together to form a non-profit network structure.  The poker rooms that join EPN all share tables and player liquidity while the network provides the infrastructure for the games.  They offer US and International rest-of-world (ROW) players alike, a secure, safe, and friendly environment to play their favorite cash games, sit and goes, as well as tournaments.  Individual sites also offer casino games.  Full Flush Poker is directly owned by the parent company of the EPN, and is the "flagship brand" of the network.  This serves to further bolster the safety and security of a player's bankroll when choosing FFP as as their poker provider. 

Full Flush is a recreational poker network at heart.  They have a common sense rewards system that offers, mostly via deposit and reload bonuses, Full Flush "rakeback" percentages up to 50% rewards when clearing bonuses.  A brand new player at Full Flush Poker for example, can expect a deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,000 plus an additional 20% instant bonus match.  They also offer a variety of smaller rewards, such as POP points, which offer the equivalent of 5% cash back available on demand.  We'll cover the rewards in more detail later in this review.

Easy to navigate software supplied by PlaySafe powers the poker games on FFP.  The software works natively with both Windows based PCs and is also Mac friendly, working with all current Mac operating systems.  Full Flush also has a fully functional, fast, multi-tabling enabled, and dare we say, slick looking mobile Android poker solution so that you can sneak in a few hands whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Full Flush Poker Bonus Code

Full Flush Poker Bonus

Full Flush has one of the best poker deposit bonuses in the US market.  They already had a great deposit bonus, but in March 2016 the deposit bonus was upgraded even more, insuring that FFP has the best deposit bonus on Equity Poker Network.  FFP offers a 100% match up to $1,000 USD.  These bonus dollars that have to be cleared, by playing poker, be it cash games, sit and goes, or multi-table tournaments. 

On top of the standard bonus which requires you to clear it by way of playing at the tables, there are also Instant Cashback Rewards available on qualifying deposits.  Any first deposit between $50 and $100 gets an instantly available 10% bonus tacked onto their account.  If you decide you would like to deposit more than $100 initially, you will be handsomely rewarded with an additional 20% Instant Bonus. 

You too can take full advantage of this offer by singing up below and using our Full Flush Poker signup bonus code PROFRBFFP   Just to be clear here, we made you a bonus chart with various popular deposit amounts to show you just how much you could earn.

Full Flush poker deposit bonus code informational chart.

full flush bonus instructions pointer

Below you will find instructions on how to create your new Full Flush account.  If you fail to follow these steps, you may not be properly tracked as a customer of Professional Rakeback, and thus, you may not get your deposit bonus.  So be sure to follow these instructions carefully! Use the bonus code PROFRBFFP when creating your VIP bonus account.

STEP 1:  Clear cookies in your web browser: IF YOU FAIL TO CLEAR COOKIES, YOU MAY RECEIVE NO BONUS AT ALL! If you need help clearing cookies, click the appropriate browser icon below and a WikiHow page will open in a new window and provide detailed visual instructions with to guide you.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button  

Click here to sign up to full flush poker.STEP 2:  Full Flush Poker has been offline since September 1, 2016.

STEP 3:  Click the "Play Now" button. You can then choose from Windows or Mac download options. Click the small "Play Now" button under the appropriate software option.

STEP 4:  Download and install your preferred poker software client. Once the installation process is complete, be sure the "run" option is checked. The poker client will now launch.

STEP 5:  Create a username (maximum of 10 characters) and password. Proceed to the next screen, and fill out the account information, making sure to use bonus-referral code PROFRBFFP.

STEP 6:  If you would like confirmation that your account is properly set up and will receive the maximum bonus, please Skype or Email us your username and registered email address.

STEP 7:  Click "Lobby" within the poker client.  Scroll down to "Validate Email", and then when prompted, use the code sent to the email address you provided earlier in the sign up process.

FINAL STEP:  Verify your account by submitting an authorization form to Full Flush Poker.

Find the "Verification form link" at the Full Flush Poker website.
Download and complete form, then scan/email the documents to support[at]
Include copy of your CC/debit card and photo ID

Optional: ProfRB recommends purchasing the only legal and operational Full Flush Poker HUD, Holdem Indicator, to optimize your edge while playing at FullFlush Poker.

If you have any additional questions, just contact us. We will be happy to assist you! 

Full Flush Poker Tournament Schedule

As a general business practice, the management at Full Flush Poker and the Equity Poker Network have decided to use a common tactic from retail marketing.  That tactic is having "loss leaders."  A loss leader is something that a retail outlet sells under costs in order to get you into the door, or in this case, to sign up.  The idea is that once you are in the store, you will buy a more profitable product.  The same thing applies here, they hope that by attracting you to the juicy tournaments, you will also participate in the cash games, sit and goes, and perhaps even the casino games where they can actually earn a profit on your play. 

How does this apply to Full Flush Poker tournaments?  FFP uses these same tactics to get you into the door.  Their tournament guarantees offer huge overlays.  Each time a tournament grows to the point that it is regularly meeting its overlay, management jacks up the tournament guarantee.  This often results in massive value for Professional Rakeback's tournament players. 

For example, let us look at the biggest regular tournament on FFP, the "$5,000 High Roller" which runs seven days a week.  This tournament was recently raised to a 5k guarantee and it immediately had 20% overlay.  As of today, May 2016, the standard overlay has shrunk down to approximately 15%.  It will dwindle down to meeting the guarantee, and then FFP management will raise it again.  They do this so that they can keep advertising larger and larger tournaments to attract more and more recreational players.  This is such superb news for our tournament players.  It is like having a built in guaranteed ROI boost on every tournament you play on this US friendly poker network! The "$2,500 Saturday fever was, up until a couple weeks ago, the "$2,000 Saturday Fever" and guess what, it is overlaying at 19% last time we checked!  As soon as that gap is closed you can bet your bottom dollar it will become the "$3,000 Saturday Fever" because that is just how Full Flush Poker rolls.  They are aggressively raising tournament guarantees as a means of growing their business.

We highly recommend adding some of these events into your tournament grinding schedule.  The return on investment that is attainable with these tournaments is quite large due to their strategic implementation of constant overlays as well as the fact that the players on this network are, generally speaking, quite terrible at poker.  Playing tournaments at FFP on EPN will definitely help pad your bankroll.  If you'd like to read the entire tournament schedule, you can find it on their website here.

Full Flush Poker Payouts & Deposits

Full Flush Poker offers players all of the standard deposit and withdrawal options that you would typically find at most us poker sites.  These secure and timely options for deposits include credit card, Western Union, MoneyGram, and bitcoin for American players.  Players in other countries can enjoy the aforementioned methods as well as Skrill and Neteller deposits.  With regard to withdrawals, there are checks, WU, MG, bank wire for the US players and once again the international ROW players can also make use of Skrill and Neteller.


(Highly recommended) Bitcoin - Minimum $10, maximum $2,500.

Credit and debit card - $25 minimum, $400 maximum

Via "Cash Transfer" aka Western Union or Moneygram - $50 minimum, $1,000 maximum

(International players) Neteller, and Skrill - $50 minimum, $2,500 maximum

(International players) Ecopayz - $50 minimum, $1,000 maximum

Unverified accounts have smaller deposit limits.  These limits can increase over the life of your account or by contacting Full Flush support.  Please note that you will need to verify your account before getting higher deposit limits.  Submitting documentation is is a standard fraud prevention technique and also in accordance with International "Know Your Customer" law, more commonly known as KYC laws.


Whatever method you choose to fund your account with will be the way your first withdrawal is paid out.  For example, if you deposit by credit card, your first payout will be via a credit card refund.  Subsequent payouts will be eligible for other forms of withdrawal.  This also applies to International customers depositing via ewallets, as your initial payout request will be refunded back to the same ewallet.

Players must wait 48 hours after making a deposit before being able to request a payout.

"Cash Transfer" aka Western Union or Moneygram - $100 minimum, $330 maximum
FEES: $36 for $100-$200 payouts, $39 for $201-$500 payouts, and $48 for $501-$1,000 payouts 

Check - $700 minimum, $2,499 maximum
FEES: $30 for regular mail, $50 for check by courier with tracking number, and $75 for international checks

Bank Wire - $200 minimum, $2,500 maximum
FEES: $65 per wire

(International players) Neteller and/or Skrill - $50 minimum, $2,500 maximum
FEES: $15 for $50-$500 payouts, and $30 for $501-$2,500 payouts

(International players) Ecopayz - $50 minimum, $1,000 maximum
FEES: none


All players must make a deposit prior to requesting any payouts. This applies primarily for players who have won money in any freeroll tournaments. Once a player has made a first deposit, they will then be eligible to withdraw any winnings after a period of 48 hours.

Payouts can be requested through the cashier in the Full Flush Poker client. Additionally, a withdraw can be requested via email (payouts[at], phone, or live chat - these requests will only be accepted Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm EST.

Payouts are processed during normal business hours - Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4pm EST.

Full Flush Poker Rakeback

Exclusive to Professional Rakeback account holders and new signups.  This is the only website on the entire Internet allowed to offer legal rakeback on the Equity Poker Network via the network flagship, Full Flush Poker.  Rakeback accounts created through Professional Rakeback will entitle the account holder to a daily rakeback payment of 30%.  This 30% payment is paid directly from Full Flush Poker into the players rakeback account.  On top of this thirty percent rakeback paid daily, players are also eligible for an additional 5% rewards in the form of POP points which can be redeemed as earned.  Thus the total rakeback percentage is a whopping 35% rakeback!

Rakeback accounts are not eligible for the initial deposit bonus.  Rakeback accounts are also not eligible for any poker reload bonuses.  POP points also work slightly differently for rakeback accounts.  Only cash games and sit and goes earn the addition 5% POP point rakeback.  POP points do not accumulate for MTTs and do not earn rakeback.

Once again, this is the only website that is allowed to offer a legal rakeback deal on FFP, where the site itself pays players directly without the use of shady affiliates or middlemen who might run off your hard earned rakeback!  If you are interested, check out our Full Flush rakeback page.



The Equity Poker Network is unable to accept US poker players from the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada.  However, players from US territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Marianas Islands, and the Virgin Islands are accepted.

Full Flush Poker also cannot accept players from the countries of Costa Rica, Curacao, France, Italy, and Turkey.


FFP has unique promotions such as "The Outlaw" (explained in our Full Flush Poker Promotions page), players of all skill levels will find FFP to be a solid option in the online poker marketplace.


Contact Information:

Players needing to get in touch with Full Flush support can contact them in a variety of methods.  For faster response times, Professional Rakeback recommends using live chat, fax  1.305.418.7454 or toll free phone number 1.800.841.0286


To search this FAQ more easily for your specific topic, press Control+F and type in your search words.

Professional Rakeback knows that there are often challenges when working with a new online poker room. With that in mind, we have created this Full-Flush-Poker FAQ in an effort to keep players in the know regarding Full Flush Poker policies and guidelines. We will update this page any time we get new information regarding the Equity Poker Network flagship skin, FFP.

Is Full Flush Poker legit? -- Professional Rakeback believes that they are.  PROFRB does not offer any poker sites that we do not personally risk our own money on.  Should we ever come to believe that FullFlushPoker is not a legitimate poker site, who pays its players promptly and offers fair games, we would pull them immediately.

Does FFP offer rakeback deals? --  Full Flush Poker does offer rakeback.  It is offered exclusively by Professional Rakeback.  We are the only website allowed to offer a legal, above board rakeback deal on FFP and EPN. To learn more about the exclusive 35% legal rakeback available through Professional Rakeback on Equity Poker Network click here: FullFlushPoker Rakeback

I have a Mac; can I play at FullFlush Poker?  -- Absolutely! Full Flush Poker has download options for Windows and Mac users! You can check out our Mac Poker Sites page for more information.

How many tables can I play at one time?  -- Full Flush Poker allows players to play at a maximum of twenty-five [25] tables at one time.

Why is my payout still pending?  -- Typically, payouts are processed between 3 and 10 business days. All payouts are labeled in your cashier as "pending" while the payment department processes your request. If your payout has been pending for more than 10 business days, contact support at payouts[at]fullflushpoker.

Does Full Flush charge fees for depositing?  -- No! Full Flush Poker does not charge any fees to deposit. If you notice an extra fee on your credit card or bank statement, this is likely due to a financial institution mistaking your transaction as a cash advance. You may wish to contact your issuing bank in this instance. WU and/or MG will likely charge a fee in-house for cash transfers - however, Full Flush will reimburse you for fees incurred on cash transfer deposits of $250 or greater.

I've verified my payout information and still cannot deposit with my credit or debit card. What gives?  -- Unfortunately, some financial institutions have policies against "gaming purchases". You can contact your issuing bank to determine whether or not they will allow the transaction; or, you can use alternative deposit methods such as cash transfers (WU/MG) or deposit via eWallets. See our Full Flush Poker information page to find out which methods are open to you.

Do I need a code to earn deposit bonuses?  -- YES!  Full Flush bonus offers require you to use a code!  Please use code PROFRBFFP during the account creation process to insure that you receive your poker-deposit-bonus. If you have any issues with your bonuses, contact Full Flush support immediately at support[at]

How long do I have to clear my deposit bonus?  -- Players have 45 days to earn the necessary Player Option Points (POP's) to redeem their bonuses, both "initial deposit bonuses" and "reload bonuses".

How do I earn POPs? -- Players earn 10 POP's for each dollar raked on all real money cash game tables, single table tournament tables (SNGs) and multi table tournament tables (MTTs).

When does my bonus money arrive in my account?  -- $1 of the bonus amount is immediately credited to your account for every 20 POP's you earn.

How much rake is charged in Full Flush cash games?  -- Standard rake is 5% of post-flop pots. All $0.05/$0.10 tables and up have a $3 rake cap, while all tables below $0.05/$0.10 have a $0.50 rake cap.

These backgrounds are distracting me. Is there any way I can remove them, or edit them to make them less of a nuisance?  -- Yes you can! is working on a video tutorial to walk you through this precise issue! While we're working on it, please contact our ProfRB Editor via Skype (profrb.editor) and he will be pleased to help you with this issue post haste!

I've witnessed players I feel are engaged in chip dumping. What should I do?  -- Full Flush Poker takes chip dumping very seriously. If you suspect players are engaging in this dishonorable practice, please email support[at] immediately.

The animations at my table are sluggish, yet my Internet connection is fine. Help!?!  -- Easy buddy! Under the "Options" tab in your poker client, select "Animation Refresh Rate". If the default position is on "medium", simply select a higher rate to speed up animations.

What happens when a tournament is canceled on FullFlushPoker? --  We all love the Internet, but every so often it is a pain in the ass and causes us grief. Tricksters play pranks with poker websites and attack them using very sophisticated denial of service attacks. ISPs in foreign countries thousands of miles away from us can experience downtime related to maintenance or DNS routing. The poker servers, despite having multiply redundant hardware systems, will occassionally suffer failures. No matter how it comes to pass, having an MTT shut down while playing definitely qualifies as a pain in the ass especially when the service problem takes place while you happen to be dominating the field. Professional Rakeback feels your pain.  As such, PROFRB has gathered up information regarding the procedures and policies followed by the Equity Poker Network in times of strife. The following information comes direct from the Full Flush Poker website as it relates to Equity Poker Network tournament cancellations, refunds, and policies,

During play in any poker tournament, if a player loses their connection and does not re-connect or act, their hand is automatically folded and their blinds are posted until they return. Eventually the player is "blinded out" (loses their chips) if they do not re-connect back to the poker tournaments table.

Players must understand and accept the risk of internet disconnections, as they can and do occur. If a player is not connected before a hand starts, they will be dealt cards and then folded automatically. If they are required to post a blind and are not connected, their blind is posted automatically and their hand folded. Again, this continues until the player is fully connected and back in the poker tournaments or until the player is out of the tournament.

In case of a server problem, all poker tournaments in play during the problem will be deemed as cancelled. Once the server re-starts, we will refund the full buy-in (including the last re-buy) of each poker player that was still in the tournament at the time. This payout is based on the player's proportion of chips compared to all other remaining players, treating all players equally and fairly. If a player was eliminated from any of the poker tournaments before the server problem, they are considered "out of the tournament" and do not receive any entry fee refund or any portion of the prize pool.

In case of any disputes, management decisions will be final.

Are heads-up displays, aka HUDS, allowed on FFP?  If so, which ones work? -- Both Hold'em Indicator (for Windows PCs) and iHoldem Indicator (for Mac computers) are allowed and work flawlessly.

Is it legal to play on Full Flush Poker from the USA?  My particular US state?  My country? -- The legality of online poker is rarely in question.  Often it is legal, or not specifically defined by law, and thus, not illegal.  FFP does not offer its services to players in jurisdictions where online poker is regulated by restrictive government laws.  Most of the states and territories contained within the United States of America [USA] are welcomed to play at FFP with the exclusion of the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. Full Flush Poker also cannot accept players from the countries of Costa Rica, Curacao, France, Italy, and Turkey due to legal constraints - all other countries are free to sign up and enjoy a game of cards!

How do I contact Full Flush Support? -- Players needing to get in touch with Full Flush support can contact them in a variety of methods though Professional Rakeback recommends using live chat, fax  1.305.418.7454 or toll free phone number 1.800.841.0286