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Jeff Boski DUBUNKS Jonathan Little’s Video Fearmongering

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Last month, prominent poker professional, coach, and podcaster Jonathan Little uploaded a video to his YouTube channel entitled “Online Poker for Americans.” We fully support Jonathan’s right to express his opinions freely through whatever mediums he chooses whether online or otherwise; yet, after repeated viewings, the information given in the video just didn’t sit right with us.

Jonathan takes a very negative stance toward offshore online poker providers – a position that we believe is totally unwarranted. While there is an element of truth in many of the views Jonathan espouses, we can’t help but conclude that much of his rhetoric is exaggerated and appears to be based on a misunderstanding of the actual facts.

We here at ProfessionalRakeback have worked with dozens of internet gaming sites based outside the United States, and while there are occasional hiccups in the industry, these companies deliver fair and honest gameplay accompanied by speedy payouts the overwhelming majority of the time.

We reached out to our friend Jeff Boski to solicit his opinion on the matter. Jeff is also a pro player and manages his own successful YouTube channel. He concurred with our assessment that Jonathan’s advice was misleading and likely to confuse newcomers to the online poker scene.

Jeff agreed to collaborate with us on a video response to Jonathan Little. Jeff goes over what Jonathan got wrong and presents the correct information in an easy-to-understand format. Check out the video below.

Jeff "TheBoski" Boski

We appreciate the effort Jeff Boski put in to counter the incorrect claims contained in Jonathan Little’s video. Jeff is one of the foremost poker streamers and vloggers active today. You can subscribe to Jeff's YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter @ICuRaRook.