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Exclusive Poker Reports by Professional Rakeback

This is where Professional Rakeback differentiates itself from many rakeback affiliate websites. Instead of sending you off into the ether to find hard to quantify information, we gather it all up and present it in a clear and consise manner - for our ProfRB clients and for the online poker community in general!

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In addition to our exclusive Cashout Reports, MTT Overlay Reports, and Vig (peer-to-peer trading) Reports that cover all of the major online poker rooms on the "Big 4" US-facing networks - as well as our commitment to providing diverse and informative articles every week - we will be continuing to roll out several new reports and features in the coming weeks and months. These reports will continue the effort to reach more players across the community and give them the information they need to make informed decisions in the current online poker marketplace.

Currently up in our "Exclusive Reports" section: our dymanic and in-depth US Places To Play page, as well as our new monthly MTT Profit | Loss Report covering tournament gains (or losses) among the aforementioned "Big 4" online poker networks. 

We hope you enjoy these reports - and be sure to help us spread the word! And as always...

Run strong - from your friends at Professional Rakeback!