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Copying Horizon Network Notes From Old Skin to Intertops

So you've decided to set up an account with Professional Rakeback on the Horizon Poker Network.  You've created your new account and now it's time to transfer your player notes from your old skin to your newly created Intertops or Juicy Stakes account.  We here at Professional Rakeback appreciate your business, and your time.  To that end, we'd like to provide you with instructions on how to quickly and efficiently transfer your player notes that you worked so hard to gather to your new Intertops poker account. 

Transferring Notes from an Old Account to New Horizon Account In Windows:

1) Make sure you have all Horizon Network poker clients closed!

2)  Right click the Start Button and choose Explore

3)  Use the Windows Explorer to navigate to  to the directory where your notes ".store" file is located.  Example: C:\Users\*your-computer-username*\AppData\Local\CPN\*old poker site*\Player Notes\

3)  Open the Player Notes folder and select the file notes file which will look something like this:

4)  Copy this file

5)  Use Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\Users\*your-computer-username*\AppData\Local\CPN\Intertops\Player Notes\

6)  Paste the copied file.

7)  Rename the copied file to

8)  Make a copy of the original file in the directory.

9)  Copy the name of the original file to the clipboard and/or write it down precisely, then delete the original (Keep the copy in case you goof up this step!)

10) Rename the file to the name of the file that originally existed in the Intertops/Player Notes directory.

11) Your notes should be transferred. Enjoy!


  • To copy files simply select the file, right click and choose Copy
  • To paste files simply select the file, right click, and choose Paste
  • Shortcut for Copy is CONTROL+C
  • Shortcut for Paste is CONTROL+V