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Merge Gaming Network MTT Increases; Sunday Big Ticket Now 125k!

Merge Gaming Network is going all out on their online multi-table poker tournaments...


Merge Gaming Network - Carbon Poker Tournaments See Big Increases

It is no secret to regular readers of Professional Rakeback that we are fans of the Merge Gaming Network.  There is a reason for that... well, quite a few reasons for that actually.  The Merge Gaming Network has some of the best multi-table online poker tournaments available to American poker players and despite the size of their network, their tournament offerings are very competitive on an international level as well.   PROFRB has reported a half dozen increases in their guarantees over the last 2 months, and now, their robust Internet tournament schedule is improving yet again!  The most exciting improvement as far as Professional Rakeback is to Merge's Sunday Major, which was recently renamed to "The Big Ticket."  This is now the the largest regularly scheduled online poker tournament iof all of the remaining US friendly poker sites!  The guarantee has been raised from one hundred thousand United States Dollars $100,000 USD, to an amazing one hundred and twenty five thousand United States Dollars, $125,000 USD! This is a twenty five percent increase in the size of the largest tournament run on any US poker sites!  Professional Rakeback, being frequented by a greater than average number of higher stakes grinders and poker enthusiasts has elected not to waste time informing our readers about all of the smaller increases in tournament guarantees, but we will let you know that over two hundred tournaments had their guarantees increased according to Carbon Poker management.  We are only going to show you the top five additions and upgrades to the Merge Poker Tournament Schedule at this time.  Other notable improvements to large tournaments can be found below:

  • Increase Sunday Big Ticket to $125K
  • Increase $10K Gtd - [Deep] - $11 Buy-in to $20K
  • Increase on $20K Gtd - [Deep] - $33 Buy-in to $25K
  • Increase on $20K Gtd - [Deep] - $60 Buy-in to $25K

We've only bothered to list the largest guaranteed tournament changes here (after all, this is heh!)  For information on their entire list of guaranteed tournaments, of which over 40 guarantees were raised in the last week, check out this link provided by our partner Carbon Poker.  Our other Merge Gaming Network partners, Aced Poker and the Professional Rakeback PokerHost Review, share the exact same tournament schedule!  If you do not have an account on the Merge Gaming Network or you'd like a new account with a new 200% up to $5,000 bonus and 3-7 day cashouts, consider our partner PokerHost. 

**Please note that as of early two thousand fourteen, 2014, Poker Host left the Merge Network and moved its operation over to the Equity Poker Network.  EPN isn't as large a network as Merge Gaming is, they are only about 40 percent of the size.  The tournament offerings on Equity Network are much smaller, their Sunday Major, "the Big Fat 15k" is as advertised, a fifteen thousand dollar USD tournament.  The saving grace for EPN, PokerHost, and Full Flush Poker (the flagship skin of Equity Poker Network) is that their tournaments have very large overlays, as they are used as a marketing tool in and of themselves.  This leads to substantial value opportunities for both American and ROW MTT grinders, as the overlays on EPN are often in the neighborhood of ten to twenty five percent!

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