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5Dimes & EPN Split - New US Grand Poker Network

Five Dimes - 5Dimes Logo The 5Dimes group parts ways with online poker provider Equity Poker Network, forms new room "Grand Poker."  First look, details, and more within.


The 5Dimes Group Leaves Equity Poker Network

The Professional Rakeback poker news team is sad to announce that two of our partners are parting ways. The 5Dimes group, who is host to some of our most recommended US friendly sportsbooks and poker rooms, is as of 12:00am EST on November 1st, 2014, no longer a part of the Equity Poker Network.  The 5dimes group comprises our partner sites Island Casino, SportBet and of course 5Dimes itself.  All of these properties, which before tonight offered three poker networks to our players, have now closed two of their poker products, and opened a new poker product of their own.

The Equity Poker Network, who many of you know comprises such skins as Full Flush Poker and PokerHost, was also one of the three available poker options that players from Island Casino, SportBet, and 5Dimes had access to.  The room was not called Equity Poker Network on these 5Dimes group properties however, and online poker players there knew it as "Open Waters."  Open Waters was shut down, as was another of the poker products they offered, "Fish Pond."  Fish Pond was an independent poker room that only players from 5D, SB, and IC had access to.  It never gained much traction, typically only hosting a dozen or less micro stakes Texas Holdem games at any given point in time.  Fish Pond was using the EPN poker software, without being connected to the EPN player pool.  Professional Rakeback presumes that this is why Fish Pond was closed, as they probably no longer had license to use that particular poker software package.

Now, the question is, why has 5Dimes and sister sites decided to leave Equity Poker Network, or were they kicked off, or ?  Well, the cursory answer, per the Equity Poker Network press release says that it was an equitable parting with no ill will or malice among the parties.  Our cursory talks with representatives from both companies seems to confirm this assertion.  We think there is more to it though, and probably has something to do with the opening of a new poker product on the 5Dimes network.  Before we go into that, here is a copy of the EPN press release:

San Jose, Costa Rica, (October 31st, 2014) – As (“EPN”) is only days away from its first anniversary of real-money gaming, it is also enjoying a phase of new maturity, as it better understands its own recreational player base and what makes for a great union between Network and Operator. This self-awareness brings today’s announcement that the EPN and the 5Dimes Group have ended their business relationship, effective immediately.

EPN’s infancy online was very much about attracting established Operators as part of an important push for player awareness and added liquidity, and the Network’s organic growth has allowed EPN Management to take stock of this particular ‘marriage’; the time is right for 5Dimes to move on, and both parties have mutually agreed to go their separate ways.

This separation will affect players across the 5Dimes Group, which includes the poker rooms,,, and There will be no impact on the flagship card room, (“FFP”), or any of the EPN’s other skins.

The Network’s emphasis remains squarely on providing recreational players with a fun, entertaining and secure online poker experience. The team is equally committed to consolidating its position in the industry, while attracting like-minded Operators that are the right fit for the Network’s unique business model.

"We are happy with where the Network is heading, and with the steady climb in player numbers. Our month-on-month increased guaranteed prize pools, quality promotions, and consistently fast and reliable cashouts are markers of EPN’s early success, and our growing reputation amongst players,” said an EPN Spokesperson.

“We bid farewell to 5Dimes on good terms, and we wish them continued growth for the future.”

Please note that any existing POP Points (the VIP points of Equity Poker) that have not been exchanged prior to this abrupt network move, whether earned in Fish Pond or Open Waters, can be applied to a player's new Grand Poker account after creation.  Existing and former Fish Pond and Open Waters players simply need to contact customer support via email or their applicable 5D Group sites toll free telephone number in order to make the exchange.


The Grand Poker Poker Network

We are calling it this, but we do not know the real name, if there even is a name, or even if the term "network" is appropriate at this point, but hey, we need to label it something!  So as we stated above, and as this press release from EPN hints at, the 5D group is "moving on."  What they are moving on to is a new poker room that all of their "network owned" skins have access to, and possibly their white label books as well, though Professional Rakeback has not had the opportunity to confirm or deny that before the release of this article.  What we do have however are screen shots of the brand new poker client offered by 5D and company, which looks pretty slick by the way.  Take a look below at their newest solo room, the replacement to Fish Pond, Grand Poker!

Grand Poker Network Lobby

Grand Poker Network Table


The software looks pretty good, though we do not recognize the brand, perhaps a custom job.  It looks quite slick and easily navigable however. Grand Poker also sports both a native Windows as well as a native Mac poker client.  There are not many Mac friendly US poker sites around, and a new addition to the mix is a pleasant surprise to PROFRB and we will be adding this room to our Online Mac Poker Guide as soon as possible

If you scrutinize the table screenshot above, you will notice something... low rake.  While it appears that Grand Poker Network will not offer direct rakeback, does seem to have an effective rakeback policy in place, via less than industry standard rake as well as a player points system that will reward players with a plethora of freeroll entry purchases (recreational friendly soft games in other words).  Rake is often taken at a 5% rate at most online poker rooms and it appears that Grand Poker Network will be taking rake at 4.5% for most game formats with rake caps at many formats that are 3.5-7% lower than industry standards.  This is a pretty good deal for players, as less rake is almost always tantamount to higher bb/100 and poker ROI.  The site also offers a Bad Beat Jackpot to keep the recreational players happy. 

5Dimes always controlled the player funds on its poker rooms, keeping them in house and not using the EPN cashier.  As such, Professional Rakeback expects no changes to the fast 5Dimes payouts, or should we say, Grand Poker Network payouts.  Customers of 5Dimes, SportBet and Island Casino will also continue to have access to "Shark Tank" which is their poker product offering hosted by the Winning Poker Network rakeback is available here still.

If you would like to check out the brand new US friendly poker site Grand Poker, please sign up directly through Profesional Rakeback at one of our 5Dimes partner sites  SportBet, Island Casino and or 5Dimes or check out the linked review below for greater details.  All of these sites offer excellent, diverse, and fast payouts for US based, as well as international ROW poker players.  These A+ rated sportsbooks also boast a plethora of reduced juice lines and online casinos if you are the type who likes to get a little action on the side.  Professional Rakeback will of course be investigating this new network thoroughly in the upcoming weeks and providing a full Grand Poker Network review for our loyal clients.  And rest assured, if they allow us to offer Grand Poker Network rakeback review, we will offer the maximum amount allowed to our players.