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Poker Room Cashout Report | Review (February 2014)

Professional Rakeback's Poker Room Cashout Report contains aggregated data on all US friendly online poker sites.  This is the February 2014 edition.

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USA Offshore Poker Site Payouts Report February 2014

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The ultimate resource regarding online poker payouts | withdrawals for US-facing rooms and networks; information, grades, reported payouts from actual players, analysis, and more.

Each month here on, we will be updating you on cashout reports specific to player experiences and comparing that to skin/network stated timeframes, with accompanying analysis. We currently track information from Bovada, the Merge Network (primarily Carbon/Aced Poker and Pokerhost), the Revolution Network (primarily Intertops and Juicy Stakes), Lock Poker (currently an independent online poker room), Seals With Clubs (the leading Bitcoin poker room), and the Winning Poker Network (primarily America's Cardroom, Black Chip, and True Poker).

Moving forward, we've added a speculative "Outlook" portion to each room or network's section. Utilizing our exhaustive research and data, along with our experience in the industry, we give you a glimpse into how strong we feel the future will be for each room or network in terms of paying players in a timely manner. More white stars means a stronger outlook (five white stars being the brightest outlook), while more black stars mean a weaker outlook (five black stars being the worst possible outlook).

PLEASE NOTE: All of our player samples are cataloged from publicly available player reported experiences via online forums - we do not accept privately submitted player experiences for this report.

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January saw the highest amount of check withdrawals on Bovada Poker over the past four months and still managed to keep their average wait under 10 days all told. Some early in the month did endure 12-16 day waiting periods coming out of the holiday season. But a telling statistic of Bovada's payout strength was at the end of the month, when most would feel the upcoming Super Bowl - a big time of year for companies with sports book operations - would have caused some delays in receiving payouts. The final eight check withdrawals recorded from player experiences saw a 5.13 day waiting average, and the trend appears to be continuing into February. As such, Bovada remains on top of our cashout report as the #1 US-facing online poker room in terms of paying its players.

For more details, please visit our Bovada information and instructions page.

Pokerhost moves back into a virtual tie with Bovada on our Cashout Report in February after slight decreases in recorded check and cash transfer payouts from player reported experiences. And while our sample size of player data is relatively minuscule compared to other rooms, confirms through our industry contacts that Pokerhost, an online poker room on the Merge Gaming Network with its own independent cashier, continues to pay players well within or faster than stated timeframes. And with fellow partner rooms Carbon and Aced Poker sporting slightly longer payout timeframes, Pokerhost remains the best poker option on the Merge Network for quick turnaround times on cashouts.

For a more detailed breakdown, check out our Pokerhost information page and consider signing up with Professional Rakeback.

Coming out of the holiday stretch, we can confirm that Intertops Poker continues to pay its players well within or even sooner than their stated timeframes across all payout methods. Player reported data for payouts on Intertops is historically light - but in this specific case, this is a good indication of their payment strength. While Interops, an online poker room on the Revolution Network, may not sport the most comprehensive tournament schedules, players that are looking for a dependable place to play will find few options more trustworthy. Intertops has been in business for over 30 years and continues to be a recommended poker room by

For more information on Intertops Poker, be sure to check out this page.

Another network that pushed through the holiday craze and was able to decrease waiting times across the board was the Winning Poker Network. Player reported data came in at relatively normal levels for January and while the decreases in wait times may have been small, they were noticeable seeing as how they were already under stated timeframes to begin with. And as stated in January's cashout report, we expected wait times to start heading back towards historic levels and as Feburary begins, we continue to expect WPN to be one of the better overall options available for US players.

If you want to know more about WPN, check out our informational page and consider Professional Rakeback as your affiliate and advocate.


Last month saw the debut of Seals With Clubs on our Cashout Report. SWC is an independently-operated, Bitcoin-only poker room that states payouts of 24-36 hours and offers players a "wild west feel" of how the poker experience should be. We recorded four instances of player data in January and all four were well under the 36 hour turnaround cap instituted by SWC. As such, and utilizing our contacts within the online poker industry, we feel they are hands down the best option available to all players interested in playing in a Bitcoin-only poker room.

Learn all about Bitcoins and Seals With Clubs with our in-depth informational page and consider signing up through Professional Rakeback.


Juicy Stakes finally saw the final remnants of their previous incarnation fall off the statistical board and as such, their score on this month's Cashout Report was wholeheartedly increased. What did that last sentence mean? Well, back in September of 2013, Juicy Stakes was mired in nearly non-existent payouts and those that did get through often took 6-12 months to get to their players. The came October, when broke the news of new management taking over the Revolution Network online poker room. Since then, player reported experiences have turned 180 degrees and as such, Juicy Stakes now sports average waiting times within their stated guidelines. We believe Juicy Stakes will continue to pay their players in this timely fashion and expect potential increases in score on this report if they do.

Sign up for Juicy Stakes with Professional Rakeback at this link, and get 36% "dealt methodology" rakeback AND up to a $2,000 signup bonus.

Cash X's = Western Union/Moneygram

Carbon and Aced Poker, the primary poker rooms on the Merge Gaming Network, saw another small increase to overall waiting times for payouts last month. But coming out of the holiday season and into the Super Bowl march (Merge offers sports book operations), this was not unexpected; and since they managed to keep timeframes well within their stated parameters, we feel their slight improvement is score over January's report is warranted. Carbon and Aced saw more volume in terms of payouts as well, and as they've shown over the past six months, they are more than capable of handling the load. And with another Online Poker Series coming in early February, we expect Merge to continue to be on top of payouts as they were when the last Carbon OPS ran back in November.

Be sure to check out our Carbon and Aced Poker instructional page for more information.

Oh, lo and behold the last online poker room on our report. The dreaded Lock Poker, which saw January come and go as tumbleweeds were seen blowing through the wind on this once prominent place. "Payouts on Lock" are now an oxymoron in terms, as January saw more of the same in terms of waiting times for payments owed to players. Over 330 of which are now on the Lock Pending Cashout Report (link below), which documents player reported payouts of two months or more and is compiled by's own "IHasTehNutz". At this point it goes without saying, but we highly recommend staying away from this poker room at all costs. Be sure to check out why via the links below.

Lock's tournament overlays and results (August through October 2013)

You can also check out our exclusive "Revolution(ary) War" article from late September, which details the account of a high-raking player on Lock who was promised an expedited payout based on his rake production.