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Cashout Reports (August 2013)

The debut of the Professional Rakeback US Poker Sites Cashouts Report.


US Poker Sites Cashout Report - August 2013

UPDATE:  For the current version of this poker pay out report, click here

Each month here on, we will be updating you on cashout reports specific to player experiences and comparing that to skin/network stated timeframes, with accompanying analysis. We currently track information across Bovada, the Merge Network (primarily Carbon/Aced Poker and Pokerhost), the Revolution Network (Intertops, Lock Poker, and Juicy Stakes), and the Winning Poker Network (ACR, Black Chip, True Poker).

Please note - this was our inaugural cashout report which did not feature our current grading system.


Boavada Cashouts 1

Bovada cashouts 2

Bovada has proven to be one of the best options for players in terms of available tournaments, soft player fields, and tons of action at the ring game or SNG level. But one aspect of their operation that deserves to be highlighted above most is their ability to fulfill their payout obligations to their players in a speedy fashion. As evidenced with the above three-month look into player experiences, Bovada has steadily gotten even better across check and Western Union/Moneygram (WU/MG) payouts, with some players receiving WU/MG's hours after requesting them. The true testament to their cashout system is their ability to provide check payouts within 2-3 weeks - with the volume of players at Bovada, this is a very strong indication of their overall strength in the marketplace. There have been checks paid out over this timeframe - however, most of these few instances are from players requesting "stacked payouts", which is basically requesting several check withdrawals at one time. And even those have been paid out in timely fashion, with one check usually arriving within 7-10 calendar days of the next.

Overall, Bovada is living up to their word and strengthening their reputation by providing players with timely payouts. highly recommends Bovada as a top destination for players at any skill level.


Carbon Cashouts 3

Carbon Poker, Aced Poker, and the Merge Gaming Network in general have proven to be a destination for the MTT, SNG, and ring game player for months with their sizeable player base and large daily schedule of guaranteed tournaments. However, one of the things that players had concerns about was their speed in paying out withdrawal requests - particularly for US players via check. When we started tracking player experiences in May, we noticed a lot of players were concerned and publicly posted their displeasure in payout threads. And the player experience sample showed that on average, players were waiting between 3-5 weeks longer than Carbon/Merge's stated 6-8 week payout timeframe - with some waiting as long as 12 weeks from date of request (for individual checks - users with "stacked check reports" do not count toward wait-times as we measure them) to check received. Over the course of the next 2-2.5 months, though, Carbon/Aced and Merge have worked to bring player wait times down steadily. From an average wait at 77 days in May to a current average wait of 61 days at the end of July, they are now currently averaging just below 1-3 weeks wait time over their stated timeframes and the evidence suggests that this trend will likely continue in the coming weeks and months.

Overall, Carbon/Aced Poker and the Merge Network are still very viable in today's online poker marketplace and we here at recommend them for players in the US and throughout the world.


Intertops Cashouts

Intertops is currently a Revolution Network skin and has been subject to Revolution's recent segregation tactics (they have since responded in kind) - but it still remains one of the best options for players in terms of payouts and overall reliability. There are not many "publicly" reported data points for this operator because the published cashout times are as stated. Our ProfRB players constantly confirm this with us privately, and through our research and contacts in the industry, we can confidently say that Intertops is meeting their own reported timeframes (currently at 5-7 calendar days for checks and 2-3 business days for transfers [WU/MG] - though requests are not processed on weekends).

Overall, we here at recommend Intertops as a solid and reputable destination for poker players in today's marketplace.


Juicy Stakes Cashouts

This is one instance where a lack of player reporting on their experiences with payouts from a poker room does not indicate a room's ability to pay their obligations in a timely manner. In fact, there has been plenty of people getting their voice out on this subject - but very few instances where players are being paid. In these instances, the "best" player report saw a 174 day wait time from date of request to receiving their check payout - nearly six calendar months. But across May, June, and July, wait times of over 7 months were the norm - with one player waiting an absurd 256 days (8.5 months) to receive their check. The indication here is that Juicy Stakes is having obvious issues paying their players, particularly US players via check. With some simply giving up on ever seeing what is owed to them, Juicy Stakes is one of the worst rooms in terms of payouts in the current poker marketplace, and obviously, we do not recommend playing on Juicy Stakes as a result.


Lock Poker cashouts

Lock Poker Cashouts

Lock Poker Cashouts 3

Lock Poker was once one of the more alluring places to play in the online landscape - though that long ago memory amongst most players is just that: a memory. Despite repeated attempts by Lock representatives to disregard or refute the evidence above, it is clear using the sample size cataloged that Lock Poker is experiencing lengthy delays in paying their customers across all of their payout offerings. The situation for US players regarding checks is quite alarming, even as the number of checks being reported received has been on the rise. An average wait time among players reporting their experience has hit 189 days for checks, a period of over 6 months - with some having to endure 7-8 months or higher between request date and receiving their check. Western Union payments aren't much better, having steadily increased in average waits for players reporting from 90 days in May to over 135 days in July. Comparatively alarming is "rest-of-world" (ROW) payout wait times across Skrill, Moneybookers, and Neteller - which have also steadily increased from averages around 58 days in May to over 73 days (nearly 2.5 months) in July.

However, the most alarming aspect of Lock's payout system is their refusal to adjust their stated cashout timeframes across any of their payout platforms. Since May, Lock has maintained their stated waiting periods and continue to tell players - both new and regular - that these are the expected times to wait for their payments to arrive. The sample above clearly shows that these stated timeframes are not even close to actual time periods, and players have been very vocal about their experiences with Lock's customer service in general. Overall, Lock Poker is one to avoid for any player that values their money, and thus we cannot recommend them as a viable option for players - both US and ROW - in today's online marketplace.


PokerHost Cashouts

One of the more intriguing places to play in today's marketplace is PokerHost. Reasons for this include the fact that they are on the Merge Gaming Network, yet offer their own independent payout system and limited player-to-player transfer ability. Payouts are generally received within 3-9 calendar days, and despite a lack of player data points we can confirm through our own ProfRB players and contacts that Pokerhost is meeting its stated timeframes. New players, however, are limited to WU/MG withdrawals in an effort to promote loyalty and to limit nefarious types from using their system for their own gain. Longer standing players can request check payouts, and top players on PokerHost have further options to receive payouts as well. So, despite a lack of player reported data on cashout experiences, still recommends PokerHost as a legitimate, dependable option for US and ROW players and believes this room is a viable option in today's online poker landscape.

WINNING POKER NETWORK CASHOUT REPORT (America's Cardroom, Black Chip, True Poker)

Americas Cardroom Cashouts

Black Chip Cashouts

True Poker Cashouts

Some players may feel that the Winning Poker Network may be behind other rooms/networks as far as their playing software is concerned (though a recent upgrade points to improvement in this area). But one area they are not behind on is paying their customers and fulfilling their withdrawal obligations. Despite a lack of a large player experience sample, payouts across the major skins of WPN are universally within their stated timeframes. One of the reasons for this is their breadth of options for withdrawals for US players - including a debit card option that is becoming more and more popular. But even standard checks and WU/MG withdrawals are being received on time, which points to a healthy network and thus, healthy poker rooms.

On the whole, the Winning Poker Network is one on the rise, and their adherance to getting their players paid in a timely manner has a lot to do with this. recommends playing at WPN skins such as ACR, Black Chip, and/or True Poker.

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