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MOMOMO PKO Tourney Series Sept. 9 – Nov. 1: $50M GTD

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One of the most exciting poker formats is set to arrive at Americas Cardroom with wave after wave of Progressive Knock Outs readying themselves to come your way. This includes a $5 million guaranteed Venom PKO Main Event, and it is set to become the biggest PKO series in history. The MOMOMO PKO Tournament Series will start on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and run through to Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020. It will feature $50 million in guaranteed prizes throughout.


ACR Making Online Tournament History

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If you look back in history, you’ll find that no other online poker site has provided a series like this one to its players. Made up of more than 500 progressive knockout tournaments, there isn’t another room that has even come close to this monumental series.

The first six Sundays in the series will provide great days to play because they each feature an event with $1 million guaranteed. The Sunday $1M GTD events will occur on September 13, 20, and 27 and October 4, 11, and 18. The full MOMOMO PKO schedule has yet to be released, but from what we can see thus far, the million-dollar MTTs scheduled for Sept. 13 and 20 cost $600 + $30 to enter, so we suppose that the others will follow this pricing structure as well.

$5M Venom Main Event

The Venom PKO Main Event will operate as the biggest single PKO tournament ever, with a guarantee of $5 million, and it is a multi-day affair. There are four separate starting days: Friday, Oct. 23, Sunday, Oct. 25, Friday, Oct. 30, and Sunday, Nov. 1. From there, the tournament will proceed to Day 2 on Monday, Nov. 2 and Day 3 on the following day. The final table will play out on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

This Venom tourney comes with an impressive buyin of $2,500 + $150: perhaps to rich for the likes of many online poker grinders. However, the site has said that there will be ample opportunity to satellite in for less.

This tournament outsizes any other PKO event that has ever been offered before, meaning that you could get your hands on some wonderful bounties down the line. Eliminate a single player, particularly during the latter phases of the MTT, and just imagine the types of rewards you could obtain. Doubtless, this one will be an epic event for you to get involved in, so be sure to remember the dates!

The last Venom tournament took place between July 24 and Aug. 5. This event guaranteed the winner a $1 million prize, and it had an overall guarantee of $7 million in prize funds.

How Do PKOs Work?

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If you’re not familiar with Progressive Knock Out (PKO) tournaments, then allow us to provide you with some insight into how they work. Every time you knock someone off the table, you get rewarded, so you have the potential to see your profits snowball into epic figures. In PKOs, there’s a cash bounty placed on every player in the tournament. When you knock someone out of the tournament, half of that bounty goes straight into your balance while the other half adds to the price on your head.

Let’s say that you enter a $10 + $1 PKO tournament. In this instance, the room will throw $5 into the overall prize pool and then another $5 on to the bounty on your head. Should you knock another player out, you’ll receive $2.50 worth of the bounty on their head with the other $2.50 being added to your bounty. Therefore, your new bounty stands at $7.50. Should someone then proceed to take you out of the tournament, they’ll receive $3.75 in winnings and $3.75 added on to their bounty total.

To be able to find these MTTs in the poker lobby, look for items labeled as “PKO” in the tournament description. Furthermore, to make them easier to find, they’re marked with a bullseye symbol.

Other Intriguing Events in the Series

Alongside the $5M GTD PKO Main Event and the $1M Sunday specials, the MOMOMO PKO Series features many other intriguing events for you to involve yourself in. These come with differing buyin amounts and have varying numbers of seats at the tables. While most are NLHE competitions, there are a few in PLO and other formats.

As mentioned earlier, the complete schedule for MOMOMO PKO has not been announced as of the publication of this article, but we do have advance info on a few notable events for you to keep an eye on:

  • Sept. 9 6:15 PM EST, #7, $600 + $30, 8-Max High Roller $125,000 GTD
  • Sept. 11 6:00 PM EST, #31, $75 + $7.50, 6-Max PLO8 Fast $20,000 GTD Roll Boost
  • Sept. 15 6:30 PM EST, #84, $600 + $30, 8-Max Fast $150,000 GTD
  • Sept. 16 9:00 PM EST, #102, $10 + $0.50, 6-Max Survival Hyper $4,000 GTD Roll Saver
  • Sept. 21 10:00 PM EST, #166, $20 + $2, 8-Max Turbo $20,000 GTD
  • Sept. 22 8:00 PM EST, #175, $50 + $5, 6-Max PLO Fast $10,000 GTD

Entering the MOMOMO PKO Series

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Americas Cardroom is one of the locations from which you can enter the MOMOMO PKO series. However, because the series is part of the Winning Poker Network (WPN), it can also be accessed at a few other sites utilizing the same network. Therefore, you can instead create an account at BlackChip Poker or True Poker if you intend to participate in MOMOMO PKO.

We recommend Americas Cardroom, where you can register for an account and use the bonus code PRB10FREE at the same time. By doing so, you’ll be the recipient of $10 in bonus funds, which doesn’t require you to make a deposit first. And afterwards, you can claim the 100% up to $1,000 bonus when you make your first deposit.