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Account Verification Steps for Winning Poker Network Rooms and BookMaker Sports Book

Verify your account on Winning Poker Network online poker rooms, as well as on BookMaker, using this handy "how-to" guide.


How To Verify Americas Cardroom, Black Chip YaPoker and True accounts on the Winning Poker Network

So you've decided to set up an account with Professional Rakeback on the Winning Poker Network.  Now it's time to verify your newly created America's Cardroom, Black Chip, True Poker, or BookMaker account. Verification of one's account is necessary in order to initiate player to player transfers and also to withdraw. Verifying your account also has other benefits as well.  A verified account often is granted the privalege of higher credit card deposit limits.  Verified poker accounts also are eligible to participate in sending peer to peer transfers to their friends, and can even request higher limits for you big poker ballers out there.  We here at Professional Rakeback appreciate your business, and your time.  To that end, we'd like to provide you with instructions on how to quickly and efficiently verify your new Winning Poker Network account. 


Verifying a New Winning Poker Network Account:

1)  Scan a copy of your photo ID. Acceptable forms of photo ID include an ID issued by your local, state, federal government that include a clear headshot, name that matches your registered poker account name, and date of birth.  Common examples would include a drivers license or a passport.

2)  Scan a copy of your address verification documents.  The address on this document does not need to match the address on your photo ID.  The address does however need to match the address you input when creating your poker account.  Common examples of address verification documentation include, but are not limited to, a utility bill, a telephone phone bill landline or cell phone, a bank statement, a credit card statement, basically just something that physically comes to your address.  In some cases online bank or credit card statements that come in PDF form, those that are copies of the physical bill that would actually be mailed, can be accepted by the secruity department in lieu of anything else.

3)  Email said documents to the appropriate email address: "security(at)", "security(at)", "security(at)", "security(at)" or "security(at)"

4)  Pay close attention to the instructions given and upload your poker account identification documents to the appropriate aforementioned email address.  Faxing these documents is also an available option, but slightly slower turn around time typically as opposed to conducting this business via email.

5)  Within 1-2 days your documents should be verified.  Should you have need to have your account verified more quickly, please contact Professional Rakeback support via Skype and we wll expedite your verification process by interfacing directly with the poker managers and or the security department.


  • Make sure your files are not too large or they will cause unnecessary upload times for you and download times for support!  Try to keep all files under 3mb in size.
  • Saving files as a jpg typically keeps them under 3mb in size.
  • Standard email capacity at most free web servers is 10mb, keeping the 3 documents (ID, Address, Hand Filled Form) to 3mb each, fits cozily into these limits!
  • Scanning and emailing documents will result in faster turn around time than faxing
  • Make sure that your documents are clearly visible and do not obscure or cut off any portions or extremeties