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Cashout Reports (September 2013) - New Grading System!

Second edition of the Monthly US Poker Sites Cashout Report, September 2013 edition.

September 2013 Online Poker Cashout Report


US Poker Rooms Cashouts Report - September 2013

UPDATE:  For the current version of this poker pay out report, click here

Each month here on, we will be updating you on cashout reports specific to player experiences and comparing that to skin/network stated timeframes, with accompanying analysis. We currently track information from Bovada, the Merge Network (primarily Carbon/Aced Poker and Pokerhost), the Revolution Network (Intertops, Lock Poker, and Juicy Stakes), and the Winning Poker Network (ACR, Black Chip, True Poker).

New for September, we have added a new grading system to accompany our cashout reports! Skins and networks will be ranked according to this grading system moving forward. Please click here for more information on our grading system method.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept private, non-public cashout experiences when cataloging our player reported data. All of our samples are cataloged from online forum sources. In addition, though the samples recorded are a relatively small glimpse into overall cashouts, we are confident in their reflection of the general timeframes most players experience based on our contacts within the online industry.

Pokerhost Cashout Report

Pokerhost Cashout Report Data

Despite a lack of publicly reported data, can verify through player and industry contacts that PokerHost remains on par as one of the most reliable places to play in the current marketplace. Being situated on the Merge Network, yet structured with their own independent cashier system (limited P2P trade ability too!), has made it a prime destination for players eager to receive payouts in quick fashion. One point of note is that they have also recently lowered maximum check and WU/MG withdrawal fees, making them that much more attractive for players looking for relief from high cost payouts. And though not available in every US state (click here for more information), PokerHost has continued to show that they are dedicated to growing their room and keeping their players happy. And with the increasing Merge tournament schedule and Poker Maximus VI beginning play on September 8th, now is the time to join if you haven't already!

For a more detailed breakdown on PokerHost, check out our information page here.

Intertops Cashout Report

Intertops Cashout Report Data

Intertops Poker has been in the news a lot recently, having segregated from the Revolution Network in terms of certain cash games and daily tournament offerings. One thing that has remained constant throughout the last few months is Intertops' ability to stay within their stated payout timeframes. Though August's player reporting was negligible, we can confirm through our contacts that Intertops is right on the mark in terms of check and WU/MG payouts for US players at 5-7 days - putting them near the top of our report. Rest-of-world (ROW) payouts have also been prompt, which is a general indicator of a skin's financial strength - especially in relation to other skins on Revolution who have struggled mightily in this regard.

The bottom line is that Intertops remains a viable option to US and ROW players. If you're interested in more information, check out our Intertops page.

Bovada Poker

Bovada reported cashout data

Bovada Poker has seen waiting times for check withdrawals continue to slide downward since May even as reported experiences have been on the rise. Already below Bovada's own stated timeframes last month, the trend continued into August, as 34 players reported an average wait of just over 7 calendar days from date of request to receiving their check. Western Union/Moneygram payouts have remained at the low end of Bovada's stated 3-7 day wait times as well. All of this despite continued increases in players through Bovada's additions to their GTD daily tournament schedule and their implementation of the increasingly popular Zone Poker cash games leads to one conclusion - Bovada continues to be one of the best options available for US players.

If you aren't already taking advantage of their quick cashout times and soft games/MTT's, sign up today! For full details, please visit our Bovada information and instructions page.

Winning Poker Network Cashout Report

Winning Poker Network Cashout Report Data

The Winning Poker Network is still one of the more emerging places to play for US players. One area they continue to excel in is paying their customers, and doing so quite promptly. Player reported data is generally hard to come by for Winning skins America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and True Poker - but can verify that WPN is definitely staying within their stated timeframes. In a lot of cases, they are paying out well before their 21 day timeframe for checks - which is a very strong sign. Another strong sign is their quick "Rest Of World" (ROW) payouts via Skrill and Neteller - we can independently confirm that most ROW'ers are paid within 1-3 days, though we also have two recorded examples this month of 1 and 2-day waits. Their debit card feature has been very popular among players and some wait as little as 12-24 hours from request to payment using this method. And while this network may lag behind others in daily tournament offerings, WPN continues to listen to their players with recent announcements regarding their Beast promotion, a new micro MTT schedule, and a new dedicated Tournament Director on the 2+2 poker forum.

All in all, the Winning Poker Network is a strong and viable option in the current marketplace. If you are interested to know more about WPN, check out our informational page here.

Carbon and Aced Poker Cashout Report

Carbon and Aced Poker Cashout Report Data

Carbon Poker (and sister skin Aced Poker) has seen some tremendous improvement in cashout timeframes over the past month. 53 players reported their experiences in August and as the month concluded, several stated wait times of less than a week for receiving check payouts. This is a stark contrast to data compiled from May to July and referenced in our previous cashout report, where two months or more was the norm. These Merge skins will leap up this list if they can continue this trajectory in the coming weeks and months - add in the excitement of Poker Maximus VI starting on September 8th and the reported new daily MTT schedule due to be announced shortly, there has never been a better time to play at Carbon or Aced Poker than right now!

We recommend both Carbon and Aced Poker, so be sure to check out our Merge information page for more on how to sign up today.

Lock Poker Cashout Report

Lock Poker Cashout Report Data

Reported experiences with payouts via Lock Poker continued their decline in August, as only two players reported receiving a check and just 3 players reported a ROW payout via Skrill, Neteller, or other method. One of the reasons for this was Lock's departure from the 2+2 poker forum (the largest such forum in the world) and their subsequent implementation of their own forum, which was limited to Lock players who hit a certain level of playthrough on the site. This move has had an adverse effect on the already low public opinion on Lock - P2P trading, usually a strong indicator of player opinion on a poker skin that allows for it, was once in the 60-trades-per-month range at the start of 2013. Our Lock Vig Report details that trades fell to just 13 reported value trades for the month of August (as of 8-28).

Add in Lock's inability to clear "backlogged payouts" (see this chart from the latest "Lock Pending Cashout Report" from our own "IHasTehNutz" via 2+2), and it's clear that Lock Poker is a poker room to avoid. Player-reported payout timeframes that we were able to catalog continue to show astronomical discrepancies between Lock's stated timeframe and actual wait times, with some ROW payouts taking more than 3 months to reach players.

Juicy Stakes Cashout Report

Juicy Stakes Cashout Report Data

And then there is Juicy Stakes, which has unfortunately dipped nearly completely off the player reported radar with only 8 instances of payouts cataloged since we began compiling cashout data in May. In most cases, the lack of reported data suggests that skins are paying their customers within stated timeframes. Not so with Juicy Stakes, which has battled rumors of insolvency and continues to try to lure players to their skin with promises of "juicy" rakeback deals and deposit bonuses. Clearly this room has no interest in taking care of their customers after they deposit - a quick Google search will tell you all you need to know in that regard. With obvious payout issues and continued lack of data to suggest anything to the contrary, we recommend staying away from this site at all cost.

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